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Joo :) ! From belgium :)


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hello growers :) 

my name is Maarten and my english is not so good :P so if you don't understand..

I'am an indoor tent grower 90x90x180 

it is my 3rd grow 

and now i have 2 jack herrer's and 1 himalaya gold in first week of flowering 

the Jack's are not from greenhouse..



i came here because i love strain hunters and its so fascinating to see you guys grow cannabis 

Franco and Arjan are my hero's !!

i hope 1 day i can do the same 







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Hi maarten welcome to the forum :)

We are a friendly forum and like to help each other :)

You have some nice girls in your tent , if you start a grow journal, we will come and look and help if needed.

We like nice pictures , please post lots of nice pictures ;)

Are you Flemmish or French speaker, or maybe both? Hopefully there will be someone who speaks your language on the forum.

I use Google Translate, it is not perfect but is the best I have to use.

Have a good exploring of the forums, there are many nice things to learn and nice plants to see :D

Have a good grow :)

Peace & smoke


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welcome on The forum man!


No better to introduce than showing some nice little ladies like this ;) glad to have you aboard, thanks for the kind words on strainhunters and i hope you will enjoy the forum as much as the movies ;)

Like Lams i'll be around to follow your journal if you make one fo this ladies, and if you have any problem don't hesitate to ask us.


Have a good discovering of the place

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