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yield differences between hydroponics , soil, and outdoor

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hey everyone,

i watched the grow sessions by Arjan and Franco and apart of being great and very informative the made me question how come outdoor yield (in most strains) is much bigger than indoor's?

at the grow session u can see the huge differences between hydroponics and soil . the hydro ladies grow much vigorously and the yield was significantly larger compared to the soil beauties.  if so, it seems like a plant that grows outside should give me the same yield as the one grown indoor in soil .. right? 

well.. i suspect the answer is not right tho.. because everyone knows that outdoor yield is almost always bigger than indoor's.. depending on the strain of course.

so is it the sun light that does the magic ? the longer veg stage ? maybe both?

an explanation would be appreciated.

thank's alot :)


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explain i give it a go !


real sun better then fake sun 


longer grow time bigger plant


Hope this helps u

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Well yes it is like Zubo said more or less, the reasoning is more or less correct but you dont take a few facts in consideration, first yes like you said of course the sun is the mother of life and will always be better than an artificial light, and this sun will give a diferent development of the cannabinoid profile in the plants, because it contains some variations that we can not yet entirely reproduce in indoor. So only for the full cannabinoid profile growing outdoor is interesting ;)

Then comes also the container, dont forget most of the time in outdoor when you put in the ground you kind of dont have limit to the development of the plant, if the conditions are perfect she will grow perfectly and give you the best of her, but you can get the same yeilds in indoor with a lot of lights if you want, you just have to use the good container ;) 

If you put a 11L pot outdoor it will most likely give you the same yeild as under a 1000w for example, so what makes the outdoor more productive in the end is the container size for the roots, the sun of course, the longer veg period, and the grower doing it is the most important ;) ;)


Have a good day

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thank you for your answers.

u guys are quick on the responses !

keep up the good work :)

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indoor rooms done properly will always do better than out doors.. i reckon.. you get 12/12 light hours every day of flowering and can give the plant optimum conditions every day, also can grow through winter.. so when you ad up the yield to 1 crop a year out door to 4 - 5 crops a year indoor, the results favour indoors..

how ever.. this doesnt count out growing outdoors.. and i also reckon like dust the sun gives a wider spectrum of light.. also i think the plants have longer to develop..flavours and resins and even possibly giving a longer lasting high , this is debatable tho.

this is a massive debate.. indoors.. or out doors.. well.. if you can grow outdoors every season.. in a secure place with plenty of sunlight.. youd be stupid not to, right?...

but for those that cant.. indoors has a lot of advantages over out doors and isnt a bad compromise at all..

weed grown poorly outdoors is just as shit as weed grown poorly indoors.. so i think no matter your preference, grow it right and you cant beat either

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Growing indoors you have 100% control of everything, from light, grow medium, hours of light, temperature and humidity and fertilizers.  But it is still indoors with artificial lights and most likely chemical fertilizers.  Growing outdoors takes more planning as you can not control mother nature, don't even bother trying, she always does exactly what she wants.  If you plan correctly growing outdoors will always yield way more than indoors and the finished product will be exactly as mother nature intended it to be.  As I sit on my patio and look at my beautiful plants in the ground outdoors, with their leaves stretching out reaching for the bright yellow sun.....just the way it was meant to be.

Yields outdoors will always be much higher than indoor plants when comparing grams/sq. meter by a large margin.

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