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no chat

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well i see it working perfectly, are you using a phone or tablet because it somemtimes doesnt work depending on the device.



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Hi matte


We are working on fixing it, it may work in a few hours or a few days. We know the problem and working on it.


We also recommend trying different browsers, some do not work well with this.


Soon more news! Greetings! ;)

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yeap i really hope so too , one of the main reasons why i join SH  in the first place ,  come on guys been too long down now :D getting boring counting down by my self

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def no browser issue, make that chat working ! please


i am wondering a bit... 

i am no expert in constructing web pages, but if this is a free software --> delete and take one thats working?

if ghsc pay anything for this feature --> put some pressure on the one who wrote that crap.


weeks or month ago many ppl including me mentioned that the chat is bugging like mad. kicking out randomly and reconnect sometimes fast sometimes not at all.


the overall activity is becoming a shame also. i was a member before we had grow report cups and remember that this was one of the leading web sites out there. 

number of active members vary i know, but when i enter the site in 2012 there was a active member count of atleast 25 ppl. 

i miss seeing well placed promotions for this site, this was the way i found it.


the chat function really made it one of a kind, new friendships and alot of helping stuff in the chat, if you look between the mind spam of unemployd drug heads  :biggrin:


the forum maybe get back to old member counts or not, but im sure without the chat it wont

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:/  shame, its not like we are still in 90's struggling with all sort of code design errors with web and operating systems thought im not coder i have seen the change,  most things work and roll smooth with pc in 2015 and websites are easy to build very rarely have i seen a site with bugs like this one that stay unfixed year after year. the picture gallery is another buggy area here


after googling out there are literally 100's of free website chat addons




if no one gets paid for working the site i can understand the slowlyness and respect the efforts that are made but than it might be time to pass torch to more experienced website maker so it wont take another 2 years to fix the site

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Im up for the job, i even made an application to them :P

A chat is easily done with the forum software beeing used here. Invision Power is really versatile. 

I've setup temp channel on quakenet irc. Easy acces via your browser.

https://webchat.quakenet.org/ Enter nickname & channel = #strainhunters 

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Even just talking with people who share the same interests and ideas talking about strains n techniques from all over. Stay in touch jank ill still be poking around hope all is well with ya!

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