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Bozoph cheese scrog 11/26

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I decided to start my cheese for the cup entry. I've had the seed for a while and have wanted to start it and this was just a good excuse. :) I plan to fully implement my scrog regimen. as well as my full arsenal of toys, time lapes ,usb macros and videos.

Now down to the basics


Nutrifeild loose Coco 70%

Aztec coarse Perlite 30%


Advanced nutrients Jungle juice ( 3 part Base )

Fox farms Microbe brew ( root beneficial inoculent )

Botanicare hydroplex ( bloom enhancer )

General hydroponic Floronector (bloom sweetener )

Water management

Ge sediment filter ( 1st filter in a ro system )

Milwaukee ph tester

HDS ppm meter


23w 6500k t5 ( clones )

2x23w 6500k t5 ( pre veg )

2x65w 6500k cfl fence type ( mothers )

400w mh lumitec ballest ( veg )

2x600 hps digital ballests ( flower )


Sun leaves Artic sun ( veg )

Sun leaves preditor cobra 6 ( flower )

6x19 cool tube w/ bat wing ( flower )ill change to a preditor soon


C.a.p. 465 cfm 6" inline ( vents hood air )

C.a.p. 212 cfm 4" inline ( vents flower room and veg hood )

Can filter 33 200 cfm ( hooked to the 4" inline )

165 cfm booster fan ( pulling intake air from under house )

2x C.a.p. oval oscillation wall mount fan ( veg and flower )

emerson tower fan ( pre veg and moms )


Milwaukee co2 regulator ( up to 5cfm )

20 pound tank


C.a.p. co2 4e ( controls heat, humidity and co2 )


Canon power shot sd1400 is ( 14.1 mega pixel )

Wingscapes plant cam ( timelapse )

Amcap usb micro scope



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Nice setup, thanks for the detailed info. I planted cheese two seasons ago and liked it much more than exodus cheese (planted this season.) ITS A LOT CHEESIER! exodus cheese is sweeter with a strawberry/blueberry aftertaste, its almost like eating cheese with marmalade. Not as cheesy as the original cheese.

Ill keep an eye on this grow.

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Welcome to the cup Boz, nice start and good info.

Looking forward to following your journal and seeing some awesome macro bud shots.

Wish you all the best in the cup and good luck.

Peace bro


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nice scrog meister doing a cup Scrog, think we are gonna see some beautiful buds and canopy around here ;)

Best of luck man! make us a nice journal, it already started very well ;)

Have a good germination process!


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Day 1

After 12 hours soaking the seed was placed on a wet paper towel in a ziplock bag.

( I usually plate them, but i had special plans for this seed. you will see why in a second )


My plans for this seed involve my plant cam. I will be trying to time lapse the emerging tap root. As well as time lapsing every stage in its growth.


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Hehe another timelapse for you is always fun ;)

Looking forward to you grow, I do like seeing a good scrog.

Best wishes and good luck with your cup entry.

I'll be sure to drop by soon to catch up with her progress.

Peace brother


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Nice start my friend, WOWOW fantastic table chesse i love it.

Have a nice grow my friend,


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cool if yoy manage to make nice germination timelaps would be awesome :)

Thanks for the lil pics man, good luck to that baby seed ;)

Have a good grow

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Day 3

unfortunately the time lapse of germination didn't come out well. The camera wasn't close enough to see the detail of the tap root. I tryed zooming in on the footage but my pic quality was too low(640 even though, i thought i turned the resolution up) sorry for getting your hopes up. I ll try and time lapse the ground breaking of the seed.

Till then a few more pics for u guys


Transplanted seed into a 16 oz dixie cup filled with 70% coco and 30% perlite

( useally it would be put in a 1 gallon root maker air pot, but i got every last 1 in the sog)


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make sure to get it close enough :P :P hahah kidding man ;)

Too bad for the germination but we should manage to survive if you give us a nice breaking soil timelaps :rabbi: :rabbi:

Good luck man the seed pic with the coating is very nice :D

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nice cheese scrog thats gonna be something else, cheese is a really nice plant for that kinda set up. you ever seen subcool's video of weeden the outdoor medical grow, with the like 20 foot long outdoor cheese scrog? its ssome crazy stuff !!! good luck with the cheese tho hope she treats you well.

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Day 7

The seed was having trouble getting out of its shell. So i had to help it along.

It did stretch a little when it was stuck in its shell ( it thought it was still under ground ) but no big deal. I will bury it deeper at transplant.


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Day 9

Im super pissed. The time lapse screwed up again. I had it set to take a pic every 30 min. so over the coarse of 5 days i should of got 250 pics. somehow i only got 25. Sooooooooooooooo mad, the power light was on the whole time so i never checked it. All my settings were good. All I can think is that the light I had it under wasn't strong enough to trigger the photocell ( it knows if its day or night ). I had it set for "on by day".

On another note

I transplanted the seedling to a 2l pot( for now, it will go in a bigger 1 after that )



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I figured out the problem. It was my wake up / sleep settings that screwed me. the sleep setting was set for midnight and the wake up was on by day. So what happened was the camera shut it self off at midnight the first night and never came back on. It was waiting for a change in light, which never happened. I had the light on 24/7.

well live and learn

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hmm damn i guess we'll have to wait again for the timmelaps lolol, think we can call you Stoner here no? :P :P

Well at least the baby is still doing good and you still give us pics to look at ;)

Have a good grow man

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Day 11

loaded a short time lapse as a test( wasn't gonna wait a week to screw it up again. lol)

You tube kept denying my avi file for no reason, so i had to up load to grow hd ( which i like better, but the embed feature doesn't work for it on here anymore. Wink ;) nudge admin :P


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