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I'm from the far north of Scandinavia but I grew up traveling with my parents, we moved because of racism up there and my parents moved where there was work so I tagged along, my parents were artists so I grew up with a lot of different people around me from different countries, we lived in a lot of theatres and other places like Christiania. I tried hash by mistake when I was drunk when I was 16 and it was a really bad experience because I was quite intoxicated by alcohol so I thougt it was bad for you and that I would never try it agan so I didn't really start smoking until I was 18 and I liked it. I started smoking soapbar hash but then I tried charas from a friend who was in India and I was blown away. I kept trying to find better hash until I ran into marijuana which back then was a bit harder to find than hash which is everywhere. I started smoking weed and then I tried mushrooms, I started reading about cannabis, I went to visit my family friends in Christiania and visited the famous greenlight area which was once pusher street and I tried a lot of different weeds and hashes. I haven't really looked back since, I fell in love with the plant and it was more or less just a question of time until I wanted to grow my own. I started growing autoflowering outdoors because I didn't have the possibility to grow indoors and I also grew some strains which were acclimatized to the climate outdoors, I've got 3 years of experience and I had to learn the hard way the first time with animals and location but I improved and got a few decent harvests. Now I've been buying gear piece by piece for a indoor grow and I've got the possibility to grow, I've been getting books and making sure that my grow setup is the way I want it and so I've been doing all I can to make it is as quite as possible.

My kit consists of:
Budbox shorty (white) 100x100x180cm

2X Inline fan VK125

Budbox Airsocks 125mm 100x100cm (360 M3/h)

1X Can-Filter 125mm (365 M3/h)

5m Acoustic ventducting 125mm

3m combi vent ducting 125mm

Sylvania GroLux HPS 400W

GIB Xtream HPS 400w

Elektrox 400w digital ballast

CoolStar Aircool reflector

2X Systemair silencers 125mm 60cm

4X Airpot 1L

4X Airport 10L

4X Dirtpot 26L

Grässlin digital timer TOPICA 600s

I've also built two boxes for the fans with acoustic material on the inside and the box itself is made out of MDF

I've got soil and I'm going to grow organic, since it's only for personal consumption yields don't really matter but I want a high quality organic product. I've also got in touch with a company that have insects such as predatory mites and other bugs to fight pests.

I'm thinking of doing comparison on the greenhouse powder feed compared to biobizz organic.

Sweden has recently cracked down on cannabis but it has led to that cannabis growing which once was concentrated in the cities is moving out to the rural areas and they are getting larger out there. I don't plan or intend to start a large grow op but I want to grow some awesome bud and of course make hash.

I'm also looking forward to trying the Damnesia soon, I'm picking up 5 seeds today.
The seeds I've got so far are 5 king's kush (fem) Greenhouse Seed Co, 3 great white shark (fem) Greenhouse Seed Co, 5 Damn Sour (fem) Greenhouse Seed Co, 5 CBD Nordle CBD Crew and 10 Original Grand Daddy Purple (reg) Ken's Grand Daddy Purp Genetics, 10 Somango (reg) Soma Seeds and 40 seeds from a old friend of a some different crosses he made with Neville's Haze, Northern Lights, Hayley's Comet and a unknown Danish strain.

Looking forward to setting my kit up soon, posting more and making a grow journal, also posting pics and learning more on the art of growing cannabis.

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Welcome and "välkommen". That´s sum story mate. Seems you been around and about?
I saw that you had one of those digital timers? I just wanted to say be careful around those. They can break very easy and before you know it, the growth will run on 24h light and mezz up the whole thing. Make sure to check them everyday to see the light comes on or off as it should.

Anyway, have a nice time in Strainhunters forum and bless you future grow.


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Welcome on SH forum man!


glad to have you around! I enjoyed reading your story it seems like you have visited a lot and must have seen some nice places and people! Very nice way to learn life if you ask me.. might not be the best for a kid when you are concerned by it but in the end it makes strong people.

Also it is a nice strain list you have there :) And i'm glad you came around to start that growing experiment, and hopefully it will turn out in beautiful buds with the help of the whole comunity :)


If you have any problem or question on the froum don't hesitate to ask me out and i'll do my best to help you.

Have a good discovering of the forum

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I've got a back up Omirex timer just incase but I thought the digital timer seemed so easy and it was a quite cool feature that you could set the time progra, specifically on certain days in the week, so that it could gradually go from 18/6 to a 12/12 just like nature.


I'm preparing the area as I speak, I'm really excited about this but I'm still puzzeled which strains to start with and I'm doing just like I've done outdoors which is planting the seeds on certain days in the lunar calender.

I also just booked my ticket to Amsterdam for the cup and I'm looking forward to see the wailers and smoking some awesome bud before the grow starts.

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Setup the tent, I'm thinking of changing position of fan and carbon scrubber but it'll look something like that. I tested the light and ventilation, still waiting on the last things needed.

I'm thinking of starting with 2 King's Kush and 2 Great White or 1 Damnesia, 1 King's Kush, 1 CBD Nordle and 1 Great White Shark. Right now I've got everything setup and I'm just waiting for the right day according to the moon calender to start the seeds


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Great read Captain :)


You seem to have a a nice set up ,can't wait to see it in action full of ladies.


That seed list is quite impressive and will keep you in herb for quite some while, are you going to be keeping mothers or growing from seed each grow?


When a HPS starts up there is a large intital power draw, which can cause cause an arc that can fuse the terminals in mechanical & digital timers (this said, I used mechanical timers with a 400w HPS and never had it happen).


If a timer does break and the light stays on constantly of fails to switch on this is a problem as Tokage pointed out.


Ways  to avoid this are buy a contactor which will protect your timer, or buy a heavy duty timer that can deal with high intial loads or buy a timer comtactor combo.


Look forward to your grow journal and welcome to the forums :)





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I'll be growing from seeds the first few crops with the feminized seeds, at the moment I don't have too much space to work with.

A contractor for a timer? I'm a bit new to indoor growing and the equipment.

I did a test of the equipment and I'm still a bit worried of the smell when I open the tent for doing basic maintenance like watering, checking for pests and so on, I've got a ionizer for outside of the tent but how's the smell with growing in tents?
I also was at my neighbors underneath me and smoked a joint with him to check the sound and it's quiet but still makes a bit sounds, I'm going to put on the boxes for the fans, I really hope they fit and that the tent can take the weight. Otherwise I'm fucked and will have to hang them in the ceiling outside to minimize vibrations which cause sound. The silencers didn't fit in the tent so they'll be outside. Still checking on how I want things to be in the tent, I'm trying to keep things simple

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A contactor stops big electrical surges from breaking your timer when your HPS light starts up.


Here a link to the EBay page where you'll find many suppliers who sell them, have a look at some them and read the info. Link - http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/hydroponics-lights-contactor


Way back in time (lol  not as young as I used to be) a contactor used to be plugged in to your timer , these days it is easy to find a all in one contactor timer for as little as £12, so that wont break the bank.


The only thing to remember is the contactor/contactor timer needs to rated higher or equal to Wattage of  the combined Wattage of your lights your using. For Example a 1200W contactor/contactor timer can handle 3 X 400W lights.


If you smoke weedinyour flat a bit of a smell coming out of your tent when watering shouldn't be a problem. The ioniser will help reduce the smell too.


I also have an a couple of ozone makers one with a timer and one without, a couple of minutes and all smell in the room  which my cab is in is totally free of smell, Be warned too much ozone is not good for your health but a little bit occassionally is ok if needs must.


Hangging fans and accoustic fans on bungee cords is a good way to stop vibration and it ascociated noise,you can also use big O rings the sort you get in vaccuums to spin the beater or the type found in Pinball machines for the bumpers. Check vaccuum repairs parts and pinball repair on the internet , I know I founds somein the past sometime just takes a bit of digging around.


Bungees can be found at you local automotive store or bought by the meter in good hardware store or just google it on the net.


Another thing youcould consider is a washing machine vibration mat these are made from high density rubber and stop vibrations, whch is the cause of the noise. As alway google it, cost £10 - £20.


My DIY accoustic box sits on top of my cab in a cardboard box and you would never know it was there, but it used to hang inside my old cab on bungees and it worked great.


You seem to be a sensibly type of guy and have been asking your self the right types of questions ,so I'msure you'll find a solution.


Simple is best, never any point complicating things if you don't needtoo. :D





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