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NL Auto Test - Potent 6l Soil Grow

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Hey Hunters

This will be a test of GreenHouse NL Auto

Strain Details - http://www.greenhous...-automatic.html

Genetics - NL x Green-o-Matic


6litre Pots using 'Plant Magic Soil Supreme' with 'Plant magic Old Timer' range and Additive range

They started life under a 125w CFL blue

Moved under a 400w Dual Spec HPS after 1 week.

Light Cycle

24/0 germination

20/0 Veg (3 weeks)

12/12 till finish

Thoughts so far

NL Auto so far carries a lot of sativa characteristics but i do have 2 which constantly look sad lol no matter what i do they just have limp leaves but it doesn't seem to hinder its growth at all! but i have noticed they are about a week behind the Kalash Auto's in flowering but that could also be to do with the 20/0 cycle. They will be moved onto the 12/12 cycle in the next 5 days.


I decided to use the Dual Spec HPS because it has both spectrum's of light and as auto's technically decide when they want to start flowering i figured best to have both light spectrum's. The ideal situation is if you could have a MH and HPS running in the same area but maybe next year for that.

Anyways as with my other test the pics are about 2-3 weeks old. Camera issues mixed with time issues lol

So yeah next update will include flowers with size updates etc :D







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Hey Hunters to bring you all up to date.

These pics were taken yesterday i was lucky enough to borrow a friends camera again.

Once i get my own camera i will be able to take pics of them all.

As there is quite a big growth gap i will be doing this test again once these are harvested.

I like to be as fair as possible and as GHSC put trust in me with some of there seeds i like to do them justice so once these are harvested on goes the second run.

These pic's where taken from the NL auto which looks sad and i think it could be root-bound so i will be transplanting tomorrow once my new bags of soil arrive.

So the NL auto's will be transplanted into 11litre pots and hope they become more happy.





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Could it be too much nutes in that rich soil ? They grow strong, but as you said look not happy..

The Kalashnikovas oth couldn't look more healthy. Great colors !

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Hey Bam, Thanks :)

It could be I've considered that so I've cut back on the nutes already but next time they want a feed i think I'll flush them to be sure. I have bin feeding them a week behind the Kalashnikova's it's why i thought it may have bin root-bound but i have not encountered that problem before so i don't know the signs. Anyways this time next week i'm sure they will be looking proud and strong again.


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nice a new grow :) and they have a grown a lot in one day from baby to flowering girls :P hahaha ;)

Was thinking about root too tight as i was reading the thread too, is ee you've thinked about it and i hope it will be form that ^^

Nutes i don't know, i've tried 2 so far and they seem to take nute pretty nicely ;)

Anyway keep us updated man and have a good grow :D

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Could be, these pots are really small for the size of the plants. Flush them and next day you can easily transplant them when the soil is still nice wet + sticky around the roots. You know how to do that i am sure - I just noticed that it is hardly impossible to transplant with the roots complete from dry soil..lol

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that auto looks big ? could do with a bigger pot but looks like its gonna be a goodun- nice structure !

Interested to know which one of the new autos takes the longest to flower, the bigbang takes 3 to 4 weeks longer to finish outdoors than the supercritauto but the effect is worth the extra time and effort especially for pain relief.

thanx for sharing

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Hey Dudes

Update - I transplanted the two which where looking sad and they have improved!

Here's NL Auto plant no.3 again 7 days later @ Day 46 since Germination



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Impressive to say the least.Already looking taller now than mine when i cut them dow. Real nice strain 4 sure, stiil the AB remains my favorite GHS Auto strain, something about that old school Indica Sensi aroma just tickles all my ganja recpetors. That NL is as tasty thou.. Proper 7/8 week flowering plus 3 week Veg means it is not much faster than a regular strain indoors. Doubt i will grow them again indoors. But worth the try !

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damn nice big nl man :)

You'll should be very happy with the smell of the girl man, so ood ;)

Keep us updated, glad to hear they improved :)

Have a good grow

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Hey Hunters

Thanks for the Comments

I have no idea why the leaves are doing it... it is weird, i've transplanted cut back on the nutes, flushed them everything pretty much but it really does not look like it's effecting it's growth...

The average size is 103cm from the top of the soil with the smallest 98cm and the tallest 108cm. So all around 100cm tall.

One thing to report.... Sadly i have found 1 tiny patch of seed pods. i took a picture then got my scalpel out and cut them off.

Now for some pics @ Day 59









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should be fine with the seed pod, sometimes 1 shows up like that and never does again, specially on auto i've seen yet.

Beside that she looks good man ;)

THanks for the news

Have a good grow

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Hey Hunters, first off i apologise for not keeping this Diary more updated just life has bin crazy.

Secondly thankfully no more nuts have bin found :D

Thirdly THERE HUGE!!!

Now here's some pics @ Day 80

NL Auto no.3








NL Auto no.4








One thing is for sure I will be growing these Auto's again!! Seriously impressed with the size, the look, the smell and hopefully the taste and high!


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AWESOME NL autos man!! they sure look huge!! Could we have a pic with a bottle behind or something to refer size ^^

But damns yeah they looktasty, i harvested 2 not long ago and smoke is awesome you should like it ;)

cheers for the news man we forgive you for thelack of news and you will ONLY get 50 whipe hit in the back instead of 100! hahaha ;)

Have a good end of grow !

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she's looking a bsolutely splendid Potent :D

You've got to be a happy man.

Sorry to hear she grew some balls :(

Good work on the swift action with the scalpel, hopefully that she will have learnt her lesson and not try to grow another set.



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Thanks dudes, much love :)

All auto's have bin under 400w HPS Dual Spectrum bulb.

Someone may correct me on this but i was thinking for Auto's the Dual Spec bulbs are well suited as i assume as they Flower early on in there lives and not Photoperiod dependant they could use the lil bit of Blue Spec throughout there life and the Red to help it on with the flowering whenever they where ready and of course to help produce those lovely buds :D

At the beginning of there life they where under a 125w CFL blue. then spent 10 days under the 400w MH for added boost then under the 400w Dual Spec HPS for the rest of there days.

Any other questions don't hesitate and il do my best to answer just may take a while depending on how high i am :lol:


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Hey hunters

The first NL Auto to be cut down. No.1

She definitely could have gone for longer but the HTCC is soon approaching and i need to start getting these girls down! She has full cloudy trich's so full head high to come...

Now for some pics cut down at day 86






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congratz man like bam said that's a nice girl!

Love the bud shape on them looks very pretty, and looks like a fair yeilder.

Thenks for the news man

Have a good drying ;)

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