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hi guys i'm kinda new to growing and need ur advice

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Hi im planing on growing some plants (like 20-30) in a property that i have in south america bolivia santa cruz (15 degrees south)
since im unexperienced i thought i will ask you guys for advice...

and im having problem with the selection of the strains to grow... because of high humidity (90-100 % rh) and rainy tropical weather ..

1. mold is a huge problem for me... i grew in israel (that is 50 % humidity)some sour kush and WW and the sour kush got mold,
i dont want to think what will happen with 90% rh...
ppl told me that a sativa will let more air through the buds and that will prevent mold ... any other ideas ?

2.because in bolivia we have a tropical weather it rains all year round ... i thought a will build a green house to keep the girls safe... any other ideas ? 

3. i was thinking to get hawaiian snow and the church how will it perform in this conditions ? 

any ideas will be really apreciated!

i just cant post in another place it wont let me..

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Tough conditions man.

AMS might be worth considering AMS means Anti Mold System and has a proven track record in this department, though I am not sure how it will be in such high humidity.

Running a dehumidifier would be an option or maybe a couple.

What problems are you having with posting? Let me know & I see what I can do to help.

Hopefully one of our South American members can help as I have not had to deal with such extreme RH.



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Welcome to the forum friend, we hope to help you with your problems and humidity and culture, anything you need, we're here :)

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Welcome on SH forum man!


I hope you will succeed in your plan of growing in the tropical weather! like Lams said the AMS is the most known against the mold, look also on the side of or hazes like the Neville's haze i think or a few other arjan's haze, they are good for tropical climate and should handle the humidity pretty good, but make sure you have wind in the area you will plant to make sure the air never stays withtou moving around th buds.


Good luck man don't hesitate to contact us if you have a problem on the forum.

Have a good discovering of the place

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