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DusT - Moby Dick, Super Critical - 23-12-2010 Smoke report + Pics

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Hi everyone, here i come after the previous but with the honor to be trusted by GHS to test their seeds!

A great Thanks to franco and the team again for this gift :)

So Yesterday I've put 2 Moby dick and 2 super critical in the cube yesterday around midnight so we'll say today ;)

The material used is:

1 Silverbox evo 104x104x200

1 Ballast Platine Philips 400W

1 CoolTube© V2 125mm x 320mm + home made "adjust a wing" kind of :)

1 bulb Max-Lumens MH 400w for the veg

1 bulb Philips 400 W GREEN POWER for the beginning of the flowering

1 Ruck Extractor RK 125mm 350m3/h 4 speed level

1 Intractor 150mm 300m3/h

1 Cfl 200w 7200k red spectrum

So as you can see they will have a 400w mh during the veg time, and at the 12/12 switch we will put the hps for one week with the 200w cfl and we will put the mh back for the rest of flowering, keeping the cfl for the red spectrum. Like we did in the previous grow ^^

Today it's 24° in the tent for 40% hydro, we still have a the humidity absorber in the room for the weed drying, when they'll germinate we'll turn it off and make the hygro go up to 60% if everything goes as usual ;)


Last weekend, I cleaned all the box with an antibacterian product from the roof to the ceiling, passing by the cooltube, the bulb, girdles (not sure for the word) the support, everything is clean, i think you got it :)

For this grow we will, for the first time, try a 40%coco 60%soil. It should goes right, as usual i'm keeping faith ^^

We are using the biobizz product, Root juice, Bioheaven, Bio grow, Bio bloom, Algamic, we'have add some Nitrozyme for the veg and until the beginning of the flowering, and some Greensensation from plagron pk 9/10 during the 3rd to the 6th week of flowering.


You'll have all the info during the grow anyway ;)

Have a good day everyone i'll update as soon as they pop.


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Hi everyone! thanks for passing by ;)

Copious, it's only the reflector that is homemade, the cooltube is the original :)

The "table" where we are putting the pots and the support of it is homemade too, we like home made over here ;)

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Thats cool bruv i gotta cool tube but the original relector do you feel an improvement with the bodged shade?, plus im a soil grower movin from a cupboard to a meterx meter room jus wondering bout hydro i was thinkin maybe wilma or nft whats your method? plus tipps on bodgin the reflector would be a godsend. Cheers mate

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Hi copious!

The cooltube is an original, only the reflector is homemade.

And,Yes i've seen a real difference between the original's cooltube reflector and mine. Actually it's the second one we make ourselves. The first one was better than the original but we kept it fo 1 grow and changed.

It is made of aluminium i have at work ;)


The second one is the perfect one for me now ^^

90x90 made ot 2 pieces of alu i curved like i could ;)


Covered it in mylar and instaled the cooltube and the cfl


And turn it on!! :D


You really see the difference like day and night! no more loss of light, the part above the reflector is almost dark! below the pots too. So that's worth the time ^^

About my grow method, i use to grow in 100%soil, but this time we're gonna try a mix 60%soil 40% coco to improve the yeild ;)

You'll see by yourself if it works ^^ Hydro i was interested in too, but didn't want to reinvest money and go on a completly different grow, instead of perfecting my actual knowledge in soil. when i'll know as much as i could in soil maybe i'll move on to hydro but not done yet ^^

Have a good grow ;)

And to franco and arjan and all the GH and strainhunters team my little gift, thanks alot for everything!! Merry Xmas


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yeah thanks tokage, i hope it will be fun ;)

If you see anything you would do during the grow don't hesitate to tell me i'll always listen to my elders :D

and good news, i think tonight the seeds will have their heads off the ground, since yesterday it'l germinate i can see the lil white roots pushing and pushing ;)

I'll show you a pic as soon as there are out, but looks like 1 moby didn't make it yet :(

we'll see ;)

Have a good grow

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mate that reflecter is the business you got my mind tickin with that one, are you using a 400 or 600? i gotta pare cfl aswell from my old grow, your plants look happy anyways, thanks for all the info bro you a superstar

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Hi guys, just a little word to tell you that the girls have been put in their first pot, 1,5L

Some of the babies had already a root pulling below the cube, so i've put them in soil ^^

40% coco 60%royalty mix of plagron and 2dl of water at ph about 6

1ml of nitrozyme and 2ml of root juice from biobizz for 2L of water.


A little bigger view ;)


So tomorrow light will turn on for the first time for 18h in order to heat the soil and make grow well ;)

I'll keep you aware


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Hi everyone some of the girls at V(veg i'll use this to tell you clearly at what age they are ;) )+1

So today the head pushed thrue the soil for almost all of them, only 1 moby dick didn't germinate yet, hopefully she'll come a little later ;)

And we have a "good" (i don't know if it's really good^^) surprise, a doule plant seed.

So it's between 23° and 25° during the day for 40% hygro (in a few day it should have go up ;) it's the first running day )

The lamp is at about 50cm of the pots.


Sc #1 she should have made it tomorrow morning ^^




Mb#2 the Cerber :)


If anyone has an advise about the cerber, keep it like this or what? I would keep it like this for myself as we're gonna do a scrog it could be helpful ;)

Have a good day everyone


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Yeah good idea, if the 4th doesn't germinate it could be a solution.

But the time they form new roots the others will already be big i think :s

We'll see ^^

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Thanks franco, glad to hear you like it :D

So here's a lil update at V+2

The 3, 4 excuse me :), babies are doing good, there taking there place slowly, the 4th seed still didn't make it, so i've put an other one to germinate hope she'll do better ;)

The funny thing is that for each strain, i took the biggest and the smallest seed to germinate, and in the MD case, it's the smaller that germinated,she was really small!! but it's also her the cerber ^^

So today's meteo is 24° at the leaves for a 40% hygro still. We've put our secret weapon to turn the hygro up this night i'll show you tomorrow ;)


SC#1 She got her head up as i thought ;)


Sc#2 the first to germinate, so the longer yet :)


and Md#2 aka the cerber, we can already after one day see which one is stronger...we'll see what the masters says ;)


Here there are, i hope the new Md will germinate soon.

So FRANCO, what do you think about that cerber? SHould I cut? i'm tempted to keep her for my scrog but I don't know anything about twins if they'll have any geneteic disease or anything later..?

But it would be fun to grow ^^

Have a good day growers ;)


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ok i didn't think they could have a roots per plant, to me it was a real twin with one root ^^ in that case i could do that... but the second one doesn't look very strong yet, i'll see tomorrow how it evolvs, thanks fuzzy ;)

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Hi guys, a quick update at V+3

The girls are doing good, the T° is still at 24° for a 42% hygro

no watering today, only for the seed that hasn't germinate.








and our special humidty upper weapon!



See ya tomorrow felows


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Happy new year dear fellows!!

And to celebrate this new year, the 4th seed, finally pushed through the soil :D

V+5 It's still 23 24° in the tent, for a 50%hygro humidity is getting a lil better, hope the rainy days will continue a few days :P

Here, i will fill this calendar, with the watering and any special thing that will happen.



So we're officially going for 4 plants In 30L pots, Scrog style!

This morning the girls got 2dl of hard water PH6,was supposed to do it yesterday, but i wasn't in the shape to do it ^^

They were already getting a little thirsty ;)






MD#1 the new girl


And Cerber, aka MD#2


That's it boys and girls. Have a great year, don't drink too much!


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Hello people!!

Thanks for coming Jimmy ;)

Let's go for a little update at V+8


As you can see yesterday they got 2,5dl of water each, except the little one she got 1 or 1,5dl

The T° at the leaves is 23°, for an hygro between 45% 50% during the day, goes to 70% during the night sometimes

The girls are doing good, they have those lightly waving leaves, i guess it's due to the humidity not high enough, it often do that in our room the first and second week and disepear while they grow so i'm not too much worried, maybe i should ^^


As you can see the Super critical are very uniform for the moment, they even have the same "out of teeth zone" on the border of their leaves








And finally The cerber, who has become a simple dog ^^ I've taken the Twin off, it was growing way slower than the other...


That's it fellows!

Have a great Day


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