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Mix Coco and Soil??

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Right now I germinate 3 Auto Acids and 4 NL Autos.

I use soil and coco, I heard coco has less nutrients and i need to use checmical ones.

Since I don´t like to use to much chemicals can I also mix soil and coco and therefore save on the nutrients watering??

I also keep them in a greenhouse otutdoors.

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I think mix soil and coco is not a bad things, I will also do it this summer.

I think it's great because it will aerate your medium.

And yes if you grow only in coco you'll have to put more nurtiments in water.

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yes coco and soil mix well together, if you do 50/50 you will save a little on the nutes yes. It's not that the coco has less nutes in it, more than that coco is suposed to be totally sterile, so 0 nute in it that's why usually you have to feed earlier and a little more than in soil.

About the mineral nutes, i didn't like that too much neither i made the switch when i went to pf which is 100% mineral and got to say so far i'm far from being disapointed ;)

Also you will find quite a few journals with coco and soil mixed in the grow journals, have a look around ^^

Good luck

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I use coco and soil mixed with pearlite for my primary mix, the secondary mix also has trace elements, Epsom salts, potash, blood meal, bone meal, dolomite lime, fulvic acid and humic acid. Organic weed tastes great. Cheers Tastynugz

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Soil and coco even better than coco and peat in my opinion, although peat is also great. Coco and fuller's earth amended with worm castings, mushroom compost, leaf compost, seabird guano, bio-char and kelp meal is a dank mix. Water with compost teas once a week (in addition to your regular feeding) to speed decomp of all those organic inputs and even add red worms to your containers if you can get your hands on some. Fuller's earth is some great stuff if you aren't already into it. Cheaply available as an all natural oil-dry product for spill cleanups. Just make sure it is 100% fuller's and no additives before you buy.

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Yes just keep in mind to add less fertilizer according to the percentage of soil - i.e 50/50 Leave fertiliser from the water every 3rd time. Make sure to flush properly, when it is time to according to your feeding charts.

Give the plants an opportunity to absorb all of the feeding left in the pot. You can see immediately how well the plants respond to that. 

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I think you need to give us a better idea of your definition of soil as it can be a very broad term. You can buy "potting soil" that doesn't really have anything for nutrients in it or you could mix up a good natural amended mix like some of the ones above that have everything you need. There are also many mixes in between so the exact soil mix needs to be defined, especially when asking questions about feeding.

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