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  2. Muchas gracias @medidor de gaseres muy amable amigo
  3. I will type it up tomorrow and post it here for you @R.G.S
  4. How nice that brownie friend would like to take a good piece @gasmeter I want to take a good piece and see how it feels What a great chef brother you will pass the recipe
  5. Muy buena la canción y el video G22 gran solo de guitarra Very good song and video G22 great solo guitar
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  7. Time for an update at the end of week 5 and the start of week 6 of flowering for the 4 Sweet Valley Kush. All the plants are doing great I have kept a close eye on them after watering and no more fungus gnats have appeared and the surface of the dirt in the root pouches dried out by the next evening, the dehumidifier has been doing its job, its little tank was half full this morning so I emptied it. Each day I rotate the plants around the tent and rotate the plants rather than just leave them in one position most of the time so that the stalks against the wall get their share of light, all the stalks do time against the wall of the tent and facing the centre of the tent getting lots of light so the buds are as even as they can be growth wise. When I was taking some photos of the plants earlier this evening I noticed that SVK-B#2 looked like she was ready for a drink, her fan leaves were all droopy, yet the other plants look fine, when I lifted her out so I could take some photos she was really light, she was nearly floating. So I mixed 1g of the bio enhancer per litre and gave SVK-B#2 2ltr of the solution that will take her to the end of week 7 then its just water for weeks 8 and 9, I will give SVK-B#1 the same amount of the bio enhancer when she is ready for a drink probably tomorrow or Tuesday. Here are some images I took earlier. All four Sweet Valley Kush in grow tent just after LED went off. All four Sweet Valley Kush in a row note the droopy fan leaves on SVK-B#2 at the end on the righ side. SVK-B#1 top of the main stalk. SVK-B#1 bud at top of plant close up. SVK-B#2 top of the main stalk. SVK-B#2 bud at top of plant close up. SVK-M#1 top of the main stalk. SVK-M#1 bud at top of plant close up. SVK-M#2 top of the main stalk. SVK-M#2 bud at top of plant close up. When SVK-M#1 and SVK-M#2 are ready for a drink I will give them some short flowering feed and some of the booster, then their next drink will be just water and they are back in a routine of alternate feeding and watering. I am really pleased with progess so far they are all quietly building bud and they still have 4 weeks to go so they should be nice and fat. Happy growing...
  8. This afternoon I emptied the root pouch for SVK-B#2 to checkout the roots and recycle the dirt and again just like SVK-B#1 her root system looks like it were nice and healthy, it is a shame about the bud rot I should have sprayed them with a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide to avoid it. Root system for SVK-B#2. Root system for SVK-B#2 close up. And a freshly cooked batch of brownie mix cooling. I remembered I had some canna butter in the freezer so I crack up a brownie mix and got it cooked once it cooled early evening I sliced it up and put it into a container to keep it fresh then I had a brew and ate a piece, for quality control purposes and I can testify it works. Anyhoo the bud from SVK-B#2 is in the brown paper bag on top of the grow tent drying slowly I have the small plastic container I use to soak seeds in the mouth of the bag so air can flow in and out freely and I also turn the bag twice per day, if the buds sweat onto the bottom of the bag when I turn it over it dries out and the bud gets jiggled about too, it definitely smells better. I will update at the end of the week when the bud from SVK-B#2 is ready to go into the kilner jar. Happy growing...
  9. a good sound for my new grow of my selection of the doctor cut # 22 transplant tomorrow. I like their TV show👌
  10. Muchas gracias amigos por la ayuda que me dais siempre me siento privilegiado por poder contar con vosotros @g22 @ShaggyGrower @gasmeter @OG.Naj sois geniales muy grande para mi contar con esa ayuda, Amigo Shaggy entiendo que la leche no es una manera muy higiénica si que les brindo a las hojas una especie de protección pero las larvas seguían paseando por encima e puesto como dices las plantas en la terraza les quite algunos peziolos muy afectados y trate un poco más con diatomeas veremos si consigo matar el bicho ✌️ desconocía que el peróxido de hidrógeno sirviera para añadir al alimento en las plantas y las protejiese de plagas pero seguro que es eficaz viendo para lo que se aconseja el producto G22 a ver si tenemos suerte y ponen el producto ese que comentas que solo tienen en grow shop americano y podemos probar la efectividad, de momento como dice og.Naj le voy a dar menos de beber a las niñas Hoy e tenido un día bastante completo con las plantas de exterior les di tratamiento bacillus thuringiensis para prevenir la 🐛 en todo momento desde ya También hice una extracción con los restos de white rhino del año pasado aquí dejo fotos de los resultados Thank you very much friends for the help you give me I always feel privileged to have you @ g22 @ShaggyGrower @gasmeter @ OG.Naj you are great great for me to have that help, Friend Shaggy I understand that milk is not a very hygienic way if I give the leaves a kind of protection but the larvae kept walking over and put as you say the plants on the terrace I removed some very affected peioli and try a little more with diatoms we will see if I can kill the bug ✌️ I did not know that hydrogen peroxide was used to add to food in plants and protect them from pests but it sure is effective seeing what the product is recommended for G22 to see if we are lucky and they put the product that you comment that they only have in the American grow shop and we can prove the effectiveness, for the moment as it says og.Naj I will give girls less to drink Today I had a fairly complete day with the outdoor plants I gave them bacillus thuringiensis treatment to prevent 🐛 at all times from now I also did an extraction with the remains of white rhino from last year here I leave photos of the results Probé de hacer la bola del templo de og. Nag con material secado de varios días antes de prensar, no está mal el resultado pienso I tried to make the og temple ball. Nag with dried material several days before pressing, the result is not bad I think Saludos y gracias Greetings and thanks
  11. Always fun trying to keep control. Maybe to much lst for the PVK.
  12. Day 18 of flower and the stretch is over . I have used some sweet tubs to get a level canopy . I have removed some more of the lower leaves and buds, this is something I hate to do as i never remove enough (@OG.NAJ) . I continue to use half a scoop of short flower feed , for 5 litres of water. I love the way it drops the PH from 7.5 down to 6.3., EC was 0.7. So will monitor that after I start with the PK booster this week. Had about 10 balls on the Platinum Valley , but after chatting to the breeder and OG.NAJ I have removed them and I will keep a close eye on her/it. I have not seen any new bug shit so I think my bug spray has got rid of the pest , I have also added a sticky strips to the tent.
  13. Hi RSG, sad to read about your issues. Just to clarify, Ed Rosenthal recommends milk as a sticker agent, I prefer horticultural soap. Milk can go rancid. If I were in your shoes, I'd take the ladies out to the terrace and give them a good dusting of diatoms, using a woman's blusher brush to get the diatoms (Diatomaceous earth) in every nook and cranny of the plant. Put some on the surface of the media as well, and when your feeding the plant, mix some in the liquid as well. Neem oil mixed in luke warm water with horticultural soap is good, but messy, and not too good outdoors for the environment though. (with some DE as well) Pyrethrum mixed in luke warm water with horticultural soap is good, but messy, and not too good outdoors for the environment though. (with some DE as well) Potassium bicarbonate mixed in luke warm water with horticultural soap as well. (with some DE as well) A little hydrogen peroxide in the water when feeding/flushing as well. (with some DE as well). I hope you defeat the beasties Solo para aclarar, Ed Rosenthal recomienda la leche como agente adhesivo, prefiero el jabón hortícola. La leche puede ponerse rancia. Si estuviera en tus zapatos, llevaría a las damas a la terraza y les quitaría un buen polvo de diatomeas, usando un cepillo de rubor para mujeres para obtener las diatomeas (tierra de diatomeas) en cada rincón y grieta de la planta. Ponga un poco en la superficie de los medios también, y cuando alimente la planta, mezcle también algo en el líquido. El aceite de neem mezclado en agua tibia tibia con jabón hortícola es bueno, pero desordenado, y no demasiado bueno al aire libre para el medio ambiente. (con algo de DE también) El piretro mezclado en agua tibia tibia con jabón hortícola es bueno, pero desordenado, y no demasiado bueno al aire libre para el medio ambiente. (con algo de DE también) Bicarbonato de potasio mezclado en agua tibia con jabón hortícola también. (con algo de DE también) Un poco de peróxido de hidrógeno en el agua al alimentar / lavar también. (con algo de DE también). Espero que derrotes a las bestias Happy Growing!
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  15. Is Wat i try To do today but is not possible To realy desinfect my room there is To much there. so i only desinfect a littel wat i can and i gone To try To prevent a maximum with a garlic extract in the water at a low dosage to not kill the living soil and other product to make the plant stronger against pest and pathogene organism maybe use some predator when the flower start so no oil or other product on the flower. last time i see when i try To stop the pest in flowering with pesticides the spider mite always come back and Stay destroy the leaf of my plant . For the gnat in soil i see on the net a great product The grow stone but its only in American growshop
  16. Hi @R.G.S, i think @g22 have a great tips for your problem. I will say you also that the gnat or little fly love wet medium and come mostly with wet medium so maybe you can watering a little bit less to ;-)
  17. Your plants looks good but little hungry, maybe you can make a foliar spray or put some little more food. Have a nice day @Guovsahas
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  19. Day 12 12/12 and they are flowering nicely lost 3 to a light leak the best looking and smelling ones too but hey what can I do left me with the right amount now anyway lots of empty space but at least they'll breathe well 3 9lb hammer 1 killer queen and 1 death by cake og x frostbite
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  21. Plant Pune Turmeric CBD Oil Once you strategy your relationship with a coronary heart of restoration and love, the intimacy will improve immeasurably. There are folks, both women and men who stay unmarried lifelong to supply for their households. The movie is a perfect love story of two people who start with dislike, get thrown with one another supplied the circumstances of religion and find yourself a household and in love. Occasions had been so arduous for my household when I was rising up that we couldn't afford to remain on this condo any extra. I believe it's only proper to bless this lens to add some extra magic to it, and I hope it rubs off into your private lives as effectively. There are many different sorts of shelters (battered ladies's shelters, family shelters, even animal shelters).
  22. I haven't been to the spot because of rain and I've been busy with the baby but I decided to take a look today. I chose the Sweet Valley Kush because it was supposed to be shorter however two of the plants are probably over 2 meters tall and are as tall as many of the other plants, two of the plants that tipped over are the ones that are shorter, they are now growing straight up compared to two weeks ago. These plants are great for guerilla but let's hope that autumn this year is forgiving and the cold doesn't come to early.
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