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Fiming and mainlining

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The plant has been mainlined, the point of main lining is that you end up with "X" number of colas all the same size spaced equallly, forming a goblet shaped plant which allows equall division of nutrients and water and more light in, resulting many main colas of equall size and vigor.


Fimming is used where you want vigorus growth  and to create more bud sites, which will also  restrict the overall height of a plant, resulting in a lower bushy plant.


when you top, you get 2 branches growing, fimming gets you 4 branches growing  , this makes more sense on the more traditional christmas tree shaped plant.


The plant has also been topped twice, It shouldn't need any more fimming/topping if it is a Indica dominat strain, If it is a Sativa dominat strain which is lanky and unruley then fim away ;)


What would really help is showing us some lovelly pics of your girl, alway love me a bit of weed porn ;)


Not seen much main lining round these parts so would be great to see a lil bit l more! :D


With a pic we can get a better idea of what is going on and be able to give a more informed answer, rather than generalizations on wether a technique is needed or not.


Happpy gowing & peace



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I have just found your journal and can now say my two pennies.

First of all a link to your journal - http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7800-first-journal-4-kings-kush-indoor-1x1x18m-tent-400w-hps/

Here is a little hint that will help others find your thread - copy and paste your grow journal page address in your signature, in your profile. This way everytime you make a post , people will also see your link to your grow. ;)

When mainlining, you want to make a capital T shape.

Stem & 2 lateral branches, going horizontally. to do this you tie or use a piece of  stiff wire shaped like a hairpin, thus keeping the T shape.

When you have as many branches as you need then no more fimming or topping is needed, you do need to keep training the laterals so they are as equidistant as possible around your pot. keep them horizontal until you are happy with what the overal diameter of your finished plant will be and then let thenm go up.

A circular Tomatoe support or similar will be needed as suport the plant.

Quite often 8 or 16 main stems/colas are created,

the  mainline manifold will give equall food and water to each new  main stem.


Pic 1 copied and pasted from rollit up

Pic 2 copied and pasted from grass city - nugbuckets is credited for pioneering the mainlining name and technique

Pic 3 copied and pasted from michiganmmp.com what you'll end up with. A classic mainline goblet


Peace :)





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I hate the term mainlining. Stop using it as a pot term its for tweekers


Lmao Bozoph , I only found out what twerking was the other day hehe. I'm to old to be  bothered to go look it up.

This technique (I dare not mention its name) is similar to some of the techniques usded in "The secrets of the west coast masters" by Dru West".

I had to go check out some of your old posts, as I assumed this might be why you were objecting to said "term".

The secrets of the west coast masters on google market place can be viewed with pages missing - though in the past you could see some of the training techniques, this has now sadly been changed and all traing techniques have been removed from being able to view.

So after that i went to your scrog training in the guru section of strainhunters, I saw in your video's that your mature plants looked very similar to ther term i shall not mention.

I have posted a copy of the original "M**N-L****G" by Nugbuckets here in Strainhunters Forums.

The techniques are quite simular but slightly different West coast has 4 main Stems and the other has 2 stems but broadly speaking the same.

The Term maybe annoying, but it has like the word twerking made its way in to the vernacular in the pot community.

I will post a link to to your Scrog thread and to "Nugbuckets" technique, it would be good if you could check it out,so as to point out the simularities or differences between the two techniques.


Bozoph's SCROG training regime (west coast masters style) - http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/2599-scrog-training-regimen/

Nug Buckets Technique - http://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7880-main-lining-what-is-it-how-to-do-it/




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