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testing with papaver somniferum (opium plant)

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I just took these pictures of my little opium plants (papaver somniferum).

grown from seeds that i stole from the botany lab (supposedly were no longer viable)

I will continue uploading photos as they grow

What do you think?






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well i have 0 knowledge in opium plants but thanks for sharing man ^^

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 19292107_-0036.jpg 19292108_-0013.jpg 19292109_-0035.jpg


Today I made some papaver dial, but quantity was too low for me, and I don`t had normal effect. I take some seed for next year. maybe I will be more lucky.

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Nice, that plant grows wild in my Yard.  Comes back year after year with absolutely no maintenance at all.  It even survives being mowed from time to time.


Haven't tried to process it in any way yet.  Maybe I try sometime.

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today i had some lucky and i can buy for price lower than 1$ 3 good dry poppy plant.


It is make good relaxation effect and make me more calm for some time.


For 2-3$ it is will be very strong and long effect for sure.


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When are you planning to sow the seeds for the next harvest?

A local farmer near me has suggested preparing the ground and sowing in the outdoors this September, that they would germinate and grow just a little, but then sit under the snow over the winter and then explode with growth next spring.  Is that also your plan?

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not so sure about it. For me this is something like spiritical procedure. I try not think about it to many. it is have hard aftertasting. And now I need clear head for normal living.

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