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Plant Of The Month Contest - December


Plant Of The month  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. What plant is your favorite this month?

    • sshkipper and his Bubba Kush
    • miminexus and his Chemdog
    • Kaliforn and his Purp Urk X Blue D
    • cgreenyblues and his Warlock
    • Riina and the Doctor

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We are now accepting nominations for the plant of the month contest.
Please submit a photo or video of your best plant.

Once all nominations are in we will all start to vote in the POLL for a winner, we will keep the contest going until the last few days of the month.

The winner will recieve a badge that says ... Plant of the month winner

1. Entry must be original photos or short video of your own plants.
2. Your entry can include photos/videos of the plant. You can add an object as a reference for size or, a closeup( A.K.A) macro shot. You can have a maximum of 2 photos/videos but, they have to be of the same plant.. Also, you CAN NOT.... add, change, or delete your photos/videos once you have added them to the contest. Make sure you upload your photos to the strain hunters server.
4. No voting for yourself ... if you vote for yourself your entry and vote will be removed. Only one vote per person.
5. Don't enter in the contest previous entries.

6. you have to vote in the POLL for your vote to be counted in, you can also post a comment to tell us for who you voted, but only the POLL will count for the results.

If you do not read the rules and your entry is not in compliance with the rules. Your entry will be taken down and you can not enter again till the next contest.

Hope everyone enjoys the contest and plays fair

good luck everyone

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sorry but what are you sorry for? i did not understand :$


But one thing i understood is how nice that bubba is!! you must have vegged her for a long time to get her to this nice size no?


Good luck for this month man ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey strainhunters,

I have another photo to upload,cant get to the photo til after 25th,maybe the 27th.will comp still be on?

 they aresome great looking entrants.Thanks for the votes and keep them coming!!The next photo of that warlock will smell right through the computer!!Merry XMAS all strainhunters and everyone else.

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