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Live CANNABIS CUP 25! Amsterdam 2012!

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25th Cannabis Cup

more info; http://cannabiscup2012.com/

DATES FOR CANNABIS CUP 2012: 11/18-11/22

If you don’t know what the Cannabis Cup is, then you have probably been living in a cave somewhere. This has become the worlds premier Cannabis festival. Started in 1987, the Cannabis Cup is now in its 25th year. It always takes place in Amsterdam where the marijuana laws are most lax and allow for the larger scale event that the Cannabis Cup has come to be. The festival has traditionally centered all activity around the judging of different strains of marijuana, usually coming from many of the coffee shops around Amsterdam. But beginning with the 6th Cannabis Cup, the founder Steven Hager began fusing counterculture spirituality into the event. The High Times Cannabis Cup now typically includes live music, comedy and an expo for marijuana-related products from cannabis-oriented businesses. This event has become very popular over the last several years and many tourists go to Amsterdam specifically to attend this festival. We are here to offer you any pertinent information regarding the 2011 Cannabis Cup. Please browse the information below as well as our blog and other pages to get more information about the Cannabis Cup 2012. Also, be sure to check out our Amsterdam Coffee Shop Map.

Cheers family!!! ;)

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What's up Hunters time has come for that 25th high times cannabis cup to start ANDALEEE

Lots of people already coming to the GH United for that first day to test all lthose awesome entry, Mr.X is here taking some very nice pics for you guys :spiteful: :spiteful:

Here is a little set of picture to keep you waiting ;)

Enjoy guys more coming very soon :rabbi:


Here are the Entries for Greenhouse this year yummyyy



Franco is getting his lungs ready :spiteful:






Joachim represents :D



Of course we have been thinking about you guys and have some nice girls to come later ;)







that man Represents


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Amazing start from the Cup :D. Thanks a lot Mr X and Dust ;) you are the best. Looking forward to more photo´s. And please smoke one for the forum :P.

Peace & SMoke


PS; Can we get some photos of the greenhouse coffeeshop menu, please!?

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Wow, heavy Duty ....

I Like the flair and ambience of the Green House coffeeshop. Haven't been in there as yet. Will definitely change that soon. Amazing amount of good weed ready 4 the cup. Wonder what Barney's up to ? The US boys are always good for a surprise, too but that Lemon Crystal, Sharkbreath Cream and the new Sativa have lots of potential I can see that from looking at it from here..and with your connection in Ketama nobody will beat you on the imported hash !

Not sure about the Indica BUT if you guys think it is a potential winning strain I bet it got a mighty punch as well.

Nice times even when it is raining and chilly Dam is the place to be atm. Too bad I couldn't make it but without Identity Card travelling is a beotch otherwise I'd take the next train tomorrow...

Have fun, win a few cups and enjoy life :bye:

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Good luck GHS in CC, Lemon Cristal sound tasty....Will get this one next round....

Amsterdam coffee shops.....They are sooo cool.

A place to escape the cold and tumult of city, listen to some music and sit in comfy chair , far from boring french cafe!!!!!!!

I love Dutch powder milk, the one you put in tea or coffee, i forgot name but they are pretty much all nice!!!!! I always buy some when I have the chance to go there. :biggrin:

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Hey guys, just coming home having some great timewith all the Team, I have met a lot of people from the forum all very nice people

:) hope to see more during this cup guys it's busy in here so come smoke some of those entries ;)

We have lots of pictures and videos for you we will do that tomorrow morning and keep you updated on what's hapening in Amsterdaaaammm!!! Got DABSS?? guys that Dab thing is CRAZY!!

Very nice pictures and video coming!! :rabbi: :rabbi:

Few Shots to keep you waiting ;)

Todd and his Friends, they brought with them their amazing pen!! great smoke and great people! Respect :)


Mr Greeen :)


Tired from a long trip but Representing in Amsterdaaam! :D


This is Lemon Crystal guys!! Some serious smoke!! A great video coming of Franco rolling it you will LOVE it!! :D


And of course for our fellow hunters ;)









Enjoy Guys we keep you al updated!!! :D

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