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vinny weedman

marijuana and the cannabinoid system, why marijuana heals.

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Many of u allready know marijuana cures cancer, you may also know it treats depression, anxiety and stress. Did u also know it stops siezures and the symptoms of schitsophrania, its been proven to treat add, adhd, bipolar disorder postramatic stress syndrome literally every form of desease and cancer can b treated and cured by marijuana. Your asking ur self how is this possible ? How can one plant treat so many ilnesses from terrets syndrome to glaucoma and back simple. Your endocannabinoid system every virtibrate from fish to birds cats and dogs and humans all have this system. When we r in the womb our endocannabinoid system is produceing its versions of thc cbd cbc cng cbn thcv thcva all the same cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The endocannabinoid system is the system responsible for homiostasis the naturual state off ballance the body is supposed to be in. It dose this because it is the system that tells all the cells in ur body what to do, for instance cancer cells r cells that have lost there genetic purpose a healthy ballanced body will kill them off as fast as they arrive. Thats right we all produce cancerous cells bit some of us cant kill them on our own our sustem is unballenced. Marijuana allows ur endocannabinoid system to kick back into proper function and ballance us oit again. Studies have shown over and over marijuana heals. As mentioned earlyer ur brain makes its own cannabinoids in the womb but after birth quickly stops produceing its versions of thc and cbd and cbc etc.. and is left to reli on what it has left as we age these levels deplete. Wich is y we heal slower and feel weeker woth age why we look so old. Perfect example willie nelson is 80 and looks like hes in his 50s the years of use have allowed his endocannabinoid system to keep him healthy. Iseing cannabis activates an ancient healing system in our bodies one that has evolved in us for millioms of years and the plant with us. Our bodies respond so well to marijuana because its hard wired too do so at a cellular level

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Nice read man :) I have been fascinated with the endo-cannabinoid system for some time now and it's truly amazing :) Keep getting the word out my friend :)

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nice post , only one source of cannabinoids on the planet , and with so many cannabinnoid receptors in our body -our endocannabinoid system is a miricle of nature -could there be a cheaper cancer killing drug , with THC commanding/instructing the cancer cells to commit suicide - may cashy hyde live on in our hearts forever-bless that little boy

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— David Bearman M.D covers some of the most important topics when it comes to Cannabis as a medicine. He provides links, names and FACTS on disease, Cannabis, Cannabinoids, Endocannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System. There is absolutely no reason for anyone and or the federal government of any country to claim Cannabis to be dangerous and or to not be a medicine. Please remember to watch this at some point, also share.

http://phoenixtears.ca/ — The home of Jesus Messiah of our times: Rick Rimpson. He has been curing cancer and many other ailments. He makes and gives away hemp oil for free to anyone who is suffering from anything.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xh2qd_foV-4 — Cannabis cures

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3D0IgBTH_8 — 4:21 hour long documentary on hemp/cannabis.

Spread the word as much as you can. Let's put the power of healing back into our own hands and not give into the forced demands of the moden health care system that is literally nothing but a big business. They don't care about you. They want you to remain sick so that they can keep treating you and making money off of you. They know cannabis cures. That's why it's illegal. If they wanted a cure, we'd have human trials and no bans.

This is like the same argument almost exactly as STEM CELL RESEARCH. Finally the ban on that was lifted, b/c we ralized how much potential for healing they have. It's analogous to Cannabis. I can't wait until the ban on cananbis research is lifted at the federal level in most countries and they start to do human clinical trials and produce actual human data. Rats and mice aside, cannabis possibly CANNOT hurt anyone, ever. So there is no danger to human trials. What's the worse that can happen during a human trial? The guy gets REALLY fucking stoned? Haha. That's it. The only reason they don't want this cure is because cancer is a 20-billion dollar a year industry, and health care not related to cancer treatment is almost just as expensive and bad for you.

People need to learn how to cure themselves using natural herbs and plants and have more knowledge and information.

I mayself an looking to do an herbalism and botanics course. I plan on learning Traditional Chinese medicine as well as Indian Ayurvedic and Sufi Hikmat (Hakeem).

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Many of u allready know marijuana cures cancer, you may also know it treats depression, anxiety and stress. Did u also know it stops siezures and the symptoms of schitsophrania, its been proven to treat add, adhd, bipolar disorder postramatic stress syndrome literally every form of desease

I appreciate your euphoria, but we should be careful when telling the world cannabis can generaly cure all those psychic illnesses. THC i.e. is not recommended for schizophrenic patients, some CBD rich strains are not recommended for depression so please be more specific and cautious.

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