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2021 Guerilla Outdoor Grow (Latitude 59)


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Hello Fellow growers!


Let's prepare for another season of guerilla growing at latitude 59, so this winter there is plenty of ice so I've been able to carry out soil close to the site beforehand. I'm still not sure of the strain list, I'll update that soon.


I'm happy because the freezing temperature has resulted in a lot of thick ice so I've been able to carry soil near this years spot which means less work for me in spring, let's do this!!!

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So a bit of update why I've been gone for a while, I had police come with a search warrant and they went through everything where we live even vents and behind the fridge. I didn't have anything where I live not even the harvest from last year which I'm happy I moved to a secure place, the only thing the police found was 8 grams of CBD buds which are legal in Sweden and they found my seed collection which also is legal but the police can't tell the difference if it's CBD buds or THC buds so they sent it to be analyzed. They wanted to take my phone and computer but my lawyer helped me to keep their dirty paws of my phone and computer, otherwise they could've gone on to my saved passwords and entered this forum so I've removed all cannabis related websites from my saved passwords from my browsers.

The police threatened to take the kids etc for the CBD buds and I kept insisting it's legal to have CBD buds, the test results showed that the CBD buds had 0.1% THC so it's well below the legal amount of 0.3% THC. The police also said they might pop by another time to see if any of the seeds are being used. I got so fucking pissed off at the police, my relatives and family in Canada grow weed and have kids it's not a problem there but here the police will take my kids and put me in prison for growing a harmless plant which is for personal consumption.


My wife doesn't want me to grow this season because of the trauma it caused my children and my wife when 10 police entered where we live 5 in the morning so I'm sorry everyone this years grow has been cancelled. I'm looking at buying a house at the countryside so I can setup a greenhouse or grow in a tent but right now it feels too risky, I'm sorry everyone I really was looking forward growing this season.



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On 6/2/2021 at 5:05 PM, Hydra said:

Dam that sucks  

It traumatized my wife and children because the police were very loud and came in with guns drawn while we still were sleeping, at least they had the decency to open our door with a locksmith instead of busting the door down but I feel terrible that my wife and children had to see me being dragged off in handcuffs 5 in the morning, I spent a week in custody so I didn't know what was going on back home but I did get compensation from the prosecutor because I didn't have anything illegal at home and the case against me was dropped.
Sweden is great in many ways except small details such as the weed law, before I had kids I would guerilla grow in all kinds of places like a rose bush at my university or near train tracks because I couldn't grow indoors and a lot of people smoke weed in Sweden even my professor at university, I've met doctors, lawyers and many who have great careers but Swedish media pushes the image that the reason why cannabis should still remain illegal because cannabis turns people into lazy unemployed stoners which is bullshit.

I have friends who live in the countryside who have a house or a farm who grow on their property but that's the thing you need a big property and have neighbors far from you to grow, my friends who grow on the countryside have inherited the farm or house. I used to work for my friends at their biodynamic farms and that's what I wish my family had.

I'm trying to convince my wife to move to Canada with me but she is hesitant because she grew up here and doesn't want to leave her friends, many in my family and relatives on my reservation grow weed and now with Canada legalizing cannabis people don't need to be afraid anymore to lose their kids etc, my tribe even has many dispensaries so it's huge contrasts between Canada and Sweden

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