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3º Mega Contest - Rules and prizes

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3rd MEGA  Contest Green House Seeds Co!


We organize a new MEGA CONTEST with which we hope to be able to enjoy your grow diary. In addition to a first prize that includes a fabulous trip to Amsterdam for two people, we will offer five more prizes for the following positions in the final classification. Not to mention a monthly prize for the best grower/photo.




- 1 prize : trip to amsterdam for 2 people for 4 days and visit to our coffee shop. €1000,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice.
- 2 prize : €1000,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice. ( seeds and /or feeding)
- 3 prize : €750,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice.
- 4 prize : €500,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice.
- 5 prize : €250,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice.
- 6 prize : €100,- bonus to spend on our websites of choice.
1. Any person registered in the forum and of legal age in their country, who meets the requirements set out in the rules of this competition, may participate.
2. To participate it is necessary to have a prior registration in StrainHunters forum to the publication of this contest and at least thirty publications.
3. The contest will begin on March 1 and end on October 1, 2019 (both included). Cultivation method to be chosen by the grower.
4. In order to be eligible for the prizes it is necessary to create a cultivation diary, update it frequently explaining the progress and have harvested before the end date of the competition.
5. Persons who have previously applied for seeds for other competitions / tests and did not follow up are not admitted to the competition.
6. A seed pack and a Powder Feeding nutrient kit will be sent (Nutrients only UE)
7. You can choose between the following genetics: THE DOCTOR or SWEET VALLEY KUSH
8. Only one follow-up per participant is allowed, with the genetics mentioned (if you want to participate with other Green House Seeds genetics, you must show the original package with the crop. Proof of purchase may be required).



How to participate?


Leave a message in this same post indicating your intention to participate and the genetics selected. We will contact you by private message to send you your pack.

Tell all your friends not to miss this great opportunity.

You can participate from the forum Cannabiscafe.net and StrainHunters.com


Important: We will send BIO Feeding to all participants in Europe. If you are going to use a Hydro system, you must let me know to send you mineral Feeding.


Monthly Prize


Every month we will choose the best diary or the best photo to give you a special prize (Pack of seeds + Nutrients).




Once the competition is over, a jury made up entirely of company staff will select the six best growing newspapers and make the results of the classification public. 


The quality of the crop, originality, number of photos and frequency of updating, companionship and final result of the plants, both in appearance and production, will be evaluated.


The list of winners will be published as soon as possible, thus delivering the prizes.



Good luck to all participants! Green House Team.



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Hombre JoseGH que noticia más buena, por supuesto que quiero concursar con vuestro permiso, creo que cumplo con todos los requisitos y prometo un buen seguimiento de las semillas THE DOCTOR adjunto enlace de mi anterior seguimiento para los que no lo han visto, https://forums.strainhunters.com/topic/11179-prueba-de-white-rhino-y-bio-feeds/ Saludos y fenomenales humos amig@s compañer@s de cultivo y organización 


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Hello Jose,


I would be happy to participate in this contest. I would like to grow your new SweetValleyKush to see its potential.


Looking forward to start this new story:smoke:


Thanks for this opportunity!

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Hello jose ,

I would like to participate in the contest :)

Can we choose to use the bio line ?

I would like to grow the doctor .


Thanks .

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Re-reading the competition instructions and details, it sure is a MEGA competition!


If I understand correctly, There are 6 (six) end-of-competition prizes, plus 7 monthly prizes (March through September), so 13 prizes in total throughout the competition up for grabs. MEGA indeed!

Contestants will all get GH seeds (The Doctor or Sweet Valley Kush). These can be used for the competition, OR other GreenHouse Seeds (verified purchase) can be used in the competition.


Those in the EU will get GreenHouse Powdered Feeding's. Those not in the EU will NOT get GH Powdered Feedings.  This brings up the question: are GH Powerdered Feeding(s) need to be used in this competition? Those outside the EU won't get any (do they need to purchase GH Powdered Feeding to participate in the competition)?  If those that don't live in the EU can use any nutrients, can those in the EU similarly use any nutrients?


Happy Growing!

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Hey friends

It will be great to count on you :)

Yes, you can opt for organic food (tell me when you send the data).
Yes, you can participate with other nutrients (Powder Feeding is not obligatory).
Yes, in addition to the big prizes, each month there will be a prize (monthly prize).

Soon I will send you a private one to ask for your data.




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Mi chiamo Mathias e vivo in Sardegna Italia, sono un coltivatore appassionato e vostro cliente ormai da più di 7 raccolti😄, coltivo solo piante outdoor visto il clima della Sardegna 💪ho quasi sempre coltivato la vostra super Silver Haze con grandissime soddisfazioni. Mi piacerebbe moltissimo partecipare a questo contest e mettermi alla prova con una bellissima varietà indica come la sweet Valley kush, sono sempre stato affascinato dalle varietà afgane ma non ne ho mai coltivato una. 

Sweet Valley kush, outdoor. 

Un saluto  e buona fartuna a tutti 

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Hello Jose Hello Green House and Hello everyone 

Non vedo l'ora di cominciare questa corsa con voi, con le vostre genetiche e con i vostri nutrimenti sarà la prima volta per me ma sono ottimista =D

Vorrei partecipare con la ''The Doctor'' e volevo sapere se mi è permesso scrivere il diario in Italiano (?) 

Thanks for opportunity Thanks for all and Good Luck Everyone ! :drinks:

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Hi guys! How are you ? I would really like to participate in this contest, but unfortunately I have seen from the regulation that I do not have the requisites, and above all living in Italy I am very worried about publishing online photos ... Great prizes, and great strains that I am sure will make those who make them grow happy ... in the meantime I prepare for Franco Lemon Cheese and Flowerbomb Kush ... have fun guys I will follow your journals and I will try to be more active on the site, always High, Forever #fullgas

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22 hours ago, cosmos strain hunter said:

Ciao Jose Ciao Green House e ciao a tutti 

Non vedo l'ora di iniziare questa corsa con te, con le tue genetiche e con i tuoi nutrimenti sarà la prima volta per me ma sono ottimista = D

Vorrei partecipare con la '' Il Dottore '' e volevo sapere se mi è permesso scrivere il diario in Italiano (?) 

Grazie per l'opportunità Grazie a tutti e buona fortuna a tutti! :bevande:

Ciao, ti hanno risposto? Si può scrivere anche in italiano? 

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