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SIb's first attempt! - Super critical auto

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   Hi all! This is a documentation of my first attempt at a grow. As this is my first attempt i think its safe to say im a complete noob, so if anyone spots anything im doing wrong please comment and tell me how to correct it! I hope you enjoy reading this anyway and thanks in advance for any advice.

So here's my inventory;


-600w HPS

-PS1 fluorescant strip lights (purple for propogating)

-40w and 2x 18w CFL's 6500k (also for propogating/veg)

-4" circulating fan

-Digital thermo/hygrometer


-50L canna coco

-10L perlite

-10L clay pebbles

-Rockwool cubes


-Canna coco A+B 

-Formulex (baby food as the lady in shop referred to it)


So far this is all i have and i intend to equip myself with a decent sized tent to fit my wardrobe (about 600x600x1200mm) and air intake/extake fans which i will get before i put them under the HPS. It has now been about 10 days since i first germinated the seeds but i will still document the beginning as i already have images for it. 

So i dropped them in the glass of water and waited a day or so. They sank to the bottom so i moved them into a tupperware box with tissue and water and put the lid on, this then stayed under my drawers for a day or so. I soaked the rockwool cubes in formulex solution (1ltr water per 5ml) and then placed the seeds inside (i only did 2 seeds, i have a 3rd germinating at the moment). The cubes were then placed in tupperware dishes with clay pebbles surrounding them and water in the bottom, a few days on i moved the cubes into small pots with coco/perlite/pebbles and left that in the tupperware dish. I have them under the PS1 light and the 40w and 1 18w CFL with the circulating fan blowing directly onto them. My thermometer is saying around 30 degrees which i have read is a bit too high (should be around 25?), despite this the plants seem to be doing fine. One of them came out with browny/yellow seed leaves yet the true leaves are nice and green and look good, this second plant is not growing as fast as the first one though although they were germinated at the same time. 

Yea thats about where im up to with it all at the moment, any thoughts you'd care to share would be received gratefully and ill keep posting with updates! hope you like the photos, the big one is looking really good! 












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More pictures, quite a progression im very pleased! Im gonna move them into their final pots soon as i heard that autoflowering seeds benefit from this- any opinions?


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More pictures, quite a progression im very pleased! Im gonna move them into their final pots soon as i heard that autoflowering seeds benefit from this- any opinions?






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I use formulex for when my plants are in first stages off growth all ways find it is good stuff and plants seem to love it I now it is not a really strong additive when you read the levels of nutes to use on formulex it say 5mls a litre I only use 3mls it wont hurt using 5mls but on some off the other additives and nutes its best to cut it down if it says on a bottle use 5mls a litre just use 3mls a litre just to get the used to the nutes your girls are looking hope this helps peace to you and your plants

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Good work friend, looks very nice!. 
Yes, you are right. In variedes car is better to put final pot from the beginning, it is best for them. 
We look forward to the evolution! 
Thanks for sharing!
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very nice atrta on your journal :) thanks for opening it and good luck with your ladies i hope they will become strong and heavy ;)


Have a good growz

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Here's a pic of my latest bit of homemade lighting hehe. 

It currently has 1x18W and 1x40W 6.4k bulbs and 1x23w 2.7k bulbs (it had another 18w and 23w respectively, but it got way too hot in there as i haven't got any proper venting gear yet). I think they're pretty sweet, i made another one with 4 holders but i dont think ill be needing that till the later stages so i loaned it to friend! 

Also off topic- and apologies if i shouldnt be posting in this area im not sure where it should have gone, but i had to show someone, its by far the best blueberry ive smoked!




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Next update; the bigger of the two plants is going great it just seems to get bigger by the day, i first thought when i transplanted into the big pot that id damaged the roots but its still growing just fine! If you look carefully you can see loads of smaller leaves on the underneath!

The smaller of the two plants is also growing ok but it just seems a bit of a weak one, considering they were both germinated at the same time the big one is easily twice the size and the leaves are no way near as symmetrical, could there be any reason for this? or do you just get weaker seeds sometimes? 

Finally im unsure on this topic, i havent really watered them since repotting excluding once when i gave them both about 300ml each of plain water, you can see from the picture the colour of the coco, the top layer is light and dry but underneath (probably 10mm down) its still relatively damp and dark. Any opinions here i would be grateful for thanks!

Now for the images!






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What company are your super critical autos from just I want to try these seeds or critical mass autos your plants seem to like there space they look good

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Some more pics, the big one is going crazy and the small one is definitely getting bigger too. I'm so happy, its gonna be so satisfying to smoke my own home grown! 






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Hello again, next update with some images.

So i was chatting to a few people and they suggested i lift my lights so the plant stretches (however, i had heard this was bad and that you should keep CFL's very close), i was asking in the first place because the bigger plant now has lots and lots of leaves but its still only a few inches tall and has a very thick sturdy stem. Needless to say i took the advice and lifted the lights, the seeds were both dropped in water on the 23/02/14 so its nearly been a month and i was told thats when an autoflower would begin flowering, it seems way to small for that to happen...

I also added 2 extra CFL's an 18w 6.4 and a 23w 2.7.

Any advice from this point will be gratefully received, i also wouldnt mind some advice about topping, are the plants at that stage? 







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Hello again, next update with some pics. I repotted them again into 20L round tubs this time, the roots had gone all the way to the bottom of the 11L tubs, it was almost like a spider web! I wanted to take pics but i was scared to damage it. The smaller of the two i also repotted but i think i may have damaged a few roots, the main mass of roots is still there do you think it will live? (i will include a pic of the small one later). I also gave them canna A+B 2ml/ltr and they seemed to boom which was sweet, its been about 5/6 weeks since i first started so i thought i would be seeing some flowers by now- any suggestions for this strain? I will be installing my 600w hps in the next week or 2 i just need to get some proper venting in there with a filter cause its just way too hot in there otherwise >35 degrees! 

One final thing im a bit concerned about are these yellowish spots on the leaves and some slightly frayed edges on some leaves, i dont think theyre particularly important leaves cause most are close to the bottom but im worried. Is my plant diseased? 

Please give me your opinions! thanks!

pics now;








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Ok so i only posted a day or two ago but i noticed these small white hairs lifting from the centre of the top nodes, is this the beginning of flowering? 


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i call this sexual mature sign and she shows she's a girl :D not sure how this works on auto but now u can flip to flower cycle

but it is not a flower it might become one depends

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Ok so i tied the tops of the plants down to make a sideways S shape, all the nodes are getting light now and the top one has already grown vertically again (its only been one day). Also a few more pics of the very top one :) 






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So my plants are both coming along nice, lots of little white hairs and flowers :) After tying the top down all the smaller nodes have risen up so i have something of a canopy now. Will be making adjustments to the space soon and ive worked out exactly how im going to fit my fans and ducting etc (i just need to buy them now!). Ive included pictures of the top node from each plant, please tell me what you think.

Ps. All of my photos are gettin turned horizontally... ive tried uploading the same pic rotated 90 degrees each way and its been the same each time. Also it wont let me upload any photos to my gallery so im a bit confused :S Sorry!









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looks nice m8 but if u don't learn to flip image i am not gonna loook at the anymore hurts to have head in that posision and my 42" is to big to flip :P jk but be nice if u could rotate them.

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Looking good man! nice grozth since my last visit :) What caused the little burns i saw when she was sñaller? Light burns?


But anyways all is fine now and ready to get big ;)

Have a good grow

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