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Hey i have finished moving and after one miserable tent grow i have now setup the new grow room. It is not perfect finish yet, but this will be a test run of the new setup. Especially looking at how i will control the high humidity.

The setup is as follows

40w exhaust fan

15w circulation fan X2

110w COB LED X2

The room is covered in panda plastic and is 120cm x 110cm - much like a tent.

In this run i will be growing 8x Green Love Potion and 6x White Rhino.

The 8GLPs have vegged some time and will get topped multiple times. The 6WRs will hopefully develop one nice cola, kinda SOG, but these clones did very badly and i will see how goes...

12/12 light cycle was initiated 02/09 and i hope to give 8weeks exactly so i can start the next proper SOG grow quickly :D





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The growth is fine and pistils are showing on the GLP. I need to make something to move my WRs closer to the light.

Gave alittle PK booster and white sugar.


Out here in the country is alot of problems with insects :D i use Amblyseius califronicus, Hypoaspis miles and ladybugs.

Also i found this insect in the growroom - never seen something like that before.




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This crop looks great! It will be great to see a 100% ORGANIC indoor. Natural predators are the best preventative in the world. Thanks for sharing! 

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Growth is good. I defoliated alot yesterday and gave feeding with the powder feeding.

1. Picture before defoliation 

2. Picture just after defoliation

3. Picture hours later/ before dark




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