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Bushy's Organic grow

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Gday  all, im going to do a grow journal on my organic indoor grow in my new tent set up, i mostly grow outdoors so allway's have grown the old school way with organics, so im hopping over the next weeks we have a similar  results i have had outdoors. 

OK so i guess ill start with the indoors set up im running.

Grow lush Tent which is 1m x 1m x2 tall, was or am very happy tent has 3 main 6in ducting tube's 3 lower vents with flaps, HD zips also came with a removeable  tray for spills and easy clean up.

Grow lush, 400W HPS That runs in a cool tube.

Grow lush, Starter which comes with a 2 year warranty.

one very large carbon canister .

so thats the basic's of the grow area.


Now the soil.

i mostly try and use RichGrow products i find that there always a top product and certified products and you can buy it anywhere.


i use for say ten lts of soil the break down is this.

3parts Expert seed and cutting mix

one and half parts organic cow manure with a N 5 P 5 K5

One cup of Blood and bone N7  p1.5 k1

then i mix one and a half parts of Perlite and vermiclite

Water is from my rain tank which has a PH of just under 6

then mix the whole lot together..

Now the seedlings

World of seeds. obssion FEM which at this point spent ten days out side and now 3 days under lights.

CannaBiogen, peyote purple x 2 reg seeds which are around 5/6 days old..


Im hopping all goes well over the up and coming weeks, i know i need to work on my pics so as the plants take on some growth im sure the pics will be up there, please im up for any comments or qustions so dont hold back.

i hope i havnt left anything out.


Peace out all







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Hey Bushy :)

Nice start to your journal, good info and a nice clean set up.

Count me in, I be sure to follow a long :D

Have a good grow

Peace brother


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thanks for starting your journal man i have never seen those strains grow so it will be nice to follow :)


The setup looks nice and the ladies too so i wish you the best for your grow and hope to see some nice plants ;)

Have a good grow!

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Thank you very much Guy's,  yes im very excited my self to see how they turn out i havnt tried either strain before.

I'am going to try a few new ideas and some stuff i have been wanting to do for a long time, so going to be a exciting grow for me..


Peace out


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G,day all, this is my 2nd week update, everything has been going great , i did however take the opportunity to do some final tweek's to the grow area while the plants are easy to manage, found a few suction leaks at the cool tube so i re-tied all ends and duct taped all suction ends, also i used H/D tie's and clamps to suction fan and carbon filter (we cant have these falling into the grow later) better doing this now than later than risk hurting the grow.

I added a cooling fan which dropped the temp in the tent one degree, on temps perth temps have been around 27/34 and over night from 16/20 degree's,  opting for a cool tube was a god send, there is only 4 degree's differance from inside to outside.

As for the plant's Peyote Purple is doing great im thinking there is two pheno's here the seeds was bought as REG seed's as i wanted a male and female for breeding, but time will tell in a few weeks as to the sex, however im very happy with the breeder as the strain had a 95% germination rate better than the other breeders at this point, W.O.S Obession was topped at 3 weeks due to being two week's ahead of the PP she is a FEM seed and so far inpressed at this point going great gun's in veg.

The grow is only just started and for me exciting times ahead ill be back in two weeks for another update, thanks for following.

Peace Bushy.








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G'day all, 3rd week of veg update, all plants repoted for flower and into 30lt pots , changers to all plants the peyote purple has come along nicely i still have a mini me small plant which has grown but not much at all,  as for the big P.P its charging along very nicely, stretchy steams large leafes and very indica traits,  leafs are carying a purple hue to the leaf edges plant stands at 40cm topped and is 40cm wide, the OBESSION is going just fine a much more branchy steamy plant shooting lots of bud site's so a much busher plant than the Peyote purples stands just uder 40cm tall and around the same wide most of the new growth has come one since the re-pot, as a update light has been changed to 12/12 so hopping to see the PP sex which should be interesting.

thanks for following








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Hi bro, 



They grow apace, it seems that their blend of nutrients is good for them;) 
Thanks for sharing, they look very cute
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Thank's Jose, works very well as a mix, always used it for outside grows and no issue's so i thought it would work well indoor's but we will see how it goes late in the grow..

ohh yes work's awsome on veggie's aswell.

Peace out Bushy

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G'day all, this is 2nd week into flower 12/12, all 3 plants have sexed and are female, at one point i was starting to think the larger of the peyote purple was going to be a male as the smaller one showed sex 4 days ago so and the larger one only showed sex a few days ago so i have two differnt pheno' here and two very differnt plant's in growth and development, as for the WOS obession she sexed very early into the photo period change showing its hybrid vigor she, Both strains have showen mass growth over the lasy 14 days.

peyote purple height  780mm x 550 wide

peyote small. height  380mm x200 wide

obession. height 800mm x 525 wide


The in tent temps went up a few degs as the plants shot up which is fine all in all very happy at this point.

some info on the above strains.

Thanks for follwing Peace out



World of Seeds Bank - Obsession

After years in development, WORLD OF SEEDS has launched onto the market one of our breeders’ most highly prized polyhybrids. This is an excellent cross which preserves the most outstanding genetic traits most highly valued by cannabis lovers such as, for example, hybrid vigour, high germination success rates, high resistance to pests, short flowering cycle, high levels of THC and CBD and unmatchable taste and aroma. WORLD OF SEEDS specialists achieved these genetic results by crossing then re-crossing as described: this strain’s genetic lineage starts with a selection of clones from SOUTHERN BRAZIL whose genes contribute potent introspective highs and heightened resistance to pests. Females from selected clones were then crossed with a selection of homogeneous CINDERELLA 99 and MATANUSKA TUNDRA males that confer excellent yields, extraordinarily high quality resin and a short flowering cycle. The resulting cross was then cultivated in a greenhouse to tame its wild ancestral landrace genes then treated with STS technology from the NATURAL PRODUCTS AND SEEDS AND LIFE laboratories in Amsterdam to produce a super stable F1 polyhybrid whose genes are perfectly suited for growing indoors or outside in mild climates and, naturally, with a highly homogeneous chemotype, that is to say, very similar in its effect, aroma and fragrance. 

Genotype 90% indica / 10% sativa
THC 15-20%
Indoor Harvest Time 8-9 weeks
Flavour Liquorice
Way of cropping Ind/Out
Production 400-550 gr indoor / 400-600 gr outdoor
Smell High
Efect Narcotic
Resistance to mold High
Outdoor Harvest Time late September early October
Resistance to plagues High
Sex Feminized
Lineage skunk/cinderella 99/jack herer/pakistan
Irrigation tolerancy High
Medicinal value High



Bank: CannaBioGen

Type: Indica Bubba Kush
Flowering: 8-9 weeks 
Yield: Average

Delicious and spectacular hybrid originated in US of stimulant and uplighting indica effect. It is harvested in 8-9 weeks. Sweet aromas to incence, earth with touches of mango, metalic and shampoo. Is a fantastic high quality resin producer. Its been developed several generations from an isolated purple pheno segregated from Bubba Kush. Due giving a few males in its offspring, line is offered as regular seeds, 10 seeds per pack but results tell about a very extremelly high average of females









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Looking good man you've had a good rate of growth. :-)

Thank's Big G, going great arnt they, thank's for your comment..

peace Bushy

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G'day all

 30 day update of 12/12 i did have a small set back as the larger of the peyote purple changed to a hermaphrodite after 15/16 day's after showing female sex its some what disapointing after having IT for so long, the plant was removed .

as for the other two plants the obsession has taken to the new room she has after some LST and SROG and spread out nicely the smaller of the PP is slowly reaching and spending time in building up on the buds showing lost of frosting i dont think the small PP is going to be a big yeilding plant and really hoping the purple starts coming out soon,  time will tell i guess as at this point the PP is very unpredicable so not going to hold my breath.

tempts have come down over the last few weeks with that the humidity has come up very high in my area from 20% to 55/70% and had to increase my air movment in the off light times due to condensation building up in the tent.

other than that im very happy.

Peace Bushy





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Your obsession looks like a lovely big lady all your plants look so happy nice really nice peace to you&your ladys

Hi Nicc, yes bro she is doing great atm she will turn out nice , only good energy he my friend.

peace Bushy

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Looking nice especially the last pic's even though the small PP looks a little burned

Thank's mate ;), i left the light a little close to the PP it didnt seem to affect the bigger plant but "Midgit" didnt like it :)..

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That rich, look great when cmienzan resin! 
Thanks for update, good flowers!


Thank you Jose

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G'day all,


DAY 42 of the flowering period 

Everything going just nicely at the moment, the obsession it coming along very nicely this week still growing and bud site filling out,  i did give her a trim up to thin out the undergrowth and she took nicely to a hair cut..

 peyote purple is doing just fine this week she has started to change color and has a nice shade of purple i must admit this its the frostest plant i have ever grown i hope she smokes as good as she looks, she stands at 600ml  still having around 4 weeks to go i would like to see her nug's carry a little more weight and grow bigger the nugs that are on the plant are very tight and dense and smells lovely at this point..


i still havnt had to feed any of the plants  and watering 2/3 3times perweek temps slowly coming down over night temps around 7/10 day time 20/25




Thanks for following

peace Bushy




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Those are some beautiful ladies the obsession I really like I have had some good grows with world of seeds and the peyote is covered in crstals and nice purple peace

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Those are some beautiful ladies the obsession I really like I have had some good grows with world of seeds and the peyote is covered in crstals and nice purple peace

Hi Nicc, which seeds have you grown? from W.O.S, iam happy with the obsession at this stage she really is showing mostly sativa im kinda hoping the high also lean's that way

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