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good times indeeD!

The TY Expo has been a great success, lots of public, lots of good vibes.

The Powder Feeding was greeted with interest, and we distributed samples to many growers.

Looking forward to next year already!

Check out this link for good videos:


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Nice videos Franco! The vibe seemed great and full of knowledgeable attendees for sure!

Powder Feeding will for sure make growers think on this new easy to use top notch nutrient from Green House!


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Nice man the vids are cool there seem to have been some nice growers and glass blower around ^^

Thanks for the news, i hope you'll get good feedback from the feeding from the canadian


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Nice link Franco.

:). Thanks for share all this whit us. Looking forward to next live mission ;).

Take care bro.

Peace & Smoke


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Thanks 4 those flick-r pix Elite stoner -Those canadian canna girls sure do kick a major ass as the saying goes - real cool crowd - very cool very nice !

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Hello fellow Hunters !!!

It was great to see you at the Expo in Toronto. I would have like to have a chance to discuss some things with ya`ll but didn`t get the chance. All in all it was a great show, although some strains I was looking for weren`t at the show. Bit a a disappointment but , hey ! it is what it is, I guess. Wasnt meant to be for me this year. I did manage to get few beans that i had wanted.

Hope to see you at the show next year and hopefully have the chance to chat a little.

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Too bad I came to late to see you guys at the expo. I got some free swag from the lovely girls you had there. Thanks for the grinder and the lanyard!

DId you guys get a chance to see the glass floor at the CN Tower? Its a trip when your really high in the sky!

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Toronto looks a blast hope you guy's enjoy yourselves. I don't think I'm allowed to travel there or the US or Australia because of prison sentences I recieved for drugs but would love to visit if possible. Damn draconian drug laws!

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Thank you Arjan and Franco for coming down to Toronto and visiting us. I had a real nice time talking to Arjan about my super bud plants. and I LOVE THE INDICA Powder FEED you gave me

thanks again for taking time out of your lives to come to CANADA guyss

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Toronto i guess is a good starting point in terms of exploring Canada, though I doubt that is where you will find any special strains. Toronto is the final destination for alot of the domestically produced high quality weed which is not exported. It flows to the west from Quebec and east from British Colombia to Toronto because thats where it commands the highest price per pound in the country. BC and Quebec probably are the top producers in the country. Though if I would have to I'd say that BC have more artisanal growers and Quebec commercial.

None the less, I have smoked alot of really dank exotics in Toronto, and who is to say for sure it wasn't grown in Ontario. But i broke it down from a general perspective.

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