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Recoemmended Strains Against Insomnia ???

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i really guessing which Strains are the best to catch some Sleep when u got a kind of Insomnia illness. I have bad Problems with a kind of Insomnia which comes from the Nervoussystem. Since ill be 14 yrs old i cant fall asleep without usin Medical help. A gd Friend of mine,which is a Medical Mariuhana Patient in Germany,told me to research wchich Strains i can use as a opinion to all the Tabletts i have t use. Cuase the Tabletts make me ill, cant eat very gd always gd props with my liver and my stomach. I really apreciate any recomandation which Strain could help me.

Thx so far Urban Ninja

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For me Barney's farm lsd puts me to sleep and keeps me there. Hawaiian snow is another strain that puts me to bed very well and i believe its due to the high cbd content. Moby dick is anoither strain that helps me to sleep thru the night. Hope i could help ya.

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Nice one fuzzy always loved old times kush it has a real great taste....i will try it where are the seeds available i hear that name again and again....... at the moment i try ghsc superbud a really nice strain perfect growth and budding explodes the last 4-5 days never got that on my last grows top strain.

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i think tok said too that super critical Auto worked really nice for sleeping with him ;)

For myself Autobomb made me sleep often when smoked late at night, so might be good for you too ^^

Good luck man

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thx Stretch big bang defo on my list as i wanted to grow it 2nd time to see what results i get with more experience. had em on my first grow but that was a bad run....made too many mistakes in the beginning

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White Widow. Never made it past 1 hour of it's high before I fell in a coma..lol Most weed makes me sleep well The Auto Bomb is a winner in that context. All around wellness it is in it's own league. Relaxing, positive, nice feeling - people told me I look better when smoking AB !

A combination of white widow as put me out smoke and the AB as a daytime smoke is what I recommend..but the Bubblegummer is also a nice long sleep inducing strain with a happy vibe, so choices are yours.

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I think your insomnia condition is becoming chronic. If I were you, I will run to my insomnia specialist now for some check ups. After all its better to prevent than to cure, right? I know catching up on your sleep doesn't work for every person. Occasionally, you need something more.If simple adjustments to your sleep patterns don’t seem to help, talk to your doctor. Sleep apnea or chronic insomnia may be an issue. Mild sedatives, breathing aides, counseling, sleep therapy and even surgery can help, depending upon the severity of your sleep problem. Once you find the stumbling block and remove it, better sleep can be yours. Visit here for more tips on how to overcome insomnia and sleep apnea. I hope you get well soon!

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Highly recommend GHS Big Bang.

Make a paste out of the trim and place under the tongue at night.

I just soak my trim in some alcohol for a week and let it evaporate, I use a wook electric pan outside, to heat it up a bit.

It works wonders for the wife.

We also us an alcohol mix to rub our joints.

I am a tobacco pipe smoker, in the evenings I just add a pinch of bud on top of my pipe.

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One thing i have learned with my years of smoking, ingestion, Etc:

The effects can change in the same strain at different times.

If an indica plant is harvested early the high can be a head high likewise if left to full maturity in can be a body high, like wise for a sativa.

The same strain can affect 2 people in different ways.

The best I can say is try it, if it works for you do it again

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Like frankenstein said, Moby dick will put you in sleep very well biggrin.png one other thing that gets me this tired is a very delicious hash called tabeshla (100% indica) smile.png


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excellent video regarding the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, they say we should actually look more at the terpene profile of the plant and not judge the plant by cbd/thc ratio when looking at desired medical effects like help for insomnia, i also belived that the cbd is the part that helps me to sleep but it seem to be alot more complex than that

even when the plants have identical thc/cbd ratios the effects can be radically different

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Hi. From personal experience, the way my biochemistry is, I benefit the most at night time from Grand Daddy Purp or almost any pure Indica strain.

This is what I do for my night time medication. I have ordered 100% pure Valarian root extract oil. I put a little bit of it that into my QWISO oil. I also have natural flavored sandlewood oil extract (VERY declicious taste/smell. Back home in Pakistan we cook Sandlewood with sugar syrupt until it releases all the juices and then it's Sandlewood Sherbet (Sandal Drink)) and I throw in just a few drops of it. Anway, my final blend contains 2 pure Indica strains, GDP and another whose name I can't recall off the top of my head, and Valarian root extract.

I take 1-2 dabs of this oil mix and 20-30 minutes I can't stay up. Valarian root is a natural sedative and is healthy. There are other herbs which have calmin, soothing, relaxing and mostly sedative effects which you are interested in. They contain absolutely no dependency so you will not get addicted to any of them. They are perfectly safe to consume and are actually healthy for you.

Consider mixing valarian root powder into your vaping blend mix.

You can also Try Melatonin coupled w/ Valarian and Indica strains.

Also, you will get much better body benefits from juicing raw cannabis (like how BHANG is made in Pakistan/India) w/o decarboxylyzation, and that will also help put you to sleep. You will recieve mostly CDBa and THCa. THCa does not have psychoactive properties but only THC does. However, CBDa, CBN, and THCa do have VERY powerful sedative and painkilling effects. They will ease you and relax you to a point where you will naturally fall asleep, and natural sleep is the best kind of sleep.

Also, try to drink a warm glass of milk before you go to bed. If you can, put in that triple oil concentrate recipe I told you about. In hot mil, it will melt and dissolve. You can put in some ovaltine to kill the Cananbis taste if you desire. Make sure it's Vitamin-D or whole fat milk, because you need the FAT in the milk to attack to the melted oil in the warm/hot milk. Milk contains tryptophanes which are also a natural sedative. Turkey meat also provides this.

I am a victim of extreme insomnia and I have learned to cure most of it so far. I hope my information helps you in some manner. Good luck.

Live long, live well, and propser.

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I was put on Lunesta (it takes like utter crap/bitter the next morning when you wake up and all day horrible taste, and you can't taste any food, it's all bitter). Xanax is too addictive. Flexeril is a muscle relaxant and will put you to sleep but make you feel groggy the next day, all day. Ambien is ok, but it can become habit forming. Benzodiazapines are not good and addictive. Over the counter sleep medications really are the worst.

The best thing you can do is try to restore your endo cannabinoid system using indica strain, coupled with warm milk at night to build up triptophane in your system which will help you sleep.

Also, you should think about working out and exercising every day. When the body is naturally tired from a disciplined daily activity, it gets used to getting tired and in a sleepy mode. Physical exertion during the day wlil also help build the fatigue you need right before bed.

Also, make it a habit to set an alarm and just wake up every morning around no later than 7:00am. If you get sleepy during the day, keep yourself awake. Push yourself physically and stay up until early evening. Then India, Valarian, Warm Milk, and lay down.

Also, when you lay down, google for Delta Wave auditory stimulation of brain waves and there are certain sounds which produce psychosomatic respones in us, such as sleep aid music to help us sleep.

I can totally understand the pain of not being able to sleep. I can sympathize and I hope you get well soon from this Insomnia.

More than likely, your biological sleep regulating neurochemicals are imbalanced. You can restore this balance using Melatonin. But keep in mind Melatonin is not a sleep medication. It merely makes you feel like you want to go to sleep, because Melatonin is the naturally occuring biochemical in our body that regulates our biological sleep cycles.

Also, don't stay up at night beyond 10-11pm at most. Wake up with the Sun, and try to rest down with the setting Sun. Perhaps (and I'm just geussing) partying in your youth and staying up when parents told you not to and even after that in your own personal life has destroyed your natural bio-clock and sleep regulation.

My family is full of psychiatirst, neuropsychiatirst and the human mind is one of my most favorite areas of study as a hobby. Feel free to investigate into my advice. Do research on the things I mentioned and hopefully you will cure your insomnia.

Good luck and I wish you the best.

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moby dick good for sleep ?? well the one i had was really getting me going big time at first ..the couchlock effect comes late imo ...

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