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*COMPLETED* GREEN O's White Lemon and Train Wreck powder feeding test !!!

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Loooking great man!! in the end even between all the phenos buds are pretty similars in look :)

And i hope smoke is still good and will only get better, thanks again for the great journal man!! Have a good smoke and see you on next round ;)

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HI man :) I'm sorry I aint been in for a while to see the diary and damn! You made concentrates! Those buds are also looking so nice dude :) You make me want this strain in my flowering room ;) Well done man :)

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WOW!!! I looked at the pictures before reading anything and my first thought was that you were showing us some top shelf dispensary buds that you'd picked up..WRONG! But they definitely would deserve a place there bro, they look like tight nuggets of sticky candy :biggrin:. I've got no idea what a good yield percentage would be but by the look of that concentrate I would say it was worth it. I imagine 4.5 grams could last quite awhile doing DABs...or maybe not :sarcastic: .

Thanks for the bud porn!

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i just thought i would quickely post because the grow is done but the plant's a few pages back, if you wanna view this grow from when all the plant's are still full at covered in bud i suggest starting at this point page 10.

llink to page 10.


Also for those who havent seen my new grow yet please visit the auto contest section or the link below

new grow organic Autobomb


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Just received my prize in the mail, thank's alot GH, Dust and all other'ss who worked hard at putting this contest the green house clothing is really nice quality . until next time stay green!!!!


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Awazing job bro! and the endresult.. What can i say? i could move to Canada to become your student man, and we're almost the same age!

If the judges would weighted that in, you would be top3 atleast, in my eyes, i mean theese trichs are the size of golfballs, ridiculously good quality..

Thanks alot for the epic journal! Some nice goddamn concentrates.. mmm..

Goodjob & goodluck with the next one, see you around! peace

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Hello, I also use the power feed alone and I wonder if I should use another booster bloom I am in the 4th week of 12/12 and are no flowers emerging
I grow white rhino with ghs Powerfeed mostly indica I was ph 5.6 and ec 1.7 as shema Powerfeed program

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man shame you've removed the foliage the plant needs that leaflets to supply shoots and grow bigger buds. Only remove them when in the bottom of the plant and are lifeless or coloured when growing multiple plants next to each other remove them for light penetration and supply for lower buds, but after the stretch has been over. over all they look nice I was searching for 3 weeks to compare mine but due to the foliage threathment it is not the data I was looking for, thnx for the share anyways peace.

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