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york76 - Ice Dream - 13/11/2011

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ICE DREAM: White Whidow x ICE - WHITE LEMON: El Nino x Super Lemon Haze

This is my first time that grow for GHSC StrainHunters as a Tester of seeds , and i hope to do my best not for to disappoint and to give the best of what we learned so far.


-I use soil, perlite and pots of six liters.

-4 Neon x18 w cold light for the first days of germination.


-1 Neon Kit 2 x 55w cold light for the vegetative stage.


-1 MH blu ligh 400 w for the possible other days of the vegetative stage.

-1 HPS Agro light 400/600 w for the flowering stage.

-1 Grow Tent 2 meters high and 1 meters wide square for the grow of the plants.


- For Nutrients use a line of Bio Bizz ( Bio Grow, Bio Bloom, Top Max ), of the Compo line ( Green plants, oxblood ) and of Canna ( NpK 13/14 ).


See you at the next updates............



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..............Sorry, the humidity and the temprature is not correct because i have start the light only 10 minuts ago...ammiccare....Hello, and see you the next monday for the news...


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Thanks so much friends ...!!!
Today I picked up the three Afgan Kush and I hung upside down 'in the grow box for drying, with the fan on, so' you can 'clean it and prepare it for the trasfer White Lemon and Ice Dream to continue the test.
This weekend I was wrong, so 'I could not clean the leaves, I will do' I be'better.
Thanks to all and will soon send you updates of the Test
Hello, Simon ..
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Looking very nicely man, You should try to get your humidity a little higher ;)

Have a good grow man

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Put your laundrie (clothes and everything) To dry in the same room after washing machine, you'll see it will go higher ;)

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You are giving us one excelent test, Simon!!

Photos are very good, you have a clean nice space for the plants, and most important they are looking perfect!! So, everything is perfect!!


Keep us updated!!

Take care

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Simon, if you can its a very nice practice to use a sprayer to water the girls in soil.
Some of the plants can use a litlle less water in each watering, it will make you water more often but with a smaller amount of water at each time.

It's better for the plants, altough Indica dominant strains can take the bigger quantity of water, but they will love to have a smaller amount for sure ;)

Leaves should be streched and not wrinkled wen they get better, by having more oxigen at root zone! Less water, more oxygen available!!

Roots exudates expand wen dry, if you dont let them dry good they will not be as healthy as they should..

Take care!

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Thank'u Romeu, you are gentleman to give me the advices....

I don't know this...

I have also wrong of soil at the beginning of growth, transplant the plants in the finall pots tomorrow and move into the final Grow room....

THank'u so much friend!
Have a nice day, Simon.

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Sorry guys but i have doing a error un the Teste of the seeds but now i think that it is everything ok.

You must exuse me but it is the first time that try this work and some time i will be crazy!!

Hello, Simon.

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Everthing looks so nice Simon =)! I wish you a happy growth whit good flowers ;)! Stay green bro!



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Hello growers.......

After one week, the plant i hope that are ok......


T. 26/28 in the day, 19 in the night.

H. 45/55 degree.

At the end of the third week of Vegetative stage under the Neon, i give the plants in a pots of 6 Lt. in the Grow Tent whit an MH 400 w light, together whit the only White Lemon, but only for the moment !.............ammiccare

I have choose only 6 liter pots because in the next week i will add 3 other plants, so i decided whit this measure, you can will see later.

Now, this is the images of the plants, in order: 4 I.D. and 1 W.L.









.......And every 4.............


And this is the W.L#1


........And this is the 4 plants ( 2 I.D and 2 W.L. ) at the end of the first week of Veg. that after an other week of Neon light they will be go under the Grow Tent whit the other plants.......


Ok, for today is over, see you the next week for the news, bye bye...


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Hy guys, today i have give the plants in the Grow Box under an MH 400 w. light. Before i have put the plants in the new pots of 6 Lt. whit a soil of " Bio-Bizz light " mixed whit perlite, and expanded clay.

So, now there is 4 Ice Dream and 1 White Lemon at the 3 weeks of Veg. and the other plats, that are a few days late, so i put them for a few more days under the Neon light before reaching the companions in the Grow Tent.TesterSemiGHSC7%20001.jpgTesterSemiGHSC7%20002.jpgTesterSemiGHSC7%20003.jpg

Ok, for today is over, see you at the next updates.......Simon.wink

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Yes my friend Dust, but if you splashing water on the plants when are under the light, the leaves can burn, but you know it!

In my garden, for the outdoor, every kind of plants, not only cannabis, bathe alwais in the eveningh, and the sun don't burn it.


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