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The vibe is great, the Canadian crowd is very well mannered and very well educated about cannabis.

Growers are truly passionate about their plants, and there are many medical users around.

The quality of the herb is superbe, lots of kushes around, and many of them truly great.


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Canada Is KUSH KRAZY!!

looks like plans have changed

looking to be at the expo on Sunday around noonish!

look for the right hand club cast!

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yeah that as to be the crazyest glass work i have every seen if i had the money and wasent such a klutz i'd definatly purchase that crazy glass gasmask.

but yeah this weekend has been brutl ive been waiting for tis expo forever but for some reason i had it stuck in my head that it was june 5 - 7 or somthing like it was lastyear i finally found a friend that was going that was willing to lend me the money for a ticket for a few days desided at the last minute that he doesent wanna go. so right now its not looking very good but i think between now and tommorow i should be able to get 20$ together to hopefull i will make it for the last day of the expo because i made it my mission to make it there this year as i missed it both times so i cant miss out again.

anyways it looks like a hell of a time its nice to be able to check out the photo's hope you guys from green house enjoy your stay in my great city and enjoy are lovely selection of quality canadian herb. if you have the chance may i suggest finding some crinkle or if you can there is a canadian grower that grows brothers grim genetics all te time im sure hell be floating around the expo with ether some cindy 99 or some apollo 11. anyways hopefully i can put enough dough together if not ill have tobe patient and wait for the next one..

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Lol Franco next time take me in the luggage ans i'll take care of the Live thread for free ;)

And MAN, those glass mask are truly amazing, it's true that 1000$ is some money, but those things are art pieces, i don't even think i would smoke on it if i could buy it...no i would definitly smoke on it :rabbi: I couldn't hold myself :D Those things should be in every survivor bags for the 2012 thing!! :P

An the other pics looks great, that toronto stand girl with the radioactiv tatoo looks very cute ^^

Keep up the good pics coming, and keep an eye on ducatipress.com you know they tested the new motor this week ;)

Cheer, keep up the good work!!

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Hi hunters, well i come here to re confirm the fact that those masks are amazing and it gives u the " need to get one of those" feeling , but also to ask any of you to come to portugal, have a good time, and try portuguese style ;) hope to hear from u

smoke happy


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@ Green o matic

hey bro if your short on flow i can toss ya my pass when i head back up north to go to work, that would leave you a good few hours to roam around.

i'll pm you the deets, and for the love of jah, log on to skype will ya?

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Franco really looks like an amazing experience !

Those bongs are incredible dude , I'm sure you will be wanting to bring one back to Amsterdam ?

Hope you smoking the best of the best ! enjoy dude !

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9:50 am on Sunday

the show is about to open.

Last night we had a taste of Toronto's nightlife, went to a big club called Muzik.

And now we are ready for the last day of the TY EXPO!

Bring it on!

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