Hello All! My presentation + White Lemon Outdoor!

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Hello All!

My name is Mariano; I am from Argentina and this is my 3rd time having Plants. In this case I would like to introduce my self and give to you an opionon about the new seed call White Lemon. This seed isn't in the catalog yet but it is a great plant! Very easy to grow and with very good results (I have attached some photos of it).

My review regarding the White Lemon is the following: It is a very easy Plant; during all process I didn't have any issue; the plant it's very strong, do not have a very long-term floration (It's faster than the Hawaiian Snow), and the productions of buds is awesome. I have harvest this plant on March 15 more or less; so my Buds already had 4 months in a Jar.

The taste is great (very lemonnn); It has a strong hit that affects directly to the brain. If you are starting to smoke, or if you share it with people that is not used to smoke, be aware that this is a very strong plant, and it's better if you recommend them just to have one smoke; if not, thery are going to have a very hard trip!.

I am very greatful for having the chance to plant this incredible seed; and very thankful to Green house that send me the product!.

Next time I will give my review regarding the Hawaiian Snow; another excellent plant!!!

Have a good day!!!











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Welcome man :)

Some nice buds you have hanging there ;) The Greenhouse Seed Co have great strains :) Cant wait for the White Lemon to be available for everyone ;)

Gonzo ;)

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welcome on SH forum man!

Thank you for sharing yourpictures of the White lemon, she looks like she was a vvery nice plants! And glad to hear you are hapy about it, but not surprising, so far most of the people that have tries it are loving it ^^ let's hope everyone will like it ;)

have a good grow and discovering of the place

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Love the buds hanging up , looks like a big smiley face lol

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Really nice plant and buds...

A must try in the future!

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