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blazious hazious

auto bomb plants after 6 weeks

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Hay fellow connaisseurs,

Tgese are my two auto plants that I have been grow on a continues grow cycle of 18/6 for the past 6 weeks. This is my first grow and I am using a tent with a 250 wattgrow light and a fan continuously blowing fresh air in. They are in 10 litres of soil and I feed them plant magic grow/flower formula.

I did have three plants but the got to bushy in the small tent, so i gave it to a friend. Green house seed co.

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very nice girls man, you got some nice phenos on those bomb :)

I hope they will continue as good as that ;)

Are you gonna switch to 12/12 sometimes?

Have a good grow man, keep us updated

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well it looks like you'll still have at least 3 weeks i think. Do you remember when the first hairs appeared?

But as you're in 18 i don't know it will change all your times, so can't say for sure sorry ^^ when you'll see hair sarts to become orange start your flush and watch your plants closely the followings weeks ;)

Have a good grow

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Cheers for all the positive feed back, I took a real blow to my confidence when my original first plants died after 6 weeks (blue cheese non auto) now iv gone auto I don't think there is any going back.

And yeah greenomatic I love these plants and hopefully they reward my TLC with plenty of buds covered in THC.

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Cool man, they seem to have som good bud production! good job :)

Soon the trichomes will catch up and give you some sugar buds ;)

have a good grow

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i think you can aime something like 20g maybe a little more, it's hard to judge on a picture ;)

About the flush do it 2 weeks before harvesting ans you'll be fine, count about 70 days to finish the auto bomb .

Have a good grow

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well it depends how you want your plants, i would start flushing around day 60 and keep it on water or a good 10 15 days it won't hurt ;)

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