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White Strawberry Skunk & Money Maker.....PowderFeeding

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yes Dust the White Rhino are really smaller and later than WSS....they are at the end of the 5th week of flowering......wait for them......i think they'll be bigger than i could hope.

update at 59th day of flowering for 6 WSS,55th for others 15 WSS.

yesterday i've cut 1 little and immature WSS because she has produced some nanners and i've thougth to the White Rhino next to her and the risks of impollinating was too many.

it was a poor harvest...little flowers....not much resins and not mature....

come on......everyone help me to decide for harvest these strains.....it look me strange and i'm in difficulties.....cut or wait....are now 2 weeks that the plants are flushing and the colors of leaves shows that....i can cut in every moment but when i look at the size and at the color of flowers i think that i must wait....

i take a look at the trycomes they seem to be milky for 50% and clear for the rest...nothing brown.

take a look at the photos and please tell your opinion....












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in a few days many things have changed and today, arrived on the 61st day of flowering, I lightened the plants leaves and placed them much closer to each other under a 400mh, 2 other plants were cut and arrived 3-collected plants.

the first peaks collected'm tasting these days and even if just dried strawberry flavor and makes you feel the smoke very pleasant, so far the 3 peaks of different plants all have this feature.

with the foliage and with some flowers underdeveloped I produced hash with ice, I ottaneuto around 6 grams of good Ice in 2 gauges, 25 and 45 microns.

the plants receive water again and wait at least a week before starting the cut of the older plants.

here's the situation ....






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nice man good to hear the smoke of the first lay is already good :) and with time it will get a nice strawberry taste i hope!! Nice hash too, with the WSS leaves it must taste awesome, i have tried some BHO made with WSS it was awesome so hash must be the same ^^

Have a good end of grow on the naked girls, the buds will like this little extra light ^^

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update after cutting an additional 16 WSS.

the first cut gives me great satisfaction, even if not yet properly tanned have a wonderful strawberry flavor.

I cleaned and hung the whole plant to have a better and more gradual drying because here has arrived the summer (36 degrees).

2 WSS are next to 24 W.R. in bloom and slit 'later this month.

1 WSS is in the box for vegetation with 18 hours of light in an attempt to revegetation plant, I was planning to the revegetation WSS "triploid" but that plant was productive but with little strawberry scent in his place I gave a plant less productive but very fragrant.

from this plant, if I succeed, ricaverò in the future cuttings.

here are the latest photos of the entire cultivation, harvesting and plant spread out to dry in the dark.

in addition to this today I ordered a new air extractor much more powerful than what I have, that has a capacity of new 1500MC / h, the one before was from 780mc / h.

I will use the old one as "in" and the new one as "out" so I hope to solve many problems with moisture and with the maximum temperature has already risen to 32 °.

last night we completed installation of the control unit and I purchased 4 new fan wall (flat), all these changes take place along with 2 great strides in the experience and knowledge of the cultivation, propagation by cuttings and re-vegetation.










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and some shots of the W.R.

those plants have received every 3/4 days in the last week(6th week of flo)35 lt. water with 2gr/lt of Fructus and 2gr/lt of Floridus.....from the next week and till the end i'll give only water and brown sugar 200gr for 35lt of water.


remember.....this is not the end of the cicle of the WSS there are others 2 that end with the W.R..........follow me until the end!!!









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congratz on the harvest man looks like you will have a good amount of smoke :)

And the WR have gotten a nice size now it is looking good :)

have a good drying and smoking!

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i'm coming back from holidays and i can say that the results are fantastic for fragrance,flavor....but the harvest was been only 450gr....poor....but the flavor and also the power of the ston are great.....not all plants are giving strawberry flavors...some are good but not special......

the plant that i hoped to rivegetation are dead....i have another one in proof i have canged the pots and reduced the roots...next days i start with the veg-fertilization for that plant.

it's time to experiment for me...cloning is my first goal.....

at the harvest of the White Rhino i'll update with photos.


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Wow, the strawberry could be one on my wish list, the one i'm the most interested with, and the flowerbomb too. But i'm thinking about the strawberry because it could remind me switzerland of '98, the Golden swiss period, when there was a possible way of Legalisation, when Cannabioland (Valchanvre) was still alive with his 3 or 4 strains, ect. Strawberry was a myth in switzerland at this period, such as bubblegum in Indiana, or Orange bud in California. A living myth, because she's still alive. Could there be a SMOKE REPORT, interesting for all the people interested in this precious and delicate strain. Some say that the strawberry cough or the"fraise" aka white strawberry skunk is very similar or even parents, is that true?!! Erbeer or strawberry cough could it be the same one and unique plant, or one has been reworked, such have seen that this one has 50% ind/sat, and the over one 20%/80% in/sat??! Both reputed to have a happy clear calming high, with a marvelous taste, ideal for fruity taste fans who are looking for a functionable weed and motivating during the day, or whenever! And when i've seen the pollen made of this plant, what a wonderful tasty hash it must be...! Enjoy the fruit of your work now. PEACE!

Ps: After research, White Strawberry Skunk comes from an Erdbeer while the Strawberry Cough comes from a selection of Blue Dream by Kushman it seems.

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