GREEN O's FBK , WCSD, Rockstar Kush full organic grow.

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Hey strain hunter's , I have been really busy this past month and unfortunately had to abandon my last jounral. I gave those plant's a nice new home in Toronto but i moved out of the city for reason's hopefully at the end of the week i can explain . But for now i have started some new bean's the FBK's where vegged from seed under 18hr's of day light for 23 day's and have been switched to 12/12 now for 3 day's. The West Coast Sour Diesel and Rock Star Kush have been in veg from seed for 18 day's then have been in 12/12 for the past 3 day's. all 4 plant's where started in beer cup's of pro mix and transplanted on day 15 into 2 gallon container's with a mix of pro mix, fermented chicken manure and Bio soil ( seaweed & shrimp compost and peatmoss) and have been getting nothing but plain PH adjusted water from the beginning. so this is a straight up organic grow.


Strain Hunter's Seed Bank - Flower Bomb Kush #1





Med Man's Brand - Rock Star Kush Reg




FBK #1 & Rock Star Kush Side ShotIMGP2540_zpsb57691f1.jpg


Med Man's Brand - West Coast Sour Diesel reg



Strain Hunter's Seed Bank - Flower Bomb Kush #2



Group shot's 




Both Flower bomb Kush plant's side by side



Rock Star Kush & West Coast Sour Diesel side by side


more group shot's




Now the WCSD was having a bit of a problem with the root ball before transplanting. so is struggling now to keep up, Also both the RSK and WCSD are from regular stock and only a couple day's into flowering so one or both could be male's we will have to wait and see. 

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Hey Greeno :)

Sorry to hear about you having to abandon last grow :( , I'm sure you had good reason to.

Good to hear they found a good home.

Nice selection of strains, all looking nice and compact.

Fingers crossed no males, we wait and see.

Have a good grow

Peace brother


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Hi man! Good to see you star another round, some nice strains and they have already had a bit of life i see, looking nice so far and i'm not worried for them i know you will take good care and if not you will have a good reason ;) The FBK are looking nice i like the leaf shape on #2 little shorter than #1 it seems.


But anyways thanks for opening a new journal and have a good grow

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