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Wow! Thanks for the great pictures again!..... The ocean looks wonderful. Love the colour of those pistills :) Quick question: why are the plants so short? Loks like they are well into flowering, but yet, wery small plants.

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Sounding and Looking awesome buddy, those bud picks yumtastik lol the pink and the purple hairs look lovely!

as always im jealous hehe you guys now to live life :D

Peace and love dude

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Love this short looking field, I guess the short plants are due to the the indica type they have iover there, and probably a light cycle that allows them to go in flowering directly after germination maybe, avoiding a big growth.

And yeah that pink pistil plant looks very nice, Bring us Bob's weed if you find it :)

Have a safe trip

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And suddenly a song from Family guy comes to mind... "A bag of weed, a bag of weed, everything is better with a bag of weed! You don`t need coke and you don`t need speed, `cause everything┬┤s better with a bag of weed!" ^

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Thanks for the race-updates Dust! I was able to watch the Simoncelli-tribute live during the night, and now I can login from my iPad and check out race highlights.... what a disaster at the first turn! Both Ducatis out... and no more GPs until 15th April 2012!

And thanks to all the strain hunters on the forum, following our crazy travels...

We are on the way to an amazing place.... you'll see in tomorrow's update! ;-)

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Yeah no more GP's but next year 1000cc are coming back, THERE'S GONNA BE SOME DRIIIFT :) Can't wait to see this, and i hope we'll find the good old Doctor Vale at his best!!

Sad beginning even randy Depuniet got out :( but what a finish :D

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A big super thanks to Franco for the update =) !! Jamaica looks epic and relax nice bro stay happy and safe!

PS Please find the lambsbread for us so we can fill like Bob =) !!!



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I have found the Lambsbread, no joke business. I thought my fellow Strain Hunters would like to know that we have the LB in California

We have the Lambsbread in California but it is hard to find, I know of one club that sells it and they only have it occasionally. Most people dont know what the LB is and I consider myself lucky and privileged to know it, to be working with it is a dream come true... The Lambsbread is hard to describe the smell and taste of the buds is unique among cannabis strains.

Many growers here in cali. are into the hydroponic style of growing and I think the LB is not the easiest to grow in that way but I don't know for sure. Im an organic grower

Here are some cuttings that I took about 6 days ago, they came from the Lambsbread clone that I bought at a dispensary and grew (she is in the flowering stage right now)

If anyone feels that I'm hijacking this thread, sorry but I felt I had to say something, so little information is out there about this strain and I want to help change that



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yeah you're plants whatever they are looks nice, even with cutted leaves ^^

Wish for you it is a real, i don't know enough about it to speak

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An old friend of mine used to run hydro gardens two or three times a year and in those days one of the only good strains we had access to us was the Lambsbread. The clone I bought at the dispensary recently grew into a plant identical to the LB's that my friend would grow on his hydro table back in the day, alongside the Magic. They are short-medium plants with a few big wide branches, the foliage is a shade of green lighter than most other cannabis plants

I will take a picture of the mother plant later on and put it up here, she is at day 2 of the flowering cycle, in 8-9 weeks she will be ready

it's a rare strain these days, the area of California I live in is one of the few places where there are rastas or people like me that idolize rasta culture who continue to grow it. The county I live in and the surrounding counties are also pro-cannabis so that helps too. Cannabis is just part of our culture out west.

Of course you guys dont recognize it, you have never seen it,haha... this is the LB. Right now they just look like cuttings. Later I'll show the mother, but she is only at day 2 so bear with me. If I wasn't 100% sure I would not have said anything from the start, no rookies here. The dispensary is located down the street from my friends old pad, and not a particularly nice part of town, does this add up to anyone besides me, rastas live in the ghetto, rastas prefer lambsbread, my friend and the dispensary are both located in the ghetto. funny but true

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