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sour desil dwc king kong white rihno train wreck pre kush


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hi all been on here a lil while but had to have a brake for unfroseen resonsons croped up but this is one of my latest project and many more to come hopfuly i had a old boy teaching me dwc b efor i had to have a break  and deciced i wasnt that confident yet to go full bown on it yet on my own  and start small sour desil was changed over to dwc half way though veg cycle and branches stiped bk to new growth only  and have a mixed crop so far so good  this is start and finishing results on my veg and will update on flower in coming weaks i also have changed my feed from my past grows from green house powder feading to dutch pro liquid and so far impressed with it 

























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cheres og.naj foods been a pain but finaly gettin there didnt quite relize the masive difrance betwen powder and liquid been looking at feading charts and findin my self having to work a weak ahead just to get strenths and percentages to were they need to be ive also got another crop going in a 120 120 with sour desil on canna coco wich has done better by far for now

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begining of weak 2 considering adding anthorer light but not sure yet cos all temps and humidity is spot and dont  wont to mess with that if can be hepledas far as feading goes currently sat at 30ml a and b /15ml take root/ per 10 lter wich is a lil higher than manufacture spefications and moving on to 35 ml a and b next weak (weak 3)   ill be moving on 40ml a and b/  5ml exspode/ 10ml multi total amd will get a picture of the root on dwc when i can get a hand to do so

bye for now and hsp




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beging of weak 3 

decied to stay at the same 35 ml a and b because they have seemed to stop askin for as much and now drinking a full 20lters a night between them the dwc was veged for 3 weaks in ten leter pot with coco then transfured into the dwc and striped back to the new stubby growth and branching with very minamal leaves left to start over for the remainder 3 weaks and is curently on the same strength food as coco and seem to be well setteld without any adjustment and root still growing nicley without any obvious problem as of yet and getting changed twice a weak starting to need a change 3 times a weak as im not using my  standard 30 leter pump and return tank that i usaly hook up the the dwc bucket

and to six more weak of antispation






























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beging of weak 4 crurrently running at 29 degress and 58% humidity  and drinkin 25lts food a night 40ml a and b also 10ml exsplode per ten leters all looking good so far apart from doing a quick flush due to a few tips on the plan starting to go pale also added a flucent light coz it the only thing i had with enough lumens to help and fill in the light gap a lil more on the canopy












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Cheres @OG.Naj only 5 weaks left           so lm hoping it turns out gd me (sour desil) canna coco ones loads better and bulkier but that ones just started weak 7 but also both tents absolutely stink so carnt be all that bad also been keeping on top of fan leaf so hopefully that'll help to put a bit more into these in the coming weaks

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@greencloud, such a wonderful wall of green and triches.  I hope you don't cut too soon.  They look to me to be set for a few more weeks of flower-expansion and weight-gain. 


I like to wait until the fan leaves begin to show "fall colors", then I revert to only pure water for the remaining week or two as a long flush.  And then I look for about one-third to one-half the hairs to turn amber before I cut.


But I can tell you are already an experienced grower, and I can certainly understand if you are impatient.  You will certainly have a good harvest with these girls.


By the way, maybe we don't know each other; you had joined us Novemb 2018...

Geez, this Catsuit is getting itchy.  I hope Admin responds soon so I can put my Yoda-suit back on.

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Nice job @greencloud and happy new year, look like you have many differents timming harvest strain and pheno in the same tent. SourD need 10-11 weeks of flowering and the other strain like the rhuino or the trainwreck is a little bit speeder ;-)


Dont forget a good flush before the harvest to optimize the final taste and burn lf you product ;-)



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@OG.Naj and  happy new year to you 

 yer its not to bad for the main bulk of the plants in this one i was going to start flush on weak nine me dwc (sour desil) will wait till half way through weak nine to towards the end and going to start the flush and come bk to it at end of weak 10 and come bk to it then  but just watch the rest as closely as i can 


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An exceptional garden, really nice. How much hps are you currently using? You see a very chordal and symmetrical development, everything seems to go in harmony here. 

Personally I have always thought that it is not necessary to remove leaves, I think it is a bit harmful to the plant. Do you appreciate the benefits of defoliation?

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