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Strainhunters Live Thread - 26 th High Times Cannabis cup - Amsterdam


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Wassup hunters!!!


Sooo the time is getting closer and closer to the 26th edition of the Cannabis cup in Amsterdam!!





And as everytime, we will try to give to all the people that don't have the oportunity to join us, some nice pictures and videos from Mr.X and myself, We hope all of you will enjoy this and have a great time with us!! Let's go get some more cups :D



As some of you might have seen, it seems this year the team as decided to try to give another chance to last years entries, the Flowerbomb Kush and the Lemon Crystal will try to get another cup, and instead of the Sharkberry cream from last year is the Chemdog Hash, this sounds like a powerfull hash to smoke ;)


So see you soon everyone i keep you updated when we have more content or infos :)




Some little pics posted by Joa recently












Have a good day all!!







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tomorrow im flying with my friend and with suso from silika spain early in the morning from Madrid airport, we will arrive at the dam arround 11 in the morning so arround 14:00 i will be in the greenhouse  coffeshop chilling and trying the entries,  see ya all tomorrow!!!!!

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Yoo hunters!!


So here it is!! It started! The 26th Edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam!! Home of the stoners of the world this week :)


We are here with MrX and Franco in the Haarlemmerstraat coffeeshop, The big Boss Arjan is coming soon also, and we are starting to try all thos samples, and damn it tastes good, the Lemon Crystal is even better than last year, clearer, more tasty, really nice! The chemdog cream is really amazing sticky as hell, if you don't let it in the fridge and put in the pocket it will just kill your zipbag lol ;) and the flowerbomb kush, what to say, compact, flowery, tasty, and still as strong as last year!! :)


Yesterday we had sme greatim already with DrGreen from the Trinidad expedition, always great time with him in the Greenhouse in the Red light, then we headed with MrX to the Haarlemmerstraat and see the team there. We also found there the Sublimator team with there very nice machine, had a few hit on those babies and damn it's tasty as hell, it just blows in your mouse, amazing! Trippystix creator was here too with some awesome oil, believe the taste of this oil was so clear and smooth and wowowow, Thanks Emilio again :) A Tv team was here also filming a few people in the coffee and the Sublimator machine for some show i don't know which one exactly.

And then  after all these smokes of course everybody was really high :rabbi: :rabbi:   so head back to the room with X for a few last smokeSS and a well deserved sleep!


So anyways, Mr X is uploading a few pictures soon of this morning, not much yet happening, people are waking up, slowly starting to come, as always at the breakfast was quite a few people already here for those awesome plates, damn i missed those and this morning was like heaven to me :D

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wassup hunters!! So here is a little video of this morning, showing a little the entries, and the people, it was a very nice day, not as crowded as yesterdy but it's sunday it's often the case and the people are coming more now at night time. And it's not over till it all closes ;)


Anyways enjoy i 'm uploading another lil video of a smoke session with Apothecary Genetics owner. and more will come tonight of course ;)


See you soon!


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Hi family!!



I see you are having a great time!! It's great to see the live from anywhere in the world. Thanks for sharing!!!  :popcorn:

It will be a long week, do not smoke much ..... hahaha, just kidding! Smoking everything!!



Kind regards!! :king:

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Hello guys and girls :)


Here are on the Day 2 of the Cannabis Cup!


Yesterday was very nice, very stoned of course ;) We saw a lot of people, The Roor team was around, Apothecary genetics as you saw earlier, Aaron from Dna Genetics and many others, we went for a visit to the Expo to see the Seminar of El Gato from the Colombia expedition alongside Mila, Nikka T and Doug, was great to finally meet Nikka T and his amazing work! Hope to see him again in the week for a nice smoke session of course i'll tape all this for you!! ;)


So far the people are loving the entries the Flowerbomb, chemdog cream and lemon crystal meet a great success andput the people sooo stone, so i guess they are doing their job properly ;)

We will go back to the expo today a little longer and take some pictures of it for you guys and lt you updated, Franco is already rolling some BIIIIGGG joint of pure flowerbomb for the 420 it's gonna be epic for the lungs :rabbi: :rabbi:  and the people are slowly starting to wake up and arrive in the coffee, so i hope to see more of the members also today :) I managed to see Django and handyman, don't hesitate to say hi and smoke a joint if you see MrX ;)


We keep you uploaded people, i'm uploading on youtube a video of the Extractions we had yesterday some great pieces ;)


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