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NL Auto Test - Potent 6l Soil Grow

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Thanks dudes here's another

NL AUTO no. 3 - Cut @ day 90 from seed approx

Height from top of soil - 108cm

Width at widest point - 78cm

Top Cola height - 26cm

Top Cola width - 6cm

Average internode length - 5.5cm

Weight (Wet semi-trimmed) - 337grams !

I really like this strain and already have plans to include her in my next grow i can make her do a lot better!!

I have 2 NL Auto's left still maturing they will come down within a week.








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hmmmm and i think i love her too man ;)

LOVELY looking auto she seem to have had a great production :) And i know the smoke will be as good ;)

Thanks for the great update man i'll be looking forward to the 2 resting ;)

Have a good drying and smokin :D

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Very very great! Great job my friend!! The plants are very nice, and if you don't tell that are AUTO i think that are only normal female plants.....................Very big difference between this Auto and others!

Very great at GHSC, Franco, Arjan and the Staff. If a grower grow in outdoor 10 plants as this, in the garden, can have 2 harvest in one season: one from Avril to June, the others from June to September and have 2 very big harvest......................


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Thanks dudes much love :D Your all too kind!

I love what i do and i hope it shows through my plants :)

@Dust - if you think they have bin good production you should take a look at this next beast!! NL AUTO plant number 4!!!

@York - Thankyou very much dude, Yes i am also very impressed with her size and she is a very strong Lady! She will be a constant addition to my tent to be honest looking forward to doing a outdoor with her next year! A very nice Auto indeed!

@Tokage - Thanks dude much appreciated, my plants will only get better and better! also like you i had a head which got too close to the bulb and got burnt on top early in flowering, this in turn made the bud instead of going to a point it just made a huge fist!! could be a very good idea for people with concerns of lack of head room. you'l know the bud when you see it hehe

So then Hunters! Here is the NL Auto plant number 4

@ Day 94

Stats when cropped

Height - 103cm (from top of soil)

Width - 62cm (at widest point)

Cola Height - 34cm

Cola width - 9.5cm

Average Internode Length - 6cm

Weight (Wet-trimmed) - 476g

Yes that's right almost a 500g Auto!! Next test there will be a 500g NL Auto!!!

I happy with this strain, I'm glad i was sent these test seeds! I know what i'l be getting at the Cup! more of these lil babies and a few others of course! NL Auto is on my good auto list for sure hehe

Now on with some pics :)























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congratulation man, indeed this one is even more beautiful, fully mature just like i like to cut them ;) And those buds look damn tasty!

Thanks for those very nice pics man, how is the smell?

Have a good drying and smoking ;)

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Thanks hunters, kind words

@Dust - It's a blend of Hashy incense with a woody/piney hint. I have had the flu for the past 2 weeks so not much smell hehe so with a few weeks cure i'l give my thoughts again :)

@Tokage - lolol Tokages burn you make me chuckle hehe The racks are cool if you need it drying quick (in this case so i can jar it up before the cup) i would prefer to hang them up by the stalk etc that way they can get every last lil bit o goodness but taking longer to dry.

@Mopman - Thanks dude, much appreciated :D

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Looks like a nice harvest, thanks for all the great pics

Thats another Greenhouse strain i gonna have to try.

Have fun @ the cup ;)



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Hiya dudes sorry for the delayed replies i haven't bin very active on the forum recently...

Thank you very much for the kind words :)

But I'm sorry to say i do not know the final weight i rarely weigh up the dried buds.... i think it was at least 4 ounces easily the biggest Auto i have grown! I'm even smoking a j of it right now!

Not the nicest smoke in the world but its a lovely Auto a very piney/woody taste nice cerebral high is a nice smoke and an Auto too!

Hope that helps and if i was to grow some auto's in the future i will probably chuck a few more of these in the mix!


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..I have just tell you the compliments for the great plant, but, i have i opinion about the Auto Plants, because i whant try to grow this kind this summer.

You have tell that for the harvest is necessary 90 days from seeds: 24/24 hours of light the first week, 20/0 for the next 4 weeks and 24/24 for the rest of time(about 60 days with 600 watts ).

But, for you, and for every people, is not too expensive use the energy(lamp, vents, extractor, iniecror, etc..) for 24 hours a day for 8/9 weeks?

And, an other thing, i have see the plant, and is not different from an other NL regoular.

So, the question: what is the really convenience of growth an Automatic plants if for example, for grow an other regoular plant as EX.Cheese, or Cheese, that with 20 days of Veg 18/6 hours a day, and after for 50 days only 12hours of light a day for have a much more big harvest, in only 70 days ( veg + Flov ) and have a much better price of energy of electricy?

In outdoor i am agree because the plants grow with the sun light, and you can have 2 harvest in only one season, without spend money for energy but only for soil and seeds. But the first important reason for grow an Automatic Plant is the little time for the harvest ( 55/60 days from seed ).

Other this, that is not a criticism, but an opinion, a part this things, i can't tell that your work is wery fantastic, as the great plant that you have grow.


PLEASE PEOPLE.............................DONt' WORRY IF I LIKE TELL THE THINGH THAT I HAVE IN MY HEAD!!!!!! ;-) I LIKE SPEAK HEARE..................

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