Grow Room Calculators

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Grow Room Calculators

A selction of calculators some cover the same calculations whilst some such as the HPS/MH yield calculators are bit more unique.

I have included a selction from various sources as some may prefer one calculator to another.

Lighting & Ventilation Reccomendation Calc -

Grow area, Lighting,Light coverage,Running costs,Extraction & running cost -

Inverse Square Law Calc - http://www.intl-ligh...or/inverse_calc

Ventilation, Lighting & Electric bills calcs -

HPS yield calc - http://www.angelfire...r/yieldcalc.htm

MH yeild calc - http://www.angelfire...yieldcalcmh.htm

CO2 calc - http://www.hydroponi..._calculator.asp

Wattage,PPM,CO2,Temp,Air Exchange & Estimated cost -

All In One calc - http://hydroponicsdi...roponics-tools/

Some additional calculators from seedfinder -

SeedFinders GrowPlan -

The XML Grow-Sheduler - Growing/Fertilization-Plan and Diary -


The Grow-Energy-kWh-Costs-Calculator -

This one is really nice, some calc just do light costs. this one calculates light, air extraction,air supply,circulationg air & heating/dehumidifying.



Calculates how much light you need for the dimensions of you room for various stages of growth, from seed, from cuttings as well as veg and bloom.

Peace hunters


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dude, you are utterly epic!!! I absolute love your posts!

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Very cool man, that's Top for the beginners wondering how much extraction and light they need, etc.. completing nicely with extraction post and all the rest very cool

Thanks for your hard work WeedKipedia ;)

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Thanks for this bit LB!

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