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White Strawberry Skunk & Money Maker.....PowderFeeding

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very very funny ..... especially for the squirrels!

I see that you think about me ............. it is true that I hit your imagination with the squirrel (I love it).

luckily no squirrel lives in my grow ....... would eat my beloved plants??

I think so, I keep my cat away, he realized that it is prohibited area, is my territory ..... I have to fight only with mites and thrips, recently.

possible that the eggs of insects are contained in the dirt?

at the end of each cycle I wipe my grow very accurately, but in the last 2 cycles have occurred flies (in summer) and then mites and thrips in the autumn series.

all after I changed soil.

I'm undecided for the next purchase of topsoil because despite this coincidence I think it is an excellent medium with which I can cope well with plant nutrition.

soon with new updates, the first transfer approaches.


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update on the 17th day from seed.

3 days ago Dust asked me if I noticed signs on the leaves ......

This morning I placed the plants in order of height to keep the lights at the correct distance and maintain this distance the same for all plants, while moving I noticed one WSS that had marks on the leaves .... mmmmmm .... ..

Please look at the photos and tell me what you think.

it seems to me a drop of water on the leaf that may have triggered a "magnifying glass effect" and burned the leaf?

or a problem with the ph?

in any case, the new leaves show no signs so you have to deal with something gone ...... I hope.

the WSS are growing well, only one of them turns out to be smaller in size and with 1 internode in less than the other.

in the box plants have reached almost all the 4th internode with a height of 13cm and 7cm max min.

higher plants are MM, plants lower the SSH (born with about 2 days later than the others).

I believe that girls should stick with the neon in the box for at least another 2/3 weeks, until it will be released the flowering room.

T.16 0.5 to 20, 5

u.r.64% -82%

soon ..... ciao!



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yeah it could be from 2 leaves touching each other and making sweat drops on the leaves and it can do this.. or could be something else, like you say all you can do is wait and see if it spreads. but doesn't look really bad so far :)

good luck man ;)

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I'll keep an eye on the plant as you say, if it not progresses not constitute problems.

Fortunately, you do not look like a ph problem at this stage to have delays caused by ph busted lead to a delay which then would drag throughout the cycle.

wait and see.

ciao and thanks for your visit!

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days of great work, I transferred 21 of 29 plants.

were to transfer 8 MM.

I transferred in pandora's 6.5-liter pot all plants except the 5 x SSH my friend who was tranferred into pandora's 12.5-liter pot.

the soil (always the same soil for sowing) was very wet so I did not give water and have to wait for it to dry before being able to fertilizers.

only a few plants showed minimum peaks of excess fertilization before.

here is how the little box (very full, considering that I still have to put 8 pandora 6.5-liter).

temperature 17.5 to 21.5 ...... U.R.62-78%











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I forgot to indicate what it is in detail .....

Photo 1 ...... hands in the earth ...... I love to put my hands in the earth!

photos 2-3 ... MM tranferred, and yet to be transferred.

Photo 4 ...... WSS and SSH (large pots).

photo 5 ...... MM.

Photo 6 ...... SSH.

photo 7 ...... pair of WSS.

photo 8 ...... MM.

photo 9 ...... view.

Dust reason you seem healthy and I'm sure will appreciate the move into the pandora's pot 6.5.

will stay there for 2 weeks and then in the final cloth bags from about 20l.

ciao and thank you for your visit.

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upgrade after an absence of several days, I'm sorry but the harvest of bloom-room took me and I had to leave out for updates.

the plants are in perfect health is the MM that the WSS

the only small are the 5 SSH for my friend ..... hihihi .... I was good at choosing the best for me!

all 29 plants in my cultivation reached the 5th internode and some even 6 °.

even if I could not give fertilizer to transfer and then because of the very wet medium before filling, not known any deficiency, normal thing because they are young and in the medium, even if slight, are enough nutrients, I'm sorry for not having given the rooting but micorrizze used in abundance will certainly do their job very well.

I intend to make another transfer at the end of this week it would be the 4th from birth and transfer the plants in bloom-room for even one week under 800w mh before it goes into flowering.

unfortunately I can not connect the mh in the small box to the distance you have between the bulb and the igniter (max 2m 3.5 m in my case) and I will simply use the mh only for 1 week.

in this cycle plan to use during flowering only 1mH integrated with 3 HPS and move every week position.

here is small .....

group photo.




ciao everyone






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we forgive you for your lack of updates ;) We don't need one everyday don't worry once a week is fair enough ;) now if you want to give ore i never complain personally :P

"the only small are the 5 SSH for my friend ..... hihihi .... I was good at choosing the best for me!" haha that one made me laugh ^^

Baby girls are all looking good, only thing that "perturbs" me in your words is you say you are alredy to 4th transpoting since birth, i find this is a little too much, transpotting always makes a little stress for the girls and slow them a little for few days, even if they boost afterwards, be careful some strain COULD not like it ;)

But so far they seem to take it nicely and i hope they'll continue this way everything is in order :)

Have a good grow keep us updated

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memories, Dust, when I told you that I use google translator??

there was a misunderstanding, I want to transfer (2nd tranfer in all) at the end of the 4th week of vegetative growth, I do not intend tranfer 4 times ........ I'm sorry but translating must have been a mistake.; )

the girls are healthy but cry aloud: "Give us more lumens, give us more space."

unfortunately I still can not move and will have to "suffer" a little longer.

I am sure that once they have space, lumens and again one week of vegetative growth, they will have a remarkable development and retrieve this week of sacrifice.

thanks for your visit and see you soon.

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much more light and more space;)

will go into the flowering room 240x180 and will immediately 2x400Watt MH and after 4x400Watt philips greenpower, as usual.

first I have to fix the electrical system and transfer in bags such as those used in the previous cycle.

ciao soon!

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update allla end of the 4th week of vegetative growth.

made 24 rackings in bags of tissue from about 25lt.

move the plants in the flowering room under 400w MH and 400w HPS.

finished wiring the new electrical system, lacking only the installation of the control panel with the control unit.

I watered with 50 liter of solution with 25g of PF for hybrids, plus 25ml of Radix.

the plants are healthy, have only a few piccvola burns due to contact with the neon.

here are some shots.

ciao everyone!

P.S. the 4 plants framed in the foreground are the 4 WSS!




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everything changes ..........

here with me .... and it changes often!

I separated the plants in two areas of the room and turned on 4x400hps.

I decided to change my intentions.

I measured with a luximetro the ability 'of the bulbs and found that the bulb Philips Mh (new) makes 20% less than the philips bulb greenpower.

cycle in the past I have collected just over 1kg of dry and I missed 2/300grammi product (compared to my expectations), could be attributed to the lower yield of 2 Mh used in pairs with 2 hps????

I want to return to my old habit of using 1mH with 3 hps only in the last weeks of flowering so for now I put it in its box and'm getting out just at the right time.

new irrigation 1gr/lt of Powderfeeding more 1ml/lt of Radix, I gave 50 liters of solution.

the plants are healthy and have passed without problems transfer

the WSS leaves are showing very wide prevalence of phenotype indicates, the MM have a characteristic leaf thin mostly sativa....

3 photos here .....

ciao everyone!




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don't think you can say it is the 2MH 2 HPS that changed the results, specially because you often switched the bulbs if i remember corectly? it's more a strainquestion for me, the grow you are refering too as with 1kg was the Crystal grow? they looked amazing and for sure on the WL and EC i don't think the harvest will be the same, but both of those strains are not HUUUGE yeilder, they are good yeilder, and especially i think if you grow them from clone selected etc.. but like this in a seed grow i don't know, don't think it's the light ^^ And i'm not saying this cause i suggested to use MH lol :rabbi: :rabbi:

Beside that veging room looks great ;) thanks for the pics man :)

Have a good grow!

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you're probably right that two strains are not very productive, particularly the EC, but the WL in the 3 previous cycles has always had a good yield and perhaps using bulbs 600/1000watt the amount of lumens is just the same and you do not see differences.

try, try, try ... just so we can provide answers to our questions ......

see you soon!

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yeah trying is always fun but sometimes you try things not worth it :P hope it's not from the light anyway ^^

I Know 1 of the phenotype of the exodus cheese is more productive than the others, but the lower yeider should have an awesome taste you shall not regret it :D

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you are right brother sometimes search search can be found also useless things.

back to my old habits to start in the search for improvement .... today I watched grow and I thought I put the networks to drive the growth of plants scrog do not own one but very similar.

are still indecisive given the size of 190x100 nets and then make the job very uncomfortable and also because the networks I have left a space station very close where it will be very difficult to work .... mmmmmm ..... I have to think very well of this but the previous results obtained with this technique were exceptional and I would like to do it.

I put a picture of a superscrog240x120 did last year (a crazy hard).

ciao to everyone and thanks for the visits


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well it's your room you know the display better than us ^^ but yeha a SCROG in such a big room must be damn hard to wrok on, unless you do one separete Net/plant, i've seen some members do it and it's easiest way as you can still move the pots individually.

But whatever you do we'll here to watch ;)

Good luck man

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good for your feedback to individual nets, I had already thought of this, but the number of plants also makes this a commitment too big, build 20/30 support for individual nets is, in itself a tremendous job, then when you move (because if you did not move is useless) would be like to play with the slots ......

I think I will make the nets 20cm, 190x80 and will become more practical to get over to bond.

Coglio you point back to a really good yield using 1.6 kw and pretend that they are well spent, only doubt in applying the net over the field of view of the possibility of WSS and herm any problems with the holes that remain on the screen.

accept advice on appropriate conduct with WSS .... please!!

ciao all.

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yeah with WSS it's a little gambling yet because we haven't seen much grow.. i've seen 1 or 2 flower without hermie problem and the ones going on the fourm don't see to have some neither for the moment.. it's a risk to take ^^

Hope someone growing the WSS will pass by and help ;)

Have a good grow

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