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  3. Hola Folks, I took one of the autoflowers down, the purple one was ready ! After a few days in our bathroom i just got one down to prepare my first self/homegrown ganja in more then 15 years ago ;-) The smell and the aroma are fantastic, a really nice smoke with no bad tastes, just really great. The effect is better then hoped for, my very relaxed and my wife is watching tv very concentraded hahahaa Just a half hour ago, i've put in new strains for my next project. This time i wont put in all strains in one new topic, they are fantastic strains and they deserve a seperate journal. The new grow journals will be : Gorilla Glue #4 K - Train - by GreenHouse seeds Kalashnicova - by GreenHouse seeds GELATO 41 Blue Dream Sunset Sherbet Brain Damage Some of the journals will be different, as i will approche the grow differently then this one, i shall top more and do scrog grow with a few of the strains, i will also try mainlining grow for the crop later this year. Hope that you like my choices. New update on this journal tomorrow. Happy grow amigos around the globe !
  4. This morning it was cloudy and raining when I switched on the fluorescent tubes and the temperature in the shed was about 16C It rained all morning and by mid afternoon the cloud had thinned out and the sun was shining, but it was very windy. So I left them in the shed all day, the forcast for tomorrow is light cloud and sunny intervals we may get some showers mid to late afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday look betterbut Thursday and Friday look crappy, then the weekend looks good, back to sunshine again. Hopefully tomorrow they can spend most of the day outside. Happy growing...
  5. When I checked the Sweet Valley Kush seedlings this morning three had cast their seed shells, I gave them some ater and eased the last shell casing off the seedlings cotyledons. One of the seedlings has really grown long and its stem which has bent and the stem is very thin at the bend and it is laid on the sponge. When I gave them some water to keep their sponges damp it fell over onto its side, but after a while it would recover and stand back up again. So this morning I opened the sponge, the tap root was poking out of the bottom of the sponge plug, but I was able to free it and move it down so the part of the stem that was thin where it was bent is now within the sponge plug being supported by the sponge. A little bit of the bottom of the tap root fell off, but when I checked on them a couple of hours later it was standing upright. Hopefully it will survive and I won't have to pop another bean to replace it. Happy growing...
  6. Hi @OG.Naj yes it just went crazy growing too tall but I have fixed it.
  7. How long did them ladies take to fully mature
  8. @OG.Naj Its Perfect so i have lot time and the hot day of summer gone be over To regrow I plant some pikkels and cilantro today
  9. Queste sono foto di oggi (a 4giorni dalla cimatura del soggetto n°1) SVK n°1
  10. Salve compagni 🖐️ buona domenica 🎉. Porto qualche novità, i due soggetti di SVK crescono bene si sono ormai adattati. Giunti quasi alla fine della loro 5°settimana di crescita iniziano a ingranare veloce 💣 in questi giorni ho provveduto con una cimatura sul soggetto n°1, la prossima settimana toccherà anche al soggetto n°2. Sto procedendo ancora con fertilizzanti ghf con dosi 1g/l per pianta. Vi lascio qualche foto, alla prossima saluti 👋 SVK n°1
  11. Hello Hunters, Today i will show you how i make some good compost tea. Compost tea is very beneficial for plant growth. Compost tea is the name given to the extraction of micro-organisms from compost to water via aeration. Oxygenating the water activates the multiplication of microorganisms. Improving plant growth, generally compost tea also helps the availability of nutrients for the plant. By adding beneficial micro-organisms to the soil, this tea has the effect of reducing pathogens in the root environment. It contains beneficial nutrients and microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, ...). Recipe: - 27ltr of rainwater - 450gr of compost or vermicompost - 1 tablespoon black sugar cane molasses (organic) - (30gr of ehancer)* - (3 ltr of vermicompost juice)* *optional To make the compost tea you need : - Air pump - Heater - Plastic pot (No metal) - cheesecloth or filter Put the air pump and the heater to keep the solution aerate and at 20c° for 24h. Happy sunday hunters and see you tomorow for the compost tea watering
  12. Well done @g22 Little patience now for the reveg... When I take clones in bloom, it often takes 2 months to can cut new correct clones ;-)
  13. A couple more The Doctor for germination! Happy Growing!
  14. Jejeje eeey g22 están en floración 4 el doctor aquí te dejo alguna fotos más amigo Hehehe eeey g22 are in bloom 4 the doctor here I leave some photos more friend
  15. @R.G.S Hey mate is this plant in flowering or veg? No sabía scream fumar porro con la momia 🤔
  16. Wooooow se ven perfectas esas raíces, perfecto 👌 eres un artista g22 Wooooow those roots are perfect, perfect 👌 you are an artist g22
  17. Here are all 4 clones rooted I have 1 clone of each plant now I hope it will go back to vegetation after I transplanted them I would only keep as mother plant the one that will give the best tasty buds
  18. Hola amigos y compañer@s de cultivo aquí dejo una foto de; alguna pregunta Saludos y feliz domingo Hello friends and culture partners here I leave a photo of; any questions Greetings and happy Sunday
  19. Hello my friends ! This contest looks nice ! Register are still open ? Is outdoor allowed ? 1st october may be a bit short for harvest sadly :/
  20. Lots new videos of The Doctor being planted in the rocks yesterday, and the tall one that is doing well in the nettles, all on my Instagram channel (not figure out how to do videos here yet) @shaggygrower.v2 Happy Growing!
  21. cbd hemp

    . Treasure Valley farm is one of America’s top pioneering hemp companies Commitment to Quality and Service. Our goal is to bring our customers the highest-grade CBD products on the market. Contact us; We try our best to respond within one (1) business day.
  22. Last week
  23. Hello Hunters, After the canopy picture, here are some pics of the top of the soil. This soil loving GH Feeding and i can say : is literally a living soil Only a few days after the addition of Bio Bloom the beneficial mushrooms have already appeared... Beauty nature Have a nice week end hunters and see you for the next update!
  24. Beautiful report here, clear, precise and complete. You do not think that the # 1 has a problem with its stem, from my screen I have the impression to see the stem very thin and a little brown Good start @gasmeter
  25. This morning when I checked on the beans they had all pushed above the sponge plugs. They have spent all day in the grow tent under the LED and since the LED went off at 6.30pm they have been on the window ledge. As soon as the LD come on again in the morning I will pop them back into the tent. Happy growing...
  26. There was not much cloud this morning when I switched on the fluorescent tubes and the temperature in the shed was 16C At 8am I put the thermometer outside in direct sunlight and checked on it half an hour later and the temperature was 23C So I moved both the plants outside into direct sunlight. Morning temperature about 8.30am this morning. I moved them around lunch time to keep them in direct sunlight, but it was starting to get more and more cloudy, and at about 2pm it started to rain lightly, so put them back in the shed under the fluorescent tubes. They stayed in the shed for the rest of the day the quality of light from the tubes was better than the light outside. I switched off the lights and locked up just as it started to go dark around 9.30pm. Both plants look fine I have seen no signs of nutrient burn after giving them the enhancer, these powder feeding nutrients are easy to use. More updates to follow, happy growing...
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