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strainhunters admin

Admin's Blog! What are we up to at the Green House Head Quarters

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cool thing this blog. Please update every day now so we can see what happen behind the scene @ GHSC. Love your work admin you are a really cool dude!



PS I want some more points too!!!

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Yeah keep us updated!! And i want some points for the 1400 posts I had in the last site version! :D

And we dont need to see desk sex, youre right!

Keep up the wonderful job you been doing Admin!!!

Take care

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Nice to see you have a blog Admin.

Some nice looking merch you got there.

The pens would be nice with strain info and grow tip or picture of the bud for each strain. Got to collect them all.

Or send with strain order , is there room for seeds inside the pen, maybe limited edition.

Nice looking grow dvd pack too.

Someone in the forum said they would like a poster of the flavor chart, something to think about.

Look forward to your next post, keep it coming.


Home made T-shirt

Peace to the highest


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Great post admin i had missed that ^^

Don't kno who said the pens would be great with a strain in each pen, i think that's a great idea too ^^

And the Grow session DVD looks very hot!!

Keep up the great work ;)

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Same as dust, cant wait for the grow session dvd!

@:Six strings: admin is a dude, that's a depressing feeling at the look of that picture i agree, ont he other hand, i aint a dog you aint a guitar and dust aint Roger lol

Peace out!

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