DusT - Moby Dick, Super Critical - 23-12-2010 Smoke report + Pics

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Thank you John for your kind words :)

The weed is now in the Jar We've Had about 165G of welly dried weed.

Now i'm letting them curing for a few weeks and will do a real smoke test :)

But I can Tell You 2 are really fruity, one more piny resin like,

Have a good weekend everyone ;)

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Hi hunters it's time for a smoke report after 2 month of curing.




Has a very soft smell, smelling strong but not aggressive as others, a very sweet aroma, a bit of sugar, makes me think of honey in the smell :)

The smoke leaves you a fresh sensation in the mouth, you can feel the sugar sweetness on your mouth, you also have a touch of pinetree resin smell that gently leaves the fresh sensation after smoke.

High is very potent, you feel it immediatly in your brain, uplifting high, as i always try to make my weeds uplifting, i'm not too much a couchlocking man ^^, So you're aware of things around you, makes you wanna do things, exactly what i like ;)

But this concern the 2 Sc for the high.




Has, as sc#1, a pinetree resin smell in the back, but this one don't have the sweet sugar smell, she has a very strong and heavy "berry" smell, when you smell it, it smells like poison :D

You feel that "berry" in the smoke too, the joint makes a nice big white smoke, With this one if you put a good load of weed in your joint you can feel the presure in your throat but it won't make you cough!the weed leaves the heavy taste in your entire throat and mouth

Buds are lighter than #1 but are covered of trichomes, the buds appears almost white compare to the others.




Here we have very hard buds,concerning #1 and #2! when you open the jar you get in your face that flower encens smell!! Lovely makes me high just by smelling it :) the general smell have a hint of citrus but very lightly.

When you smoke it, this one really hits your mind, you feel the strong flower encens that you find in the smell, smoke once in the air has the smell of flower too, really nice to smell :) and to smoke too, the flower takes your tongue and blows it with that strong taste.

High is uplifting as the others, but a little heavier tho!




She has a soft pine resin smell too, this one was the hazey pheno, and the smoke is as expected, resin like, pine tree, very fresh, but in the jar you can smell the sugar too, not much in the smoke tho but it's very potent.

high is very clear too, i just smoked 4 J and my mind is still clear, but damn i'm high ^^

In a few words, these plants were great to grow and to smoke, very vigorous plants, supported the stress of the scrog without any balls coming out, or a slower growth. they take the food you give them and give you fair results if you take care of them.

Great work from GHS Team thanks for this strain.

See ya guys on my actual grow journal of tha kalash and exodus with franco's nutes ;)


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A realy sweet smoke report buddy!

Smoke one for me!

Peace Jimmy

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Thanks guys, it took some times and puff ^^

And it could be great to have a smoke report area in fact tokage! You should work on that ;)

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Super crit is an awesome grow and smoke ;)

Enjoy her and make sure to share that grow with us :D


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I really liked this grow the scrog and the way you did your shade I am going to make one tomorrow I am looking into super critical gh really good grow as always peace to you

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Very nice grow diary Dust!! Thanks for all good info bro, just I put some seeds of S.Critical in my room :)



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