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Organic's Greenhouse 2014

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Here's some pics to show of the outdoor greenhouse :)

Soil mix of Compost, Worm Castings, Potting soil, Perlite, Vermiculite, Peat bricks, Gypsum, Bone meal, Lime.

All strain in the greenhouse are autoflowering strains,

-Big buddah blue cheese Autoflowering

-Big buddah SAS Autoflowering

-Northern Lights Autoflowering from Greenhouse seeds

Everything is still pretty young however growth inside the greenhouse with the high humidity and worm castings is very quick :)





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cool man thanks for sharing your GH! looking good and steady in there, pretty young but this should soon be solved hehe ;)


Have a good grow man!

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All plants are growing steady and fast :) The GHS Northern lights auto's are proving to be a very heat resistant and hardy strain compared to the likes of Big Buddahs SAS.

I'm really keen to taste these Big Buddah Blue Cheese Auto's, going to be a very smelly cheesy harvest :D

All plants are on a GHSC Powder Feeding (Indica) nutrient cycle as well as additional feeding of worm casting tea.

Here's some pics of the NL auto's and one SAS baby :)

And a panarama of the greenhouse :)





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Hi bro!


Thanks for sharing friend, looks very interesting. 
I want to ask, with such lovely conservatory ... would not put more productive no- autoflowering varieties?
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Thanks guys :)

Hey jose the greenhouse is not very tall, only about 1,6m tall I'd say, so I'm waiting a while so I can plant them (photoperiod varieties) at a time when they won't outgrow the greenhouse. I'm also keen to have a decent early harvest off these auto varieties :)

Thanks again man :)

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Northern lights auto almost ready to harvest I think, anyone here have expirience with this strain ?

Big buddah blue cheeses are looking great,

Big buddah SAS had many deformities and problems in the outdoor greenhouse system, however the smell produced by the small buds is very nice, almost chemicallyfruity.

Seeds to be tested never arrived or haven't arrived yet /:




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3 April

Northern Lights auto harvested ( 2 plants) and in the jars :) Had a few tastes of the lime green frosted, but airy nugs and it smokes very nice :) A very uplifting and balanced feeling between body and cerebral feelings :) I also found the NL auto gave me an all round medicated effect.

Out of one 10 pack of the NL auto there were atleast 3 differnt phenos, will upload pics of them all soon :)

For now here's

NL auto (with greenhouse in background)

The Twak Berry

And some of the first harvested NL autoflowering

Peace out



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Are you still using pfeed even though you are going the organic way its just im just starting im running 3 in dwc and 2 full organics and they are growing better than dwc with pfeed the organic plants look a lot better just trying to get as much on organics as I can thanks snd peace to you friend

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Hey Nicc, yeah the use of the powderfeeding rendures this grow in-organic acctually :) but when the worm and bat poo is low, a bit of Pfeeding does the trick:)

Only reason for using the Pfeeding is that I got a free bag last year and I don't want to waste good stuff :)

I would use powderfeeding in all my grows but honestly I don't want any trace elements of chemicals in my brain when I spark up my J :)

Peace brother, we'll talk some more about the organic way :)

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