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Scandinavian outdoor species

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Hi all stoners!

Last summer in Scandinavia was amazing, and as a paradox I hope the changes in climate brings hotter and drier weather in the mid-western parts of Sweden also this year.

I am still looking for the perfect species for this climate. So far it looks like we are getting an early spring here, so I better find the best ones soon.

Does anyone know any ruderalis that would work nicely here? Relatively short summer, but with luck days can be above 25 degrees celcius. Long days and short nights mid-summer. I am thinking of some dwarfs with short blooming time, as short plants are ideal for my terrain, but I am very eager to get some advice...

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hi man, well for your pretty cold climate one nice auto would be the damnesia auto, but it is yet not on the catalogue and i'm not sure if it will be available before you start your season, you could also maybe look for the AMS, she is relatively fast flowering and should handle the cold and a little moist if you have some, otherwise the rest f our auto catalogue will perform equaly i think, the Sweet mango can be a little longer sometimes if the days are a little long, but the good size of this is that she can give some very nice sized plants sometimes ;) but it's not really the small bushe you are looking for ^^


In term of smoke the Sweet mango and the autobomb are my fav auto on the catalogues, i haven't seen them grow in your area yet so unfortunatly i can not guaranteee they will do perfectly there, but if you have night around 10° or a very very little less they should not bother.


good luck man hope someone from your area will be able to help you with direct experience :)

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Thanks for the answer. Sorry for late reply here, but the internet-connection here in the woods has been really unstable for a few weeks. Finally I have a proper modem for the really really bad signal in the wilderness...

Anyway, this wilderness is exactly what makes this project so exciting.  ;)

I see that you are about to test the Damnesia Auto, so do you have any idea when this comes for sale?

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no for sale i don't know precisly, i htink it should not be too logn but i can not tell you an exact date.

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I grew the Kalashnikovaauto outside last year and she finished in 12 was and gave a sweet smoke

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