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sc0ut r3c0n

SHS MoneyMaker soil CFL/HPS powder feed short (take2)

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****** THIS IS A REMAKE OF MY MONEYMAKER SOIL/CFL PROJECT FOUND HERE forums.strainhunters.com/topic/7805-money-maker-project-soil-cfl-and-powder-feeding/  ******

Hi all

So due to a few issue I've had (nothing major) I have had to re-plan the grow I was doing but all for the good I hope

So here are My Grow Room spec's :

120x80x180 Grow Tent

Twin CFL hood with 150watt blue and 250 watt blue for veg

( I also have 2x 250watt red CFL)

Euro reflector hood with a 250 watt HPS Dual spectrum bulb for end of veg to flower

(running on a digital ballast)

4" Air in fan and filter

5" Air out fan and filter

6" Iso fan

25lt Black bucket with lid + air pump and stone and water heater

1.5lt Pot for veg week 1-3

11lt Pot for remaining time  


I am using Bio-Bizz light mix soil for the grow medium and using Powder Feeding for Short Flower for the nutrients.

i intend to be using a 3 day water cycle for the plants so..

Day 1 with nute

Day 2 just water

Day 3 no feed

The Fans are set to run in  a odd time cycle as well so it's

In- Iso - Out - Iso - In - Iso - Out.. etc

Also i'm only planting one seed every 4 weeks to start a small but constant cycle and every so often drop in the odd 1 or 2 extra so it would work out


               wk1                   wk2                      wk3            wk4               wk5           wk6               wk7            wk8          wk9            wk10             wk11                wk12

Seed 1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harvest

Seed 2 --------------------------------------------------------Starts Flower

Seed 3 --Starts Veg

As i said first this is a re-write of my grow but due to Alot changing i thought it be best to make a new and fresher looking journal then the last So admins if ya like feel free to remove the journal by my self dont want to take up space =P

As always i'm always open to idea and question if there are any and i shall try my best to post more update as they come

Cheers sc0ut

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seems like a nice setup on the paper ;) Thanks for opening a journal and best of luck for this new journey! Having diferent stages like you plan to do is nice, but if iwere you i'd do more like 2 by 2 it will divide the amount of work and the amount of diferent mixes you will have to use, my 2 cents of course it's just an idea ;) but it's what i use to have more or less and it worked like a charm and was pretty easy to handle :)


Anyways seems like you are ready so good luck to you! I'll be waiting for the pictures :)

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Hey all

Here are the up to date pics i took this evening Tomorrow is Day 1 Week 2 of Veg for this little lady and I have been thinking of maybe switching to the 250watt dual spec bulb on a 18/6 cycle ??

Hope you like the photos ...





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HI Every body !

Been a while not much has gone on really won't lie to You lovely people, But yeah the Lady i have at the moment is taking her time she is about to hit week 5 of Veg and is still only 20 cm in hight, also seems to be really bushy so was hoping for a bit more hieght in this extra week.

the powder feeding is going well but due to my out side of room temps the soil seems bogged out ( i have 10lt soil in 11lt square pot, and can only feed her 3lt of water every 5 days ) .....This isn't right ....right ?

Any ways as its now at that time where i need to start the next seed or 2 for my constant cycle i have decided to make a little home made DWC using the same air pump but to supply 2 buckets and got another water heater for the 2nd bucket so the next ladys "should" be a little more better off 


i shall upload some pictures later today but for now

wish me luck and sorry for the big gaps i know how people like to see like a day to day report =P

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hi man thanks for the lil news on the plants, i think 3L is a little too much for your waterings, you'd rather give the plants less water and more often they will benefit from it i think, usually the rule of thumb says to give 10% of the amount of your pots, i think this rule is pretty correct once the girls are old enough like in your case, of course it's not good for seedling ^^ 


But in your case it would be better to give 1l every time, and water every 2 days more or less if the soil is dry nough, 3 days if you think it's not dry enough. Don't water too fast let the time to the water to penetrate nicely everywhere and you will be fine :)

good luck man hope we'll see some little pics ;)

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Thanks for the tip there dust and yeah seems like ya right haha, I started to feed her less and she seems to dry out nicely now and as promised but as always a bit later Here are the pictures i have taken from the last 2-3 weeks =P

I also started to germinate a Northern Lights Blue Auto from Delicious Seeds which i will keep in with Miss Money Maker for the next 8 weeks using a DWC system.

i also switched the light cycle to 12 on 12 off today (week and half late i know) but wanted to see if i could get any more height rather then bush and that seemed to work out ok







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Nice set up my friend plants were always taking a long time in veg and it was because he was using just blue light cfl as soon as he added a red light after about a week in veg you would see a lot off difference it was the quickest way and the plants were bushy stumpy ready for flowering for there stretch just you said you veg with blue cfl try thistit may help nice plant

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Hello again my Fellow hunters and stoners yet again another late ass update on my lovely lady

only reason its been a while is due to me busting my back again with in a year of my mega spine op.......whoooooops

Any ways i thought whilst being strapped to a bed in hospital for a month my lovely lady would of for sure killed over BUT !!!

You gotta love family Whilst i was messed up in bed my family took over my lady ........This is when i thought she was gonna die BUT the family stuck to me written plans and WOW how she has grown

Today we are the start of week 8 (i think) and week 2 of flushing ....

(yes the NL auto died ...hard like john mclane  =P )

All i can say is wow wow wow !!! she smell's awesome and Looks magical =P

pictures to follow shortly as theres ALOT ! =P

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She is looking good it is a nice smoke my friend just finished a money maker a bit smaller than yours same shape main bud and the side buds hope you get well soon my brother broke his neck had weights on his neck could ony lay flat on his back for 3 mouths so good luck

peace to you

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Cheers Bro Good to know the plant is going in the right direction haha 

I also know all about  the neck feeling, back in 2000 i got hit & ran by a car and left me in a halo brace  for 18 months  Luckily i only suffered from slipped disc's but it locked my neck to the left and i couldn't move it ...

(Basically screws to ya skull so ya cant move for shit ...Involves a piss bag too Not nice for at the time a  11year old kid ...Me)

suck's none the less ...

but is the main reason i smoke bud for the cold screws with my neck which in turns gives me bitching head aches .....and now i smoke for my back pains

Me and hospitals DO NOT GET ON hahahahahaha

Hope ya Brother recovers quick and well and don't let the fuckers stare at ya if he is having to wear a  frame for a while i know how them thing play on peoples minds

and cheers again bro for the comment

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HELLO, you use only the powder feed?

Yeah dude i only used Powder Feeding For Short flowering And it works Really well no hassle no messing around and My lovely lady LOVES IT !

for seedling stage i used 0.5gr per 1 Liter

For veg And bud i used 1.0gr per 1 liter

and flush for 2 weeks with no feed

Hope this helps dude =P

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Yeah dude i only used Powder Feeding For Short flowering And it works Really well no hassle no messing around and My lovely lady LOVES IT !

for seedling stage i used 0.5gr per 1 Liter

For veg And bud i used 1.0gr per 1 liter

and flush for 2 weeks with no feed

Hope this helps dude =P



yes man I too use powder feed but I am to 4 weeks of 12/12 and 1g per liter and the ladies are still looking there is not much fruit, and some have nothing

come to see my nose grow whithe 100% powderfeed veus well and I take your advice

thank you peace my brother

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