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Hi Everyone :)

As promised i got a bit of time today to do i DIY on the individual scrog pots i make. I will not go into measurements as they can be adjusted to suit anyones needs  , i personally have 420 x 420 screens lol

They say necessity is the mother of all good ideas , i am limited for height were i flower and limited in working area so i always though i would not be able to scrog as i need to move my pots around . i also grow perpetually and like to grow many different strains.

All of these things were a roadblock in my quest to scrog . I had to come up with a design that was cheap easy to make , durable and could be moved around. Wood was out as it attacks mould and fungi unless really well sealed. I also didnt like the idea of a steel mesh as it wouldnt last and may rust.

I started to play around with pvc pipe and this is where i got to i hope you guys enjoy :)

Tools Needed:


4mm Drill Bit

20m 2.5mm Lacing Twine


20mm straight pvc joints

pvc pipe bender


2 x 20mm lengths pvc pipe

measuring tape

if you do not have a pipe bender you can substitute the bends with store bought 90 degree elbows



I like to use this type of screw as it works well



Step 1:

-Cut the desired length of pipe eg. if i want a 420 x 420 screen you would want to cut the length to 1.8m

-mark the middle and make your first bend




Step 2:

-Mark the desired length for next bend eg for me i want it 420mm , i would measure 400mm taking into account the extra 20mm from the width of the pipe

-Make the bend





Step 3:

By this point your pipe should be looking like this


-Repeat step 2 to create your next bend



Step 4:

Your pipe should now be looking like this


-Once again repeat step 2 to create the last bend


Step 5:

Your pipe should now be looking like this


-Cut pipe down to correct size and use a coupler to connect the 2 sides



Step 6:

-Mark a piece of wood to create a template to make the holes


-Place the frame on the template and mark the holes





Step 7:

-Drill Holes



Step 8:

-Thread the twine through the holes

don't cut the twine, start by threading through on one end and just unroll as you need , we will cut at the end to not waste any



-the twine must be in an under over configuration as it holds together better



-Tighten up the screen and tie off







Step 9:

I keep all my screens at the same height but pot height differs so my leg sizes differ


-measure and cut legs


-squash the ends of the pipe in a vice or heat up and flatten





Step 10:

-Screw legs onto frame







Step 11

-Fasten frame to pot







Hope you guys enjoyed it and if i can make one persons life easier i am happy



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:yes: That is exactly what I am talking about :declare::yes:

Totally awesome DIY Reaf! :D

So clear and easy to follow, great pictures too.

If anyone sees this tutorial and likes it, please be sure to like it and click the like button ;)

I will be sure to try this out an make a couple of screens too.

Any more DIY's from you or anyone else for that matter, would be amazing!! :D

Keep up the good work brother!



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Thanks so much lams :) I love to diy.

I got a few more diy tricks up the sleeve :)



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i really like how you can use one for each plant such a great idea, thank you for sharing Reaf.


peace out Bushy

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Will be looking  forward to more DIY Reaf :D

Here is a link to Reafs Flower Bomb Kush & White Strawberry Skunk Peprtual scrog, where these SCRoG screen are being used to great effect - :declare:

Thanks again for putting the effort in.

Peace bro


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Perfect DIY man, i wish i could give more than 1 like to your post ;)


Thanks for sharign this i know for sure many people will use someday, even if you don't hear from them you can be sure it will be in many houses ;)

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Thanks guys :)

Would love to see it being used if anyone every does.

I live by the motto "pay it forward" cannabis has blessed me in so many ways I really feel that by doing these types of things is a step in paying it forward :)



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Be sure you will see some from me!!:D

I currently growing some autos and will be growing some more after this , with tester seeds.

Hopefully after that I will do an photo grow,probably El Ninio and thats when they will be made.

I would have Done the El Ninio next but then new tester seeds appeared.

In the mean time I shal enjoy your screens in you journal with your FBK & WSS :D

Peace bro


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works well bro, i guess thats proof is in the pudding...

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looking great bro, for sure they proved to be efficient, and your growing skill as well ;)


What strain is growing here?

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Reaf this diy is so good I'm going to get the stuff tomorrow and try and make 2 of these because I like to do more than 1 strain I like to do 3 or 4 different strains trying to find the bud for me money maker is up there really in joyed the smoke peace reaf please more diy

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