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Germinated 2 seeds 2 days ago...

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So I attempted to germinate 4 random bag seeds, because that is all I have and I am afraid to order online.

I dropped 4 seeds in a cup of water. Eventually they all sank. I took them out and put them in a damp paper towel in a plate covered w/ a bowl on top of my Xbox for some warmth. One seed germinated the next morning and I planted it a few hours later. Second seed germinated 12 hours later and I planted that as well. By germinated I mean the seed cracked open and a little white shoot started to come out of it.

I got fox farm ocean forest organic potting soil. Someone told me that I should have gotten finer potting soil w/ nutes, like miracle grow for my seedlings

Did I get the wrong type of soil and kill my seedlings?

Anyway, I planted them in the soil, in a clear plastic cup, and made a drain hole at the bottom, the soil was loose and not tight, I dropped the seed root downward into the soil and sprinked some soil on top to cover it with a 2-3mm thick layer and VERY gently pressed it down and then dropped some drops of luke warm (70F-80F) water drops on it until a couple of water drops ran out of the bottom hole. It has been all night, all day yesterday, all night, then all day today (now it's evening) and I estimate that they have been in the cup for about 40-48 hours. Nothing has popped up out of the soil yet.

Last night my brother turned on the AC and my the cups were in my room and my room temperature dropped down to mid 60s F. Should I be worried? Did I do something wrong? Should I remove some soil from top and take a peek at the seedling?

Please advise. Thank you so much in advance guys!

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If you have a peak be "very" careful when doing so, 48 hours isn't something to worry about though, specially with bag seeds, I find I don't really get better results from sprouting farm seeds over bag seeds, but faster results are usually normal I have found with farm seeds, also remember the soil must be moist not wet. Cheers Tastynugz

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Awesome! Thanks for the advice. I was also informed that I should put the cups under light, and I've put them under a CFL for now.

Also I have to ask about seed #3 and #4.




I had to take very fine sand paper and gently rub the seed on it's edges so as to soften the shell a little bit. I accidentally slipped and scaped the seed slightly until (if I were to guestimate) 0.1mm of the white shoot was showing. I finished rubbing the other side and the outer shell gently and then put it back in the paper towel over my xbox covered w/ a bowl over night.

I *THINK* that it has started to pop. I don't recall seeing *THAT* much of the white shoot at all. I only remember that only a tiny tiny faction just on the botom of the seed was showing.

It took some work but I think this one germinated. What do you guys think? Can anyone confirm or disconfirm. Sorry for silly questions, but I've been reading the book and online articles and it's my first grow.

Kindly advise. Thank you. :-)

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Hey, Not sure of the other seeds but just to put your mind at ease, i have had a seed take up to nine days to surface so maybe just a bit more time and you can tell. Just make sure they stay warm. I cant see the aircon making a difference if it was just for the one evening.

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Hey, thanks for the prompt reply. Very highly appreciated mate.

Would it be worth investing in one of those $20 USD HEATED germination trays with a top for retain humidity?

Also someone named REM told me that I should put the planted seeds under light even before they have sprouted to the surface of the soil. I put both cups under a CFL for a whole day. I was later advised by SuperSilverHaze that I misunderstood and that I should keep the planted seed in the darkness until it sprouts out of the soil, and then put it into the light. Until then, I should keep it dark.

I may have misunderstood, but I talk talk a legal farmer in Michigan who is a good friend of mine and in the business for some 20 years, and he said that it does not really matter either way. I can put it under a CFL (low temp light) or leave it in the dark. But make sure it's stays warm and humid.

Can anyone confirm this?

UPDATE: The third seed is still the same as it was at my last post. You can see that the 4th smaller seed has still not germinated. I am keeping them heavily damp but not drenching wet; the paper towels. I may have scratched the seed too much and damaged it? Time will tell on that one.

And another UPDATE: I looked at cup #1 by gently and VERY carefully removing some soil from the spot I dropped in the seed. Using a tiny paper clip folded straight, I very gently moved the seed a tad bit, and I saw that the white tap root had grown twice as much!!


This is the germination picture for the first seed. See how tiny the white shoot is? In my careful examination of cup #1, the shoot is literlly 3 times as long. I think hopefully in a few days this should sprout up!

I'm very happy about that. Hopefully my examination didn't stress it enough to kill it. The second seed has been in cup #2 and upon examining it I found out that there was no rate of change from when it was germinated. The shoot size looks almost about the same.

Any further advice guys? Any notes? Trips? Tricks?

Thanks you so very much for all your time. Smoke for peace and then off to sleep. Goodnight. -

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yes i agree 48hours is nothing to worry about with bag seeds, even with seedbank seeds 48 hours is not really a problem. For sure it's not the fastest germination ^^

But i see it cracked now, follow the guy's advises and you will be fine :) main keys with germination is moist and heat, not above 25°, even a little lower 22 23° is optimal for gemrination :) and patience is the other key ;)

You can also add a little germination booster if you want, hlps a little sometimes.

Good luck man

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SEED #1:

Planted in soil after germination. Took a peek carefully yesterday, the white root is longer and growing downward.

SEED #2:

Seed germinated and planted. 4-5 days, nothing sprouted up. Took a peek, and the seed is exactly the same as when I planted it. White shoot is still the same size, and not even fully out of the seed yet.

SEED #3,#4:

Did not germinate at all.

It's been 4 days at least. Even seed #1 has not sprouted up out of the soil yet. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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some seeds just don't open it doesn't mean you are doing it wrong, especially with bagseed if they are unknown :)

Let them sit a little more an f they don't open they will probably not open anymore. or if they do so they are chances that they will be pretty slow.

good luck

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Thanks for the advice guys!

Here is an update:

[04:41:28] <r4nd0m> question: transpotting and planting the germinated seed.

[04:41:39] <r4nd0m> It's been a week in the new pot, and nothing sprouted

[04:42:50] <r4nd0m> So I removed some top soil and checked the seedling. The root is longer and about half an inch. It was upside down (my first germination), so I turned the seedling so that it is now laying horizontally with the root curved downward.

[04:43:21] <r4nd0m> I read you can lay it down horizontal and it will curve, or pointed end downward and let gravity pull the root down

[04:43:57] <r4nd0m> Just wondering, you think I might have over watered or put too much stress on it (AC kicks on sometimes and room gets cold), otherwise it remains in late 70s to early 80s F. I water it every day. First couple of days I thought it was supposed to be warm~ish so I kept it on top of my xbox, root kept growing. I think. I also water it every day, just drop a few drops of water on the top soil until it doesn't look or feel dry, but no water comes from the bottom drain hole, so I'm not soaking the soil, just enough to dampen it.

The temperature and the handling of the germinated seed from paper towel to soil has put stress on it.

This is my very first germinated cananbis seed. This is my first ever grow. I took a look at the seedling every 2-3 days so far, just removing the top soil and checking to see whether it is dead or growing, and it seems to be either growing VERY VERY slowly or that I messed with it too much and possibly damaged it.

What do you guys think?

I also just been reading and learning. The seeds I picked were random bag seeds. They were VERY dark, not black, very VERY dark brown, one was almost black (that one never germinated).

The lightest of the 4 seeds I used (light/dark gray colored) popped instantly and has been growing very slowly. The rest of the three are totally dead. I have 10 seeds left and they look very healthy. I'll try to take a picture of the seeds tomorrow. But they look VERY healthy and not very old and they are grey/brown (not grey/green) and not dark brown or black. They are big round PHAT seeds from what I can tell. Maybe maximum 2 years tops when I found it in the buds.

  1. Put seed in paper towel.
  2. Popped. Root showed a little bit. I planted it into FFOF potting soil (not the seedling starer mix light warrior, which I JUST learned about tonight, so I'll go get that too. Also I was told to wash the fox farm soil and only water it with distilled water. I was also told to get Litmus Paper strips and test the pH of the water to be around 6-6.5 before I water it. I was also told to get a better soil mix, three parts FFOF Light Warrior Seedling Starter Mix (organic, no nutes) and one part FFOF potting soil).
  3. I was paranoid and I think I messed with it too much, looked at it too much by removing the top soil. I don't know if the seedling is dead or if it will still continue to grow and sprout up from the soil. This time I have placed the seed horizontally so that the root is now curving downwards instead of upwards or downwards. (I was told to plant the seed horizontally, as the tap root will grow downwards and curve and then the seedling will sprout from the ground).
  4. I have it under a 20~ish Watt CFL lamp in my room, uncovered, breathing good air.

I just want your opinions. Do you think I killed it? I examined the color of the root and either it was the light, or the tap root isn't purely white any more. It's got a slight tan/yellowish tint to it. This means it's infected w/ fungus? Or has been over watered?

Please advise.

Here are the steps I plan on taking on my next 4 seeds. Keeping in mind my entire learning experience here:

  • I am going to buy litmus paper, distilled water, and seedling starter mix (organic, no nutes or chems).
  • Then I will mix 3 parts starter mix, 1 part soil, do a quick wash on the soil (I was told to do this to ensure ph balance for the rootlings of 6.5-7).
  • Then I will fill 4 cups of soil mix.
  • Gently press it down.
  • Take my pinky finger and poke a hole half an inch deep into the soil.
  • Put my seed horizontally into that hole.
  • I will then sprinkle the hole with soil until it is covered.
  • Then I will gently push it down to remove excess air pockets but leave some, not push too hard.
  • Then I will drop a few drops of water until I see 1-2 drops of water drain from the bottom hole of the cup.
  • Then I will put the cups under a CFL. Uncovered.

This time I will try to make sure that the temperate of the cup remains to be around 76-80 F. Also the ambient humidity level should be around 50-75%, right? The area where I live, normal everyday humidity is over 70%, so that's fine. Sometimes my brother turns the AC on and it gets really cold in my room. I think my first germination seed took temps at 85-90F, 75-80F, 65-70F and fluctuated between these temp ranges ever since it was planted. Do you have any tips on how to make sure my temperatures remain within reason, don't fluctuate that often. I will try to close my AC vents, but I am trying to find a room where temperatures are mostly stable. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Please advise. Thank you very much! :-)

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hey man, without pictures it's hard to say if it's normal or not, but seed grow pretty slowly at the beginning, they start boosting more around 2 weeks of veg.

for your plans for the next germination, don't forget to soak them for 24 to 48h before putting them in the soil :)

Good luck man

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