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White Strawberry Skunk & Money Maker.....PowderFeeding

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unfortunately I still have not learned and produce 150/200 clones for my room requires (I think) the availability of numerous mothers or knowledge of proper maintenance of the clones to put them all together in culture and in good / excellent condition. there is anyone who produces clones in my area would be even more difficult to find someone who sells them here to me ......

I thought about what i assume to keep four mothers, and in addition to them should to root and grow at least 1 week 150/200 clones, while in the other room I finish another round .......... also if starting from seed certainly lose something in terms of performance, simplicity 'and reduced power consumption leads me to perform continuous cycles from seed, with its ups and downs.

I agree completely and appreciate the suggestion that you have offered Tokage but my situation is really "guerrilla indoor", I am isolated and can not rely on people who know more than me about clones.

I just got back from Barcelona, I take with me the memories of unforgettable moments .... a special greeting to Dust .... great!


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So I have to redo the accounts calendar in hand we are at Day 47 from seed ... and tomorrow the end of the 1st week of flowering.

the impression last night (everything was ok) was not correct.

this morning I could see that development in these days in Spain and 'was significant, but that some plants (in all 3 strains, but few plants show signs of magnesium deficiency (barely hinted at by the pallor of the leaves). mmmmmm ..... .... I would opt for the classic lack of N (says my inner voice) .... anyway last night I watered with full doses of Radix and Powderfeeding for hybrids .... the SSH received one for sativas.

I said that it covered 2/3 MM, 2 WSS, and SSH .....

many things leave me doubtful:

1 .... all have the same amount in the same nutes' .... 'cause some of them and not others?? (' Cause they come from seed and as always this also explains the differences in the absorption of nutes? )

2 .... the WSS (as I said shamelessly indica) showed it in 50% of cases, having a phenotype only in cultivation, how can I push them up against the same problem sativissima SSH??

3 .... the SSH and 'fed to part with PF sativas and shows the same thing ....

the only thing that can ', in my opinion, unite these plants can' be the imperfect composition of the medium ..... that I may have put more perlite in bags of these plants and have already 'exhaust while in the rest with a greatest amount 'of soil in the mix right as long as I have before downloading the medium??

could be so '.... I mean the next watered increase by at least 25% of the fert doses and see what a joke they do.

in general the plants are doing well (even lighter ones) ...

the SSH and 'the largest 72cm high from the ground with internode distance of about 8 cm.

the MM ranging from the highest to the smallest 70cm 42cm developed in a compact manner except the highest, of phenotype predominantly Sativa appearance but also thanks to the neon rather collected.

WSS give me the thoughts that I would not get a good look ...... but today it seems to me that at least you are showing quite manly in the form of the ovary .... I continue to keep an eye on a daily basis and put them to input ...... grow their height ranges from 48 to 62 cm in pairs ... also the problem that seems to affect the smaller pair .... who knows'???

So yesterday 1ml/lt that full doses of Radix and 1gr/lt of Powderfeeding for hybrid ... max 28.5 min 16.5 ..... UR 48-68%

here are some shots











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at the time I could see only one internode the presence of whiskers.

remains the smallest of the 4: (

Flowers to the people ....... I have given full dose of Powderfeeding and Radix, both contain magnesium.

probably using a very light medium, I delayed about one week the beginning of frtilizzazione full dose and plants more "greedy" were affected, it is not about the young leaves and so I think that the shortage that occurred is already exceeded, in the future aumenterò the doses of fertilizer so as not to have still deficiencies.

the use of a medium very light can lead to problems similar but allows, at the end of flowering, to obtain a product without residues of fertilizers which in a short time and with little flush is very pleasant to the taste ......

with the instructions and requests.


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I am sorry, mate about the plants that have gone male on you. You still could keep these plants and check them everyday for immature male flowers. This is a lot of work, and if you miss just one, then all your plants may be seeded.

I also use a very light medium, which is mainly perlite mixed with an Australian medium called flytocel, and I use it for much the same reasons as you do.

take care and all the best,


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thank you bro' i think that i look for those 3 plants for more few days and if there aren't more male flowers i don't kill them but if i see every day male flowers i don't wont to have risks for the rest of cultivation.....just now the only one saved i hope she will arrive to the end whithout more problems.

thanks bro' all the best for you!

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Good luck mate.I Am about to switch mine to flower next week. Have you found a journal where they have successfully grown the WSS through to harvest.

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don't worry mopman i'm not bummed thouth,i've another one and she is female(i cross my fingers).....and there are other 20 ladies.....i'm not lonely for the next 2 months....thanks for visit!

good luck to you too Gaz.....i cross my fingers for you and for your flowering.....lets start a journal so we will all have more info.....if my only one female will arrive till the harvest you can have my journal(only 2 weeks of differences between mine and yours)as reference....i begin to write whitout the translator scuse me for the errors....hihihihi

thanks for the visits

ciao bro'

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hey man! on the last picture i don't think it's a male, give her a little more days but i think it's just a female growing ;) on my last GHH grow they were growing the same i thought they were hermies on beginning but now was just a calyw, keep them and see ;)

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thanks for the prayers Tok .... but ... I do not believe in absolute ..... and what I see is clear to me ...... balls coming!

I make a great effort to keep them a little longer to see if it also produces female flowers, but so far in all intersections of the branches no mustache that makes me excited .... only masculine signs, instead the only female is 100% female and also if small will allow me to take this forward and I hope to taste it!

thanks Dust and Tok we wait....

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I greatly appreciate the many suggestions that invite me to start to cross and to challenge myself to take a step forward in my cultivation experience (and maybe help to improve the strain), but my personal situation forces me to aim for specific goals and almost "forced", I learn by my fellow forum "overgrow" the breeding techniques, they apply constantly creating their own personal cross, but i do not follow for my own reasons.

thanks anyway to receiving your visits and comments.

the situation on the 12th day of flowering is excellent, plant development has led to the SSH 1.20 meters in height and i had been forced to practice a double crop, the first went well, the second not ... I remedied with the tape, take it off in a few days the plant will surely repair the damage done by me.

the 19 MM differ much for heights, the highest come to exceed 1 m, the smallest are about 50 cm high from the ground, all show a prevalence of phenotype Sativa, internodes which are spaced (but the use of neon in vegetative helped to restrain the elongation of the same), large sun leaves, stems and robust in some plants the development of the lateral branches begins to be significant.

Here we come to the WSS, the only 100% female remained, unfortunately, was the smallest of the four, and in seeking the light is stretched a bit by changing the structure of a bush he had in common with the others, two male with no signs of female flowers and one true hermaphrodite.

I cut and I threw the three plants that I could not keep in my grow.

the survivor is healthy and has beautiful large leaves that set it apart from the rest of cultivation.

there were no other signs of weaknesses after I continued fertilization, I reached 1.2 g / l of each Powderfeeding watered and, if not I will have signs of over, continue to increase the dose up to 1.5 g / l.

I intend to drill holes in the dirt with a stick in depth, and enter the Micosat (mycorrhizae and organic matrix to the roots).

I greet all of you and leave you with the photos ....

... I forgot ... I have moved many plants and I found myself with nine plants on one side and 12 on the other hand, the larger plants have more space and the others were grouped together to fill the space.











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yeah like tok sai they shoould be fine don't worry ;) It's a forced supercrop :P

Thanks for the news man everything seems to be fine ;)

Have a good grow!

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the desire is within me, but the space, the additional expenditure of energy and always linked to the discourse space, I could not grow a sufficient number of plants to me guarantee a significant harvest every 2 months.

when I realized the box dedicated to vegetative stage I considered the only possibility to manage up to 28/30 plants until the 4 th / 5 th week of vegetative growth, I would like to grow inside the mother and clone it, but then again to meet the i collected my needs to have much more space in which to grow 150/200 clones, mothers, and even if I cross the males.

guys I hide, I do not have a shed, I live in a country very punitive and for the moment have a real chance to make these experiences is a dream.

in countries where the possession of plants (including males) than punished with administrative sanctions can easily dedicate a corner of the garden x grow plants that do not cost and produce of seed, here with me if you spend on electricity (which costs dearest) use it mainly to produce the material to be smoked and trust in the work of seed banks to go without sessare and to have maximum stability, homogeneity, production and quality without doubt and correspondence of the properties listed .... . I all that I found in the seeds of Green House and I am very satisfied.I received the seeds that will put it in the summer cycle, it will be semi regular crossings made ​​by some friends, if I get the chance I'll put any outdoor male to do some pollination.

of visits with friends, share these experiences with you I really like and it seems that I do well with plants and to hear it from you gives me a lot of confidence in continuing to learn and improve.

ciaoooo all from the more messy Italy ....... W 5 stars!! .... something changes!

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Good job man! They really look good!

Lets see how big the buds are gonna get! Im sure that they will look amazing! Im not an indoor grower i just do it outdoor :)

But im gonna try to do a test just for fun till spring comes :)

Oh by the way i kinda wanna try the powder feeding in stand of my old usual one.. how can i get some? only here in the internet?

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Day 16 of flowering.

temperature 16.5 ° -28.5 °

U.R. 54% -72%

The only WSS remained even showed her a male flower that I immediately removed the male inflorescence is presented by one of the branches of the 2nd stage is not from the main stem, and this forces me to double check the whole plant every day.

I intend to take this single plant remained until the end of its flowering and I hope that it does not have other male flowers.

here is a picture of the inflorescence that grows ... after that I have eradicated!

both the WSS that the MM like fertilization with 1.5 g / l of Powdefeeding +0.5 gr lt Micosat f.

I irrigated with 50lt of solution, this time I watered from above the plants to facilitate the absorption of mycorrhizae contained in Micosat f.

heights are very different and I continue to bend the apical to maintain a stable height of each side of the grow.

today I put it to soak in a glass with water at 26 ° C and pH 6.5 in 10 other seeds WSS to start a new test of this strain.

thank you Pito.....the flowering it is just beginning and i hope too that everythings goes well....i wait for the flowers and they became to show themselves.

i've give you the infos in P.M.

ciao everybody


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as I said yesterday WSS 10 seeds are soaked in water at 22 ° / 26 ° C and pH 6.5

some of them have already pulled out radice.ma wait until tomorrow to put them in the ground and begin the second cycle to test this strain.

I mean as soon as the week of emergency give the plants 12 hours of light to get answers very quickly on their sexual orientation and to establish how many of them will fill the bloom room the next round of culture.

tomorrow night after having planted the seeds will post pictures of the situation.

the plants will go in the box below 140x80 6 neon 6400K 23Wx6

the medium is the usual soil seed with added perlite and Micosat F.

pots 1l-6, 5lt-20/25lt.

Powderfeeding fertilizer plant hybrid Micosat and F are the only products that I will use x nourish plants.


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thank you for the news man!! i hope that last lady will not produce anymore male flower!! and that the next 10 seeds will be 100% female ;)

Have a good grow keep us updated!

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I am here with a new update on the situation of the WSS.

we arrived at the end of the 3rd week of flowering and the plant no longer showed male flowers.

grows well and grows well its flowers.

respect to development "bush", which had during the vegetative phase, the plant has lengthened considerably and reached the height of 103cm (80cm only the plant), I cleaned the bottom of the plant by some branches that do not would never have reached the light and the plant now has 10 branches with internodes exposed and a small apical begins to grow.

control the plant every day and I hope that my attention let me bring this to the end strain that intrigues me so much.

temperature 17.2 ° -27.0 °

U.R. 64% -82% too high ....... it's time to put in salts grow the dehumidifying.

I put another 10 on the ground seeds of the WSS from 2 days, after they had been soaked for 48 hours, but still is not checked at all, all the seeds were exposed root before transplantation, anxious look that you see something out of it.

these 10 seeds were placed in the box for the vegetative under 4 fluorescent 23W 6400K

with a regime of 24 hours of light.

a salute to all.

soon with new updates.





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good luck to those 10 bay seeds!! :D hope you get more luck this time ;)

Thanks for the news man good to hear the other ones are growing female for now!

Have a good grow ;)

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thanks for your visit Mopman now receive 1.5 grams per liter of Powerfeeding hybrid plants, plus I add 0.5 g liter Micosat F (to help the roots).

I intend to keep this amount of fertilizer until the end of the 6th week and then stop to start the flush (always if the plants do not show problems)

during these weeks the metabolism of plants is able to handle the maximum load of fertilizer and I'm used to satisfy in these three weeks, since the previous cycle I could see that giving plants only water for the last three weeks at harvest have been able to discard all waste fertilizer.

I always hope that the dose is welcome .... so far Loe plants are all very happy .... tomorrow on the topic 19MM you can see how they are developed!

thanks for the wish Dust ... I hope to find many females .... in any case, every female that I will be welcome.

Greetings to all!

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