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Rolling a joint with horn or bone filters from parvati valley

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I had never before seen these roaches in Europe. Thay look like a mini chillum and ya just put them into the joint just like you would a roach.



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Its sparky time. Really nice to smoke with and it stays really cool for the whole spliff. Its also narrow enough that tobacco or charas doesn't come through onto your lips. Overall, makes your spliff taste really nice and turns rolling into more of a ritual. After each spliff, it needs to be cleaned but thats no problem. Enjoy.


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Look pretty cool! Don't think I could be bothered washing it everytime, but if I had five or six hmmm

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nice man i have some filters like his but not in wood or bone, mine are in glass and ceramic, so a little easier to wash ;)

Thanks for sharing man enjoy those nice joints! :)

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