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Greetings people, thanks for having me.

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Hi everyone,


I live in Holland and am a growing newbie, but a have been a smoker for nearly 3 decades now.

i don't like to be dependent on a coffeeshop.

Not just because the shop's  just quite costly, but also to know what i smoke; Both in quality as in how it was grown and by whom, how and why ;)

I've been reading a lot already and the "smoking is not addictive, growing is" already makes a lot of sense, what a wealth of extremely interesting information.

Ttyl :)



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Hi man Welcome on SH forum :)


Hehe yes for sure growin is way more addictive than smokin ;) And the learning part is the best of it :) and it seems like it never ends you can just learn and learn everyday and never get to the end ;)

I hoe you will enjoy the place and share with us your first growing experiments, we will do our best to help you out if we see a problem coming or just to enjoy watching if you Rock them ;)


If you have a problem n the fourm don't hesitate to contact me or Lamsbread and ask for help we will do our best to hlp you out

Have a good dsicovering of the place

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Hey mindwise :)

Nice to have on board the forums.

There is plenty to read , nice buds to see and lots of friendly members, what not to like ;)

Just as Dust said need a hand just ask and we will point you in the right direction.

Have fun and happy growing :D

Peace & smokes


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Welcome to forum friend, 


The marijuana itself has no addictive properties, but it's like chocolate or sweet pastry, if you like .... because they do not eat? lol 
It is a kind of "mental" but not physical, in controlling addiction is the solution, you have to know when, how and how much to smoke, you have to be healthy to enjoy the recreational benefits.
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