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Flowerbomb Kush , White Strawberry Skunk and My Perpetual Scrog

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High Everyone :)

I have put up my outdoor playground already and that is where my love for the naturally grown cannabis plant lies but no one can dispute that indoor growing is where we can really get to play and manipulate this diverse plant to amazing levels. In this log i will log the life of 2 plants in my grow and what better ladies to start with on the strain hunters forums than with 1 flowerbomb kush and 1 white strawberry skunk.

I have grown a few different ways but atm i am in scrog mode :) I am running a perpetual scrog , i always loved the idea of scrog but never really thought i could do it as i run many strains in a perpetual cycle , It then dawned on me to do a multi pot scrog. That way i could grow perpetually with multiple strains , move my ladies and still do a scrog


Just a few specs of what i run:

In my flower cab i run 600w hps , veg is 250w MH ( want to add another 250w MH but the sun is supplementing me for now) , Clone bubbler is 18w and the seedling and clone resting area is 120w induction and a 45w cfl. My scrog nets are 420mm x 420mm .i am maybe going to borrow a 270w led panel to try for flower but will see if this pans out.

I make all my own living soils , i never finish my soil as i like to seed the new batch of soil with the old thereby preserving my soil life . 

To start with i would like to show you how i start my clones almost horizontally. As you can see from the first pic  to the last pic how quickly it bushs out and by the time it reaches the screen it won't take long to full






Next i would like to just show some of my scrog i got going atm








Before the net went on




Now on to the main long event , pull up a chair roll a few fatties and enjoy the show as it follows the life of FBK and WSS through my grow. They will be topped and trained into mother plants then the clones will be scrogged. Some might say you shouldn't or can't scrog certain plants but follow me and i will show that any lady can be scrogged . As we go along i will entertain you with some of the other scroggs i have going but i would like to focus on the GHS ladies.


3 days from germination




Day 5







Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings 


PS updates to follow




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Hi Reaf

Nice report, please feel free to ramble on anytime you want! :)


That was a great description of your grow space, can you tell me the height. I am guessing it is 1.5M x1.5M square on the  floor space.


Not sure I have seen an Induction Light on the forums, how do you find it? Is it more suited to cutting & seedlings. Is it the blue spectrum? or maybe the red/blue combined spectrum.


I did look into buying an induction lamp, but plumped for LED.


LED is a nice way to fill out the HPS spectrum and I have seen some nice grows using this technique. In fact there are some grrows on the forums right now doing this.


Good work with the individual scrog buckets, they look spot on.


I do like a nice bit of soil and was wondering what you make yours up with?


There is nothing more healthy for soil than a nice bit of biological life in the form of mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria to help your plant take up nutrients & water visa the secondary root system made upof the fungal hyphae.


I really liked the way you documented your grow with excellent pictures.(thumbs up) :D


Nice framing of your pictures to, make them stand out on the page with a little pop.


Looking forward to the FBK & WS progress, I will be sure to folow your grow and have a nice big comfy chair pulled up & will have some vapes and pipes while i'm at it! :D


peace brother



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Thanks Lams :)

The main reason why i am scrogging is because of my flower cab height , you are spot on with the 1.5m W x 1.5m L x 1.5m H . I won the induction light in a picture of the month contest on another forums. Short answer is they are not worth the money , i may have received a cheap unit and can only speak from experience from the light i have. Other makes may be worth the huge price tag they have but for me personally i would go HID or LED. The induction light i have is in the 6400k spectrum. Mine does not run much cooler than an HID and don't put out as much light , the only positive  i could think of is that apparently there life efficiency 100000h with a 5% degradation  .

My basic soil mix consists of

Worm castings

mushroom compost

kraal mix

kelp powder


talborne fruit and veg



bush soil

homemade compost


collected microlife

volcanic rock dust

small amount of iron filings

fresh grass cuttings



river algae

Cook for 2 to 3 months and water with AACT and molasses . For me its all about the microlife of the soil , i believe that if your soil is healthy and alice your lady can't go wrong :)

 This is the method i use  collect microlife , i have collected from all around the country when i travel.

Taken from http://gilcarandang.com/recipes/bim/

Here’s how to collect microbes and make BIM:
Cook a carbohydrate source to use as the attractant. Rice, barley, wheat, oats, etc should work no problem, most often rice is used here in Asia.
Get a wooden box or perforated plastic box and fill bottom with rice. The rice should not be too deep, around 1 inch usually, otherwise it will take too long for all the rice to become infected. Don’t pack the rice, leave it loose to allow airflow. The whole idea is to create more space for the microbes to infect – the surface area of the rice.
Mark side of box with date and intended location.
Cover box with something that’s breathable – nylons stretched over, or newspaper, just something to keep big critters out – secure with string around top of box.
Dig a little depression in the desired location, a place with undisturbed soil where a healthy population of native microbes is likely to flourish.
TIP:  In forest, look for areas where leaves build up and mold. In grassland, look for areas where grass is most thriving.
Place the box in the depression and loosely cover with the dirt and leaves around it.
After 5-10 days (depending on temperature), the first colony of microbes you will notice are white molds. Then different colors like yellow, green, black, etc if you leave it much longer. Generally we harvest when it is in the white mold stage. Disregard rice if black molds have formed on it, this is generally a sign of non-beneficial microbes. In nature when there is plenty of food the beneficial microbes dominate. When there is less food, the opportunistic, non-beneficial microbes tend to dominate.
At this time, remove container from habitat and transfer rice to a plastic container/jar, and mix with sugar
Mix 1:1 with sugar. E.g. 1kg cooked rice with 1kg sugar/molasses(molasses is great and cheap)
Mash up the mixture with gloved fingers until it’s mashed but don’t overmix or you’ll destroy all the mycelia
Cover this mixture for 3-7 days.
When it is quite liquid, add 3 parts water.
TIP: 1kg=1L, so if you start with 1kg cooked rice, you’ll add 1kg sugar and then 6L water to that
Leave this diluted mixture for 7 days. Cover the top with something air permeable just so animals don’t get to it – cheese cloth, nylons, newspaper, etc
You should end up with a mud-like juice. Strain the liquid out of the mixture into a glass jar but don’t seal the top – let it breathe until bubbles in the bottom stop forming.
After you stop seeing bubbles forming in the jar, seal it up
Now you have your microbial inoculant for that ecosystem
Repeat the above steps for each area you are collecting microbes from. The more ecosystems you collect from, the better!



I like to put some effort in the pics , a picture says a thousand words. Now if they could just invent something so i can let you smell the ladies :)



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Yeah know height issues,it is why I first scrogged, it is nice way to grow as well.


I have in the past have looked at induction lamps in the past and came to the same conclusion as you. The Lights have to be close to plants, penetration not great, but hey it was for free and the lamp colour temp @ 6400K is Daulight, which I have found to be good for young vegging plants when using cfl's.


Nothing beats actual expirience when it come to lighting and so I value your opinion of this light. :)


wow and wow :D That is an amazing post on your soil.


Such a thorough description of the making process too, thanks man :D


I couldn't agree more on the pictures, they are well crisp, if only mine were as good.I'll need to put some more practice in lol


If I was a plant and got given that soil, I would have thought I'd walked into a 5 star resurant.


I have book marked the link! And will be sure to do some reading.


haha smell 'o' vison, that would be awesome.


Thanks for the share

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HAHA yea no better price than free , thats why its still in use :) i have to admit i had to be careful the first time i grew seedling under it it cooked them , even though it wasnt to hope the were seriously burnt.

I also would like to just add i take all my pics with my samsung galaxy S4 phone  . you don't need the best camera in the world to take nice pics , just some practice and patients :)

Soil is my passion , i don't believe in feeding my ladies . I believe that if i feed my soil and look after my life in there they in turn will make my lady very happy and reward me with bud that tastes and smokes amazing. Nature has been doing this a lot longer than we have and is worlds better at it than we are , i mean just look at the HPS in the sky she uses lol :)

Just as a little useless bit of info , i have a lux meter and in my cab i get readings of 45k -55k lux , outside today its hitting 90k :)



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Thans for the report man, It seems like yoi have a nice little system ready for your scrog and i hope your 2 ladies ill do good in there! the WSS should do just well in it, the FBK might be a little short for the scrog or longer to fill, but maybe not with  a good topping, or just a good training from you ;) We'll see!


and nice infos on induction like Lams i was wondering if they are worth it as i saw a few in expos already.


Have a good grow man

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There a re 2 types of Plasma lights.


Tube Induction plasma. These are Magnetic Induction lamps. They are electrodeless, and excite gases in a tube via a elctomagnetic field created by a magnetic induction coil around the tube(similar to floresecnt tubes, but these have internal electrodes) This light produces  light similar  to florescents and has an extremely long life.The tubes are available in Blue(veg) Daylight (veg) Red (bloom) and 50/50 Red & Blue for all stages of growth. The indagrow is a good example of theis type of light


The second is LEP (Lissajous Electron Plasma) which is the type in the pictures of Arjan is under them in a grow room & can be found on the forums (maybe a post by MrX).


This type of plasma lamp is much brighter. It uses a small glass sphere containing sulphur, the sulphur is exited by microwave radiation. This process make the  sulphur go to a plasma state and glow very brightly.


This light is full spectrum which leans towards the blue spectrum. A recent inovation of this tech is a slightly more red enhanced bulb. These lamps are around 2.5 - 3 time more expensive than the magnetic induction,but are also more able to deliver usable light on a Watt for Watt comparison. The Gavita Pro 3oo is a good example of this light .


One last thing about LEP is they do produce a little alitle uvb too (past lamps also made uvc, which is now shielded against) Uvb might be nice for extra resin.


The LEP plasma is the most likely lamp to be seen in expo's. There are a great light, in recent year they have not been quite up to the flowering side of things.Now witha red enhancement we shall see.


Using LED to fill in the spectrum and you have some excellent results.


To find out more about these light have a look at this link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrodeless_lamp




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Nice bit of info there thanks lams , i am using the magnetic induction light. I have a feeling mine was a cheap chinese import that was sold as i high end grow light..... living in africa can be fun sometimes lol

I found with the indica dom strains that you need to get as many branches going early on in the process and by the time it hits the screen it needs as many tops as it can and like you say will need a slightly longer veg as it will not stretch much in flower so for indica i put them into flower at a 90% full screen . I love pusting the boundaries as much as i can with these plants as i know they can take the abuse 



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Heh we all have a little chinese in our homes these days ;) I bet Africa is fun  on so many  levels! ;)

Pushing boundaries is a good thing, you learn your plants limits and also learn other cool stuff on the way.

Some times it is the person that does not do what they are told, who gets the pot of gold! :) by this I mean don't always follow tradition but instead forge forward with inovation.

In my time as a grower of cannabis there have been many inovations and improvements to growing cannabis and it took someone to break the usual rules, to achieve this progress.

Peace brother


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Really nice report bro.

Did you build those scrogs frames or you buy them?

Take care.

Thanks bud :)

I make all my own screens , I am a huge diy nut . Its 20mm pvc conduit bent with a pipe bender.



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Did I just hear "DIY Nut"? :D

yes I did :D

Anytime you feel like doing a DIY post and teach us how make things for the grow room, I will be sure to like it!!!

I love to make things myself and also like to see other peoples ingenuity at work .

There have been times when there has been  no other way but to make things, due to lack of funds.

I guess if someone doesn't have a pipe bender, they could use 90o elbow joints and pvc pipe adhesive.



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Haha :)

I know that feeling to well with the lack of funds.

I have to make a few more screens in the next few days , I will do a diy for them. Yea you could easily use bends , I have a bender which makes it a bit easier. I would never use wood for a screen as I feel wood that's not been very well sealed will attract moulds and strange fungi.

I have a few other diy topics I could put up as well.



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Awesome man ^^

I can't wait to see :D Those screen look the business!

Also, I'am  seriously intrigued to see what other goodies your gonna show us to make.

I've got my chair pulled up and sitting on the edge of it!



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for sure it's looking great for a DIY and like lams said it would be very nice next time you make some to documentate it ;)

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Thanks Guys :)

I will be making screens again this weekend and will put a DIY guide together.

Interesting happening in the indoor setup:

I use to be into shrooms many years ago and had ordered spores lying around that i would never use , they were a bit old but a good friend of mine asked if he could give them a go so i gave him the spores.

He did his best to get them going but never managed to , he had used one of my tanks to do the run and he used perlite in the base. When he gave the tank back after the failed attempt at shrooms i asked if i could keep the perlite that was in the bottom.

I mixed the perlite into my living soil and have been cooking the mix for roughly 2 months. I planted a few seedlings a while ago and was doing an inspection on my grow today and lo and behold look what i found sprouting out the holes in my pots






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absolutely love it Reaf :D

Are the psychedelic or the edible type & do you know what species?

Life is full off suprises and this one made me smile.

Have a good DIY too ;)

Peace bro


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Nice grow man so much information when you say let the soil cook does that just mean leaving the soil for 3 mouths to grt it right because im going to do a losad off my own soil & I see you add dog food why is this nice grow peace

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High Everyone

I use dogfood as a fungal starter , it works the same if not a bit better than alfalfa .

I have decided that a grow log is not a good log without a bit of budporn :) and since the WSS and FBK will still take a while i have decided to follow a Northern Vision And Green Bud that went into flower 3 days ago.

First up is the green bud , i have grown her a bit and know her so i know she doesn't stretch much and will only stretch for 8 days. This meant i had to give it a nice long veg and fill most of the screen before flower . I gave her a bit of a tuck and will repeat the tucks every 2 days for 8 days then let it stretch and flower






Next up we have a Northern Vision , its the first time growing out this strain so i put her into flower a little early as i am not sure on the stretch and like to air on the side of caution.







I have transplanted the FBK and WSS from the first coco homes into there new living soil homes and they have exploded into life







This is one of my momsai's i find its a great way to keep genetics around and store them for later use. This lady is about ready to be transplanted as its becoming slitely N def.

Northern Vision













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Knowing a strain and how to treat them can be such a blessing :)

Good advice for others scrogging Green bud.

Also nice and prudent with the northern vision , as you don't want a monster rampaging through your grow room ;)

Cute little WSS & FBK we will follow with great intrest and watch them become beautiful ladies :)

Your momsai will be right as rain after i nice bit of living soil full of yummy goodness :D

peacr bro


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I like your scrog screens on top smart have never seen northern vision grow it look nice plant not sure if you see this when you say cook it soil do you mean leaving it for 3 mouths because I now they say soil from outside stick it in oven but I would not do this as my friend made his home stink he hate to paint before the smell left the house thanks peace my friend

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High Nic 

When i talk about cooking the soil i am talking about leaving it in a pile or in a barrel to compost. When soil composts it gets really hot and this is where the turn "cooking" comes from. The need to cook your soil is an extremely important step in soil as it will stabilize the PH amongst other things.

As for your friend putting soil in the oven , i must admit its the first time i have ever heard of someone actually putting soil in an oven to cook. Just as a thought of to why you would put soil into an oven was to maybe kill pets in the soil , i find putting the soil in the deep freeze works well for that case.


Cheers Reaf


A pic of my soil cooker , it is on a axle so i can turn the soil easily


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usually when you put your soil in the oven it is mostly to sterilize it and kill the possible eggs or any other future problem inside of it :) i don't think it is also used in the same way as the compost to transform anything inside :)

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A really hot compost can get to 70C in the middle, hot enought to kill insect eggs etc.

This heat is caused by microbes, and the resulting heat can make hot water for a shower.

There was a french man called "Jean Pain" who built a 10 cubic meter compost pile and generated over six months of hot water for central heating.

Geoff Lawton shows hot make 18 day compost that reaches 70C in his dvd Permaculture soils .

The guy in this video is not Geoff!


Live soil won't be allive if you cook it in an oven it gets to hot a destroys all life within the soil, this may be ok for a lab experiment where you just want the nutrients and wish to remove microbial life from the experiment.

I must admit to buying organic soil "biobizz" they recomend watering it and leaving it acouple of days do the life in the soil can get to work.

I also add Mycorrhizae inoculant which creates a secondary fungal root like network, which acts symbyotically witht the plant, The fungi are better at supplying nutrients and swap them with plant , who give them sugar, that the fungi can't make , due to the fungi not being able to photosynthesize.



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