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Vertox`s Outdoor Kalashnikova Auto Roofgarden!

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best of luck man :) i'll be wiing to see what will happen over here, i hope only good things ^^

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So Guys normaly i planned to be out since 2 Weeks and be growing but Wether didnt let me at all :(

One Lemonskunk i had allready outdoors got rotten Roots and this in the Ground.. So u can imagine that its very Wet here and cause of that i didt go for the Seedlings jet.

Today i got the first day Sun back and hope it will go on like that.

But all problems thoug be sure i want let u down and get started as soon as im possible :)


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damn yeah outdoor season is really crap in someplaces of the world this year, sad to hear you are one of them ^^ but i am too lol only been raining and cold almost all time.. hope it changes soon good luck man

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ya i saw that coming and thought the auto cup is perfect i can wait till the best Months and then get them out :D

At lest i got a good test inside :)

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Best of luck to you buddy.

Peace & Smoke

Brother Jimmy

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Thanks a lot Jimmy :)

Im really sorry i didnt start jet and let this Thread rott here :/

Right now im getting the second 5 Seedlings in Germination cause the first 5 didnt made it throu the hard rains and Winds in the past week sadly.

But i wont give up this year every season is growable :santaclaus:

So be prepared

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Well guys its near winter and finally i find time to post here what was going on.

I am really sad i have to tell u i cant deliver anything..

I was able to grow them u till ca 80cm and than we had 2 weegs of rain and icerain and they didnt make it throu pretty all of em where rotten afterwards so i had to clean them out to not affect the other plants.

All of that was a big time fail from my side i had to work pretty every day out of my house and only was home once a week so i got screwed over..

but never settle down im planning allready for something crazy next year so stay tuned guys youll se how i rule the roof ;)

cheers guys glad to have some time to be back here again :)

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well too bad they couldn't make it!! Damn mother nature isn't always making it easy for us. But well for sure i'll be around next year to see your crazy project ;)

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