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GHSC "The Doctor" & "Cheese" - 600w 16x11L - Bio grow with BAC line.

Salvatore Riina

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Since germination started i thought i might start a grow journal on this forum.

Im a very satisfied ghsc grower ;-)

Germinating 20x The Doctor & 3x Cheese both from GH ofc !

I will hopefully, keep the 3 Cheese and then sort out the 7 lesser potential Doctors and bin em.

So my setup:

  • SJ DR120
  • 600w bulp + ballast & Adjust A Wings Medium reflector
  • 1000m³ Carbon filter & 900m³ exhaust fan
  • Davin Fancontroller with builtin thermostat
  • 325m³ intake fan
  • Bionair 2.4kw Bathroom heather with a manual thermostat and 2 heat settings (1.2kw & 2.4kw)
  • Mist +3000 Humidifier 3.3liter tank & moisture output of 260ml/h

Nutrients are the full B.A.C. line

  • Wortelstimulator ( For the roots )
  • Bloeistimulator ( An extra boost in flowering stage )
  • Groeivoeding ( Nutrients for Vegitative stage )
  • Bloeivoeding ( Nutrients for Flowering stage )
  • The Final Solution ( Used to clear the soil chloor (Cl) en natrium (Na) in order to clean up the soil and let the PK booster take more effect . Only give twice, once at start of flowering and once at the end before last flush.)
  • Plant Vitality Plus ( A general anti-stress nutrient for the plant, also helps to keep its leaves green. )
  • PK Booster

The soil composition

  • 150L Atami BIO Grow Mix
  • 20L Green Label Totall Mix
  • 50gram Mycorrhiza

Will make a few picture's soon i promise !

Greetings !

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I've just put them spongpots. After 24hours in some wet toiletpaper the first 9 "The Doctors" & 3 "Cheese" popped open and had grown a root. I've placed all seeds in 20spongepots.

3 of the spongepot's contain 2 seeds that havent opened yet, this my way of making a preselection for the stronger seed. Since i will be only flowering 16plants i will have to select 7 to throw away.

Here's a picture of all the nutrients.


Here's one of the setup right now.


And a clooser look on the spongepots:


What i did was add a little soil on top of the spongepots to fill em up and so i didnt have to dig in the spongepot to much to put the seeds in. Put them on a plastic plate with some soil i made wet with a bacto solution.

Oh before i forgot to say, it already a 600watt light now. Will let it burn about 20hours straight untill the timer is ready to go into 18/6 mode for the first time


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don't worry for the doctor with the weird leaves i've seen and had smoe of those and they finished just well, only the leaves look a little weird at beginning and then turn back to normal. But if you think you have enough plants you are free to get rid of it i know some people don't like to keep those ^^


Beside this it's looking good man they have grown nicely. For the advices on Scrog you should look at Bozoph's threads, he most of the time uses SCROG and i must say by now he mastered it really well :) I think he even made a guide in the grow guru section have a look for it ;)


Have a good grow man keep us updated

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Time for a quick update,

First i thank you all for your continued input on my growreport, i still need to do a few more grows, this is only my 2nd grow indoor.

Now as recommenced by a few people i've taken away the chicken mesh and i will only use a hortinet for support.

The bulb i've placed at about 40cm distance from the plants. Did this yesterday, i just checked before the lights went out an hour ago and they were looking much healther already. As in their leaves not hanging down or anything.


here's a picture from yesterday, i promise i will ad another picture in about 11hours when the light go's on again.




See you guys later today !

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Hi Riina, they look nice and healthy in the last picture :) To help you with comparison, I keep my 600W at about 60 - 65 cm during vegetation, and my supplementary LED's at about 40 cm. I find for my set-up if I put them too close they can actually stay too short during vegetation for my liking, especially when I want them to branch out to SCROG em. As for scrogging, Dust is right Bozoph has an awesome guide and some great grows as examples, and I have 2 scrogged journals on here as well that may help. Just keep in mind if looking at mine that they were only my 1st, and 3rd grows, so there were definitely mistakes :P:) Here are the links, I hope there is some info to help ya! Peace ;)



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Hey guys i've moved the plants into the new tent i ordered a few days go.

Now its a DR120 Rev 2.5. I must say alot more comfort then the previous tent i had.

1 Main door and 2 side doors for easier acces. Lamp has been put at 40 cm from the plants right in the center of the room.


I've flushed the plants 2 days ago with only water and some final solution from bac. (1ml/10l water)


Temperature with lights on = 24-28°C

Temperature with lights off = 18-20°C


Here's some pictures in their new home:




















Have fun watching guys !

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Got a few more pics today taken few minutes before the lights whent on. U can see now how nice and green they are :D








This is the one that had deformations from the start, it has grown good in height but has weird leave/branch develeopment. I fimmed this girl a few days ago to make sure she doesn't outgrow the rest in height...



I know you will enjoy this green pictures :P

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Beautiful plants man! :) They look very green and healthy! It's been really dry here too, great for flowering, not as good for vegging :P I wouldn't worry about the deformation in the leaves of your one plant, it looks even more robust than the others and from my experience (well experience with one plant lol) they grow out just fine in flowering, maybe even better.

It's gonna be a jungle during flowering, keep up the nice work :)


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