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Hi guys,

So to upload pics, on your comment page,


-look next to REPLY button, there is MORE REPLY OPTIONS Click it.


-a page loads, under the text box, looks there is a attach file button, Click Upload, Selct your file and then click attach this file


-Then your pics loads, and appear with a "add to post" and "delete" Button.

Click on your text where you wish to insert picture, and click add to post


-If you need to resize check this post, but resize your pics at 800x600 you won't loose much quality wink.png Maybe this site takes even bigger than 800x600



For the VIDEOS, you simply have to insert youtube SHARE link, or growHd's page link in the text box, and forum automaticly post it for you wink.png

In case it doesn't work, try to insert with *

Have fun guys sorry for the bugs that might happen

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Guys gallery is now available next to chat Button

You can upload your pics in album, and then go post your update and access album gallery by clicking on My media next to Smileys!

Good luck guys ;)

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uploaded with a little more pics.

Mr.X if you want, edit my post, and add in an other colors the Spanish traduction under english one so you can post it in your part too ;) wanted to do it, but firgured google translate might not use the correct words for this so didn't do it ^^

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For those who missed it on status update,

I updated the 1st post with the new first Steps to use the New upload tool available in main reply window :)

So far on mine it ain't working but i'm sure soon enough it will, and that way you already know it

Tchousss :hi:

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haha yeah indeed it's franco Zidane :P


Hahah that must be an european thing i love to dit on sunflowers too ^^

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