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Caboose CFL , soil grow

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nice strong stem on that lady man :) Thanks for sharing some pics with us! How far in flowering is she?

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cose of being realy bussy in RL  I do not  keep a growlog atm but i would say its getting close to the end , its ~8 weeks in flowering and i will keep it for   2 - max 4 weeks more

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This brings back nice memories - Caboose is crazy..lol Short packed with gigantic leaves , internodes at a distance of under 1 cm often, a real mess BUt what a killer strain and wonderful smoke. I don't know if you picked some leaves to let more lights reach the compact dense buds but I found out the more leaves I picked the more and larger leaves came back. Anyway you can reap it once the white of the buds has turned mostly to a graphite dark color. Strainhunters seeds are the B O M B !

If i had to stick to just 2 genetics I'd pick Damnesia as my (Sativa dominant) Hybrid and the Caboose as my go to Indica , that's how good it is ..not the biggest producer but the quality makes it more than even, just plant one more plant than from larger/taller + fatter plants

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thx ,

soon i will try  " The Doctor " Strain  but it will be  probobly under thees lights as well  ...

i am considering   to setup  something with  LED now but its hard for me  to find  good material to  educate myself about led lighting : [

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yeah! it's still  expensive light to get (for my pocket ) but if You have some budget go for : http://advancedledlights.com/3w-led-grow-lights/new-diamond-series-leds-extreme-3w-led-technology/#

I know is over $500 for 200W...mad a bit...

 I love my HPS -400W GreenPower  for results and simplicity.

Keep Growing...

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